Thursday, September 11, 2008

Score one for me..

So I have a hard time finding jeans because of my genes. I have a little waist and I carry most (if not all) of my weight around my butt and thighs. That's just how it is in my family.. I'm OK with that but it makes it hard to find jeans.. if they fit in the waist they are to tight in the butt.. if they fit in the butt they are usually big in the waist.. Oh, and I'm short... so that makes everything to long! I've stopped spending tons of money on jeans /pants because I usually can only find a pair that I'm somewhat happy with, so it's not worth the money. I used to buy my jeans from the GAP but then they changed their stuff so that's no more. Then I found some at Kohl's but now they don't have them anymore either. So I went to WalMart last night for some food and I thought I'll look at the jeans.. and I found a pair that seemed like they might fit and it was like 8:P30 pm and I wasn't about to try them on.. So I bought them, and to my surprise they fit pretty good. They are perfect length and they are stretchy and not super huge in the waist and fit mostly in the legs.. I mean for $16 I'm happy... And since that makes me happy I'm sharing it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beautiful Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly was outside my living room window one day when I was working 2nd shift. I know I mentioned it in an earlier post but finally brought my camera to work and figured out how to get the pictures off without having the camera software. I took /tired to take a bunch of pictures. It stayed around for about 15 minutes.. it was pretty cool, the pictures aren't as pretty as the real thing.. Well, my last post was 3 weeks ago.. and the only other thing is that they tore down the little old house that was next to us, it's been empty now for quiet awhile.. and so we poked around last night, just looking at this little hole in the ground that used to be a house.. today they took the garage and I was still there (since I was running late for work. Big surprise there!) but I'm going to try and post my video.. Well, that's a bust.. I'm not sure why it isn't working, Oh well!
And I'm trying to piss off my co-worker. I'm trying to be as annoying and as slow as him. See if he notices.. Probably not but I think I pissed him off. But seriously, learn to multi-task! It's helpful in the real world!! I mean the work is not that hard, stuff comes up and you do it, but it seems like no matter how slow it is, he is behind when I come in to cover his lunch, which he doesn't take until 2 or 2:15.. We leave at 3:30! I mean come on. I know he does it so that when he comes back he won't have to do anything, but then the 2nd shift girl get behind because she can't do her own things! It drives me crazy!! CRAZY!! But I'm done with that!
Well, hopefully the butterfly brings a little happiness to crazy days. I might put it as my wallpaper :)