Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exactly 2 weeks!

Well, it's been 2 weeks and I'm not sure why.. Maybe nothing to say, maybe just other stuff going on.. Well, I got 2 comments on the blackberry post.. and I'd like to say that the BB is not hard to work.. It's really like a tiny computer. If you can work a computer you can work a BB. And it isn't a phone that I would have bought for myself.. but it's a brand new phone and no sense in wasting it or just letting it sit around.. So I use about 1/10 of the functions it has, but I do like that I can take pictures with it and hook it up to my computer and then I have those pictures. I could probably print them and stuff.
And Kim, Owen is my little sweetheart.. They are gone on vacation and I feel so bored with out him and my sister was telling me that on Monday he was looking for me.. It made me miss him so much. He really is a sweet boy. He has this ability to make me laugh so hard I cry and the past few times he's gotten this look on his face, because he thinks I'm upset, and he'll put his hand on me like "are you OK" and then he realizes that I'm laughing and then he smiles and then I laugh harder.
I guess the only big news is that B/F's sister had her second baby last week.. I got to see him on Saturday and he was so sweet and quiet and just a little nugget. I was only a little scared of him :P
On the sports front my MN Twins have been pulling wins out of their batting helmets.. 2 extra inning wins in 2 nights. And I've been watching the Stanley Cup and I'm really rooting for the Red Wings, I've liked them for years and I like it when they play the Wild and I lie to watch them.
I guess I forgot that this past weekend was a long weekend.. Saturday I didn't do much and then on Sunday B/F went to Sound Set 08 and since it was put on in part by Rhymesayers (local record label that he is on the street team for) he went and ended up going VIP and he also worked in the merch booth. And during all that we had some terrible weather, storms, rain, hail, and tornadoes! And they were pretty close to where we live. But he was all safe downtown. Then on Sunday night (after he'd been there for 8 hours) we went to the after party at First Avenue. And we didn't get home until 2am. The after party was with DJ Z-Trip ( I like him)! Then on Monday it was like catch up day from the night before. But it was fun.
SO I guess that's all I have for now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blackberry or Blueberry?

Have I expressed my love for this little do-dad? Even though I don't have the Internet plan for it you can still do a lot of stuff on the computer and download and then you just hook the BB up to the computer and then zap it over, eazy peazy! There are thousands of things you can DL for this thing.. Themes, wallpaper, software, games, and ringtones.. They even have a program you can get to make your own themes.. which I was super excited about until I started DLing this stuff and learned that there was a shit load of stuff you need.. Maybe this is something Kim can help me with since she's the computer lady :) But when I got up to 4 *different* programs and learned that I needed other stuff, I gave up.. But it did make me a little sad because the program itself seems pretty straight forward and easy. However, I like to mess with things and putz with them and figure them out.. Oh well! Moving on, I have two picture both I took with the BB.

The first one is a shirt that I made using an experimental technique.. Maybe not but something I came up with.. only to find that they sell an actual product for this.. But anyways, I wanted to make something on a shirt look like it was spray painted. And since I'm a cheap ass I thought " hey, I'll just get a little spray bottle and water down the fabric paint and spray it on there". And when I went to Michael's to use my coupon I saw that they sell Spray fabric paint but it was $4.99 (again the cheapness) so I used my 40% off coupon and spent .81 on a little spray bottle. And the skull is something that my sister cut out for me on her Cricut (I like skulls!!) and I traced it and cut it out of the freezer paper and then I just watered down the paint and then I ripped a hole in some newspaper and then sprayed away. I was so happy because I didn't need to center the stencil or plan it out or anything it was very exciting!! The only thing is that I took it outside to spray and it was windy and newspaper is very light.. so that was kind of bad planning, but overall it was pretty cool. I haven't washed it yet, I mean it might just all wash out! I also made an Elmo shirt for Owen, that one took planning and 4 coats of white to cover up the red. You'll have to hop over to my Sister's blog to see that.
The second picture is of Owen playing outside. In the background is his wonderful sandbox!
Pretty often when I watch him during the week we play out in the sandbox, it's been a long time since I've had a sandbox. But I always play in the sand with him, like using the damp sand to make shapes (which are immediately smashed) but it's very relaxing to just mess with the sand.
Hmm.. I guess I don't have anything else.. I'm pretty behind on the blogging and I don't really have a specific reason.. Well, I hope you all have a great day and great days until I blog again..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Just another Monday!

And that it is.. Back to the same old-same old! Oh well. So, this weekend was pretty good. I didn't do to much but the weather was nice. Saturday was supposed to be rainy all day but it ended up being sunny and nice. Then yesterday was Owen's birthday party ( his birthday is today though, he's 2!) But the weather was nice and the sun was out. Got to play a little hockey in the street..
Over the weekend, I was working on a shirt for Owen and as I was sitting there painting it, I was thinking to myself "Why don't I do this more often?". And it made me think about all the time we spend doing things, some things that we have/need to do like going to work. And we spend time doing the things we want to do, but how come during the free time we don't always do things that we actually love to do? Things that bring us peace and relaxation? I really enjoy painting and putzing with it, and drawing the patterns and cutting it out and, even though I complain, making it straight. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that I spend time doing things I hate, because that's not it at all. I spend my free time doing things I like to do. But there are just those things that are fun and just give you a good feeling. I guess it's kind of hard to describe..I guess you'd have to have some of those things to see that there is a difference.
I should make more time for that stuff.. Instead of watching TV or something..
So, I've just been watching hockey lately, and some baseball. I've never really had so much of an interest to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs but this yeah I've been watching them. Last night's game between Dallas and San Jose went 4OT. That's 2 and 1/3 games... 8 periods of hockey.. I didn't stay up for that one.. Dallas won, but I wanted San Jose to win.. Oh well..
Well, I guess that's all I have for today. Hope everyone had a great weekend!