Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winner, Winner, chiken dinner!

Are you guys excited to find out who won  the Bella Pattern??? I know I am. I've asked Mr. Random to pick a number (no, he is not my boyfriend). I decided to embrace technology. And the winner is....

Number 5 is Carla G! Congrats Carla! You'll have to make a bag and then post it in Bonnie's Flickr so that we can see it :) I'll be sending you an email and an email to Bonnie so that she can send you the pattern.

I was so excited to use the number generator that I didn't look into how to paste it to my blog... And for some reason it wasn't letting me do the ctrl + prt sc and then paste it.. and then while I was trying to figure it out I moved away from the page. I tried to select it and paste it into word (before I figured out I didn't know what I was doing) and that is the result of that above, even though it looks like I just made it up, I didn't! I did draw the box around it though.

Thanks for playing ladies :)

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