Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Friday!

Yep, I'm still here! And I'm so glad that it is Friday. Not that this week has been terribly hard for me, only worked 3 days and had a long weekend. But it was a busy weekend. Christmas Eve we went to my sister's and had dinner and opened some gifts. And then spent 2 hours helping put together this play kitchen for Owen. It was late when we came home. Tuesday everyone came to our house and Mom made a turkey and we ate and played and it was fun. This week at work has been very slow, which is why I have the time to post. I even had time to go out and get some lunch and eat. To bad that there is this guy at my work who feels the need to talk non-stop each and every time I'm in the lunchroom trying to read the paper. And he thinks that he knows everything about anything..which he doesn't.. It drives me crazy. At least I had a few minutes of peace. The weird thing is that I can go home and have hours of peace all by myself because I will be the only one there. Plus there aren't that many people here this week, but I still just like to read the damn paper.
Let's see, who wants to hear about all the stuff I got for Christmas?? Anyone? Well, I'll tell you anyways, I got a book about birds, one of those Audubon Field guides, I love those books, plus I like birds so its cool. And I got a flash drive (because I LOVE them), a star necklace that it very pretty, I got this handy dandy labeler thing, that once I have some time I'm going to label everything! I got 2 little cases that will hold my flash drives, I didn't even know they made stuff like that! I got some body wash, socks, binders, a WILD shot glass, and 2 Old Navy gift cards, they have the best tank tops in the summer and I LOVE tank tops! And my crocs. I'm trying to think if there is anything else..Then I got some other stuff that was in my stocking, post-its, some socks, lip balm, a cool little brush and a nail file.
I'm not sure what is going on for New Years..maybe nothing, maybe if it isn't too cold we'll go ice skating or something. Who knows. Well, I guess that's all I have and since I'm a dill hole I don't have any pictures because I forgot to put them on the flash drive so that I could post them..Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

So I'd say Merry Christmas but I don't want to offend, I need all the readers I can get.. Ya know. SO I've just been working my ass off (too bad not literally). The X-Mas party for work was pretty boring, there were 600 people there though. That's crazy! The food wasn't that good and I didn't win anything. I would have been happy just staying home and sleeping or watching TV, or doing anything! And I wanted to post this cute picture of Owen and I with Christmas hats on but this new comp does not have the software and such to get the pictures off my camera. .. Sorry Kim, you would have loved it. Maybe I'll try doing it later from home.. Where I don't have 1 billion things to do like here. I've been SO bust at work this week, I can't even really remember that this whole week has passed. I hate that..not being able to recall things from two days ago. Plus, I've been a little cranky (Mom is probably thinking "only a little") but I'm tired and irritated and I wonder why people just can't show up for work, instead of making other work more and work long ass days. I'm lucky mine have only been 10 hours not 14 like the dillhole that I work with.. But only 8 minutes till I leave and I'm pretty much decided that I'm done a 1/2 hr ago.. Since I've just been blog surfing anyways. Which I've decided to call "blurfing" which is kind of close to sounding like something you do when you've had to much to drink... I guess I don't have anything else, because I haven't done much of anything the last 2 weeks because of this shit hole.. Add that to the list of reasons why I hate it here.. But I will refrain from the bitchfest that is associated with work! I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and that you're all safe.. I make it seem like there are a boatload of people that read this but it's really only 3 and 2 of them I see all the time and I am related to.. SO basically I'm saying Kin, have a nice holiday :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wow, 90 already?

Helloo! Well today I got the privilege of getting up at 5:30 am. This is like 2+ hours earlier than I usually get up. But that's OK tomorrow I get off early! WooHoo. SO yesterday was Wednesday and that means bowling night! And I have super good news to report..I bowled 3 games above my average! Not just like one or two pins even.. A whole bunch. I bowled a 143, 177 and 152 (my average is 113) so that means that my average should go up, and I'm OK with that!! But it was just really great to bowl all three games so well. I was just picking up the spares and getting strikes. And this guy there, who is not on my league bowled a 300, that's a perfect game. I've never seen anyone get one of those... But the whole alley was cheering for him when they announced that so and so on lane 36 bowled a 300. how cool for that guy! Let's see, I guess I don't have anything else. Mostly pretty boring around here. I'll try to get some pictures for posting tomorrow, mainly because I feel that the blog is naked with out them.. Like there needs to be more. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So, what's up with that?

Hey what's going on peoples? SO its Tuesday, how boring. I mean so boring I could take a nap! So I haven't posted in a bit so I'll let you all in on the excitement that is My life! This weekend was cold around here, below zero a few days even! So Saturday I went on a shopping extravaganza! I went all over the place and picked up gifts for just about everyone. And I just have to say that babies are SO easy to shop for that I could just spend the rest of my life buying presents for Owen! Clothes, toys, do-dads you name it I could buy it for him. But I know that no gift will match the love he had for Elmo! Who he calls "Mo-Mo" and its so darn cute the way he says it, with so much love and adoration in his little voice! Anyways, then later on my Sister, BIL and Owen came over for dinner and we had pizza and played until we were sleepy! Then Sunday was more shopping, the B/F and I went shopping and picked up gifts for his people which is just as short a list as mine so, once we figured out what to get it was simple. I haven't made any gifts for this year. I made the ornaments but that was for myself, and I'm supposed to be making a hat for my Sister but she hasn't told me the colors or yarn or anything so I'm not doing anything with that.
This week is a full one for parties and free meals, tomorrow we are having a ham at work, its like a potluck/pay if you aren't bringing kind of thing. We had on last year and it wasn't as big as we would have liked but this year a lot of people have signed up to bring stuff so I hope it will be good. I'm not a huge ham fan but last year it was yummy! Then on Friday we are having a "Thank You" lunch, who knows why but that will be catered so it should be good, plus we might all get to leave early, which is always a plus. Then on Saturday is the work Christmas party. Which is kind of a joke because I wasn't actually invited to the party even though I work here!!! So I'm going as my Mom's date. Haha, I'm going anyways, stupid heads! but I did find out that I have 80 hours of paid vacation that I didn't even know I had. Now when I take days off I'll actually get paid for them! Woo Hoo! Well, I guess I don't have anything else to write about. See ya'll on the flipside!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

At least it's almost Friday..right?

Howdy ya'll. I say ya'll a lot in real life. Is that weird? I mean I live in MN and have my whole life. I don't know anyone from the south or anyone that has an accent.. Yet I say ya'll.. figure that one out! So let's see what's been going on since Monday. Not a whole lot. It's just been snowing here...I'm hoping that the B/F and I can go ice skating, 2 years ago we bought ice skates and we haven't been able to go because its been so warm that most of the rinks close to us either didn't get flooded or were ponds. I have not been ice skating since I was a kid, I even took some lessons. I don't remember how many I took I only remember that I did. I can't remember if I liked it or not either. I just know that we used to go to the park down the block from my house and skate, it was always cold (obviously) and I always had figure skates and my ankles were wobbly... I'm not sure if I liked the skating but I know that I hated the ankles.. I wish that I could remember all the fun stuff I liked as a kid...
But the new skates, still in the box, are hockey skates so maybe I won't have the wobbly ankles I hated so much.. It will still be cold but this time I will have the B/F to hold on to me so I don't break my wrist or something, not that I would care so much if I did. Any reason to not come to work is OK with me.. Isn't that sad!
As far as projects, I don't have anything going on right now, mainly because its been snowing on all the days that I would be able to get out and pick stuff up. However, I am going to decorate some bell ornaments, I'm going to put names on them, since they are all sold out of the "pre-made" ones at the craft store. I mean I can write names on a bell, how freakin' hard is that? Note that if the next post I'm bitching about writing names on bells, it is indeed that hard! I'm pretty patient though, I can stick with something even if I'm having a hard time making it work or getting it figured out, a lot of times I'm "winging" it to some degree so that makes it a little harder, but at the same time makes it more fun. I like to have a plan for things, but sometimes with some things I'm OK with not knowing how it's going to turn out or how it's going to go.
It feels good to just let go and not think or worry. I think that's why I had so much fun at the hockey game last week. I laughed and had an awesome time, I didn't care that it was COLD and we wandered around St. Paul looking for the restaurant. I didn't work myself up about what was going to happen or what time we were leaving or when we couldn't figure out how the hell we were supposed to get into the parking ramp that our pass was for. It felt really good to just have fun!
Sometimes with stuff like that I freak myself out and get all full of anxiety and then feel like crap half the time I'm out so it makes it hard to even have a half way fun time. It hasn't been that bad in a long time, so that's good but it just sucks sometimes..Like you aren't really even in control of your own body. Its hard to explain but its just stupid.
Wow, I guess I had a lot of things to say today.. But on a totally different note yesterday when Mom and I went to lunch we got some cool icicle lights, they have a plastic icicle around the light and they change between white and blue AND they are LED lights, and they really don't get hot! I put them across the big window in the living room. We also got these ones that look like branches with lights on them.. And either today (if it isn't snowing) or this weekend I am going to do something that we have never done at my house put lights up OUTSIDE! On the only bush that we have. I'm going to do blue and green and here is why: a few weeks ago, the police department went on TV (some reason that I can't remember) but they asked people to include blue lights in their displays to support law enforcement and to remember those that have died so I thought "why the hell not" So I'll try and get some pics of that(when it happens). Hope ya'll enjoyed my ramblings!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ahh, I miss the weekend.

This weekend was a good one. Friday night we went to the hockey game. MN WILD vs St. Louis Blues. And I bet they were blue because they lost, in OT! It was such an awesome experience. I wasn't all that excited during the day but it I really was once we got into St. Paul and we were parking and stuff. We were so close and you could hear all the noises and people cheering. It was just so great. Then after the game we went to Great Waters Brewery. We had a voucher for some cheap beer so we each got a different one and I just tasted, I don't really like beer but my BIL and B/F do, and we had some food and it was yummy. It was cold that night and we had to walk a few blocks to get to the restaurant but we stopped at Rice Park and looked at the giant tree that is totally covered with lights, it was so pretty. It was just really great!!!!! Its all I've been talking about all weekend..And a little bit today :P
Saturday they were predicting a big snow storm, so Mom and I went shopping, I think that in MN when they are saying its going to snow 6-8 inches people feel the need to go out in it and drive around, doing exactly what they are telling you not to! It started snowing about 8:30 or 9:00 am and I didn't see a snow plow until later in the afternoon.. There were something like 800 accidents that day.
Sunday, B/F and I went to Wal-Mart which I was initially excited about but then, people drive stupid and act stupid and pretend that I don't exist and it pisses me off. So then I was just irritated with the whole thing. I don't really get Mad about anything, I just get irritated and then it just gets worse from there, until I have like 15 minutes of peace and then I am ok. But it was a needed trip, the B/F bought some winter boots! Pretty exciting shit around here. But we only got 5 inches of snow, and then on Sunday when Mom went out to shovel the driveway, which is really long and a lot of work, Brian the plow guy who saved our asses last year showed up and it took him about 5 minutes to do 3 hours worth of work. So that was cool that he remembered us! I hate shoveling and I usually don't have anything to do with it.
We took pictures at the hockey game but it was with my sister's camera so she has them all. I'll have to get them from her today when I do to babysit so I'll be able to post them tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend.