Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Grab your balls...

We're going bowling! Haha. So, its been a few days since I've posted, mainly because there isn't anything going on. Big surprise there. Like I mentioned, its bowling time. Its the last week that counts and then next week is fun night. Last week I'm sure that I hurt my knee somehow. It started hurting on Thursday morning and its hurt in some way since. Maybe it will feel better after, but who knows. Or maybe I will bowl really well. I haven't bowled a 200 this season and I'd really like too because then you get a patch or a key chain (I don't remember) and I like getting prizes. So I guess that's all I have to say. I'm going to go do something that is not related to work, because that makes me happy. And I'm going to have an orange. I don't eat badly, but I've been trying to eat more fruit and to get more calcium. And mainly its making my nails grow like weeds! But I like fruit, so I've just been trying to have that in the morning between breakfast and lunch. I'm one of those people who eats every few hours. I try not to drink a lot of soda (no, I don't call it pop) and try to drink water and to eat semi-healthy. But I like to have Wendy's and MacD's but I also have Subway and stuff. So my diet could be better, but hey it could be WAY worse. So I guess, be cool eat fruit!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Lucky 13

This is post #13 for me, hope its a good one. My hockey team won last night (big cheer) 5 to 1. Now, here are my thoughts on why people watch hockey (in no particular order). The FIGHTS: last night there was a good fight that seemed to last 10 minutes but I think it was more like 2. It was a pretty good one and to see their team WIN. I love to see the shoot outs sometimes I can't even watch, one time the Wild went 9 rounds, that's a lot.
On to all things crafty. My bag is 90% done, got 'er sewn up and mostly done last night- plexi project has been pushed aside because it makes my hand hurt and its a lot of work sometimes. I've been on somewhat of a "lul" in the craft department. Only for the reason that I haven't been around to do any of it. It isn't much fun to start working on something at 8 pm. That can go 2 ways: one, you stay up wayyy to late because you just can't walk away or two, it turns to crap. My problem is usually the first one, or a combination of the two! I guess there's really nothing left to talk about- so I hope everyone has a good weekend and if its nice where you live, get out and enjoy it :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007


So, here it is, Thursday already- wow how time flies. Seems like it was just Monday. Once again the highlight of my day is centered around food (big surprise). Today, a chocolate, chocolate chip muffin, a big one. Yummy! So my sister is having a scrap party this weekend and I usually bring something to knit or crochet because I don't do a lot of scrapping (sorry). But she suggested that I need an idea book. So I've been thinking about what to do. I could buy something and then decorate it, but then I have to figure out what to buy and where to go and when I'm going to be able to do that. But then when I was grabbing my shred stuff out of the cabinet, I saw these two reams of card stock that I saved from the trash- and I thought "I could use that paper" So I'm thinking that I'm going to cut the sheets in half and then punch holes in it and connect them together somehow, maybe ribbons, or glue it or something. And then decorate it and use fun papers. My sister has everything to make just about anything involving paper so I'm sure she's got some stuff I can use. I also encourage you all to hop over to Monster Crochet (its about other stuff too). LadyL. has a thought provoking and interesting post up today.. Well, ya'll have a good day and I hope that you all have a "chocolate, chocolate chip muffin" kind of day ..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Howdy! Its Tuesday. And the highlight of my day was a cookie. It was a chocolate cookie with white chocolate and regular chocolate chips (yay, your jealous). I didn't really want to eat it, since it was still morning and I thought that it would be really, really good after lunch. But, I ate half because it was just staring at me. There's this old guy (its o.k. for me to call him that) that I work with and he goes to the Chiropractor, and they bake cookies there and they are good, so sometimes a select few of us get a treat :) There's a hockey game on tonight, whhoohoo.
So I'm listening to the radio and they have found the missing boyscout, alive. Thats so cool. I wonder if he used any of his "training". Well. I've been asked to make a bag for my boyfriend's aunt. So I'm going to hit up the fabric store during lunch and see what I can find. I need to find some flower fabric. His Mom is going to do something that I thought was a good idea, she's going to put seeds (she has a whole bunch) in the bag and then send it to her. I thought that sounded really nice, so how could I say no? For Christmas I made her a bag with cats on it and a pocket that I divided into some skinny pockets for crochet hooks and such. She keeps crochet stuff in there. She really like it, so that was really cool. That's the reason I make stuff- to see other people happy and excited to have something cool. I just try to remember that when I am making something that I'm not into or I'm frustrated with... On that note. I'm giong to get some work stuff done so that I can go shopping.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Yay, Monday!

Wowwee, its Monday already. I didn't do anything very exciting over the weekend, just worked on some projects and stuff. These are my two newest felted items. A small turquoise bag and the cat toy. Which I realize looks a little weird. But I think its funny and it makes me laugh. The cat, just stared at it.. But I think it was because she was traumatized by the dog this weekend. We doggy sat while Heather, Morgan, and Owen went to Kansas City. So she pretty much slept all day because she's a big baby about the dog

being there. I also got 5 squares of plexi cut and practiced drilling holes in it, which is WAY easier than cutting it. I also hit up the craft stores to use up some coupons. I bought some yarn (big surprise), wire, and an eyelet setter. I also went to the yarn shop that is just down the street from my house. I love this little store. For a yarn junkie like me, its hard to not spend a lot of money. I only spent $10.50 and that was for 3 skeins. Anyone who goes to yarn shops knows that they are mostly expensive but this one isn't too bad. I was happy. I also started a new project (since, I'm approaching being done with one) I'm going to make a coin purse and put a zipper in it.. I've never sewn a zipper in anything, so it should be fun. But my Mom knows how to do all that kind of stuff so , she'll help me if I can't figure it out. If I can I'm going to try and get that done tonight, since its a small one, and then I can start something else, or finish one of my other left behind projects. Okey Dokey, ya'll have a great Monday!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Finally Friday!!

Today is Friday, one of my most favorite days. I think that I like Thursday best. My b/f and I almost always have dinner together on Thursdays, and I get to see baby Owen. He's growing so fast and doing so much, its so cool. He is my only nephew and the only baby that I've grown attached too. I was scolded yesterday when I went to babysit because I have not updated my blog- but that is mainly bc there is nothing going on. Well, I'll tell you all about my plexi project, yet another one sparked by Owen. I'm going to make a picture hanging. I'm cutting 4 3/8 x 6 inch squares and then in the corners I am putting eyelets and putting 2 of them together and then a picture in between and I am going to use S hooks or wires to hook them together so they hang vertically. I really hope that I don't foob it up bc in my mind it looks pretty cool! SO far I have 2 squares cut, and that was pretty easy, I just have to cut down the big sheet.
I'm one of these people that always have a million ideas that I would like to do, so I have to be really careful to only start one thing and try to finish it before I start something new. That is SO hard. I'm sure I'm not the only person like that.. I just like to make stuff so much and I see things at stores or that other people that made and I think "I can make that" and sometimes I do. SO I guess that's all that is new and exciting, I'll take pics of all my junk that I work on this weekend. See you all on Monday, have a happy St. Patrick's Day- be safe.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

*Just another day*

Well, apparently my excitement for non-family visitors has upset my only sister. So this is for her: (Waves) THANKS SISSY!!! On to other evnets, my hockey team won last night! And I pretty much missed all the action because I can't stay awake past 11pm anymore.. I missed the last 8 minutes plus the OT-How sad! Oh well.

Her she is in all her furry glory- My cat, or "pretty girl" as I call her or "fuzz bucket" depending on if we are getting along or not. She's a big kitty, not just fat but overall she's big. But thats the way God made her and I love her just the same.
On to crafting related stuff. I tried my hand as cutting plexiglass last night, and I guess overall it wasn't bad. I just used a utility knife to score it (a million times) and then I snapped it. But I was asking myself "who's stupid idea was this" But now I've cut the piece to a smaller size and know (sort of ) what I am doing and I hope that it goes better and that I'll be happy with what I make, chances are it will be one of the things that I "just had to do" that I will never do again, unless it turns out so good that my sister wants me to make one for her.. And putting a dirty diaper in my car might be kind of hard because we stand in the window and watch you from the time you go out the door to the time you leave, and I lock my car- always! And I found out the other day that my BIL reads the blog I'd better say Hi to him- So HI Morgan! I'll see you all on the flipside.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yippee! Two more people posted comments! Thanks Lynne and Michele for stopping by. Well, the good news is that I actually remembered to take pictures AND bring the camera with me.

This little jem might be my ulitmate favorite, for sure it is in my top 5. Its pretty small, I'm not usre on the measurements but somewhere around 7x7.. Give or take a little. This is the awesome "buttonhole" bag.

This little bag is about the same as the other but it is longer. This is my very first bag in this style. They are so quick and with felting you never really know what it is going to do when its in the washer- doing its thing.

Well. Here's my terrible joke for the day- Here are some of my dam pictures.
From L to R: Looking out, Looking down and from the side. Well- I have one more bag that I have to felt and a toy that I made for my cat, maybe I'll post of picture of her and you all can see why she needs all the toys she can get.. Hopefully, I will get to that tonight or sometime this week. For as boring as my life is sometimes, I sure do have a lot going on!

Monday, March 12, 2007


First things first-I would like to send a big THANKS to Noelia for being my second visitor that I am not related to. I've also given my blog a new look, for ease of reading. It was brought to my attention that maybe the black background made it a little hard to read- so we'll give this a whirl and see how it goes. Well, the weather here is wonderful- high for today is going to be in the upper fifties, woohoo! I didn't even need to wear a coat on my way to work, I love that. I did make it to the dam this weekend but the river was already broken up, but its still a pretty cool place to go, you can walk across the whole Mississippi River and the dam is under you. I think I just like listening to the sound of the water. I'll post pics of that tomorrow along with my bags and such. And I'm really looking for ideas on what kind of stuff I should do on here. I feel like its probably boring for others to read about my pretty uneventful life (a nicer way of saying boring). I have decided on another idea for a project and maybe I will start that tonight and then I can tell you all about it tomorrow and see how it goes... Well, until next time-

Friday, March 9, 2007


Well, I had my first non-family member post and I'm excited. Thanks Maureen. Well, today is Friday. And its nice and slow at work and we are having a chili fundraiser. So I've got lunch all squared away for today. We have fundraisers and food drives all the time around here and I think they are fun. I'm usually the sign maker and general helper, its a nice change from the everyday junk. The money goes to all kinds of places but mainly the Alexandra House and SACA, this year I think they have added some other places. The Alexandra House is an amazing place where women and children can go for help to escape domestic violence. They have a great walk in the fall to raise money. Any hop evers from my sisters blog can/have read about it and see pics. Well, no pics today of my stuff, mainly because I didn't get around to doing it. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend (woo hoo) and I'm hoping my b/f will take me to the dam, so I can see whats going on with the river. Its pretty cool when it starts breaking up. When I say nice I mean 40's to some I know thats cold but here in Minnesnowta- its practically shorts weather. Well, I think thats all for today. Remember to tell your friends :P

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Something funny-

So I was exploring today and I googled "craft blogs" and I came upon "Extreme Craft" and I laughed so I thought that I would share the funniness with all of you.. So check it out, there is a link in my stuff I like.

Finally, pictures..

Well, its about time. Right? Well, posting the pics was not hard at all. I've done worse. So here they are. These are all bags that my mom has made. Mainly because she took the pics and I remembered to grab them last night.

These ones (above) are sewn and they are made of beautiful brocade fabric. And all of these bags are for sale. She would be mad if I didn't add that side note.

These ones are crocheted and then felted. The pics don't do them justice. The first one (on the left) is purple, blue, green, and other colors. The second one, is purple with flecks of color and green, I call it the grape bag. The last one is blue and brown.

These two are also felted. The one on the right is what I like to call a "buttonhole" bag. The handles are made my making a large buttonhole. Its pretty cool because it is a variegated yarn and it has some metallic flecks in it. Very cool. So maybe tomorrow I will post some pics of the stuff I've made. I like the smaller bags, because I think they are cute. My mom, she likes the bigger ones. I also make pin cushions that double as cat toys, because my cat is crazy and thought it was a toy... Felted heart dishes that are super cool. Well, I think that is all for now, I do have to get something accomplished at work today, not that there is anyone to care if I don't, but I might feel bad if I didn't.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Ahh, bowling day. Good ol' bowling. I love to bowl. I don't know why, maybe because its like exercise but seems like less work.. but I can still count it as exercise if someone asks. Well, I'm still working on the pictures, but I'm thinking that tomorrow is going to be the day. And then I just have to spend some time getting my name and my blog (boring and all) out there so people will check it all out. In other news, my hockey team, the Minnesota Wild lost terribly last night.. I'm not a bandwagon-er and I can usually hold out hope till the last minute, but it was so horrific last night that I couldn't even watch.. akk. Well on that happy note, I should get back to work, which is a whole nother post by itself, let's just say I'd rather blog ALL day long instead of working, but not from home because home = dial up which = slooooowww. Not here, fast network connection = me happy. If only Qwest would call and say they are letting my old neighborhood be up with technology *dreams of the day*