Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Well it's Halloween. So Happy Halloween! That's all I have.. pretty lame huh?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ahhh, fall..and other junk!

I love fall.. Here in MN it's beautiful.. You have such a wide variety of weather, it can be 80 one day and two days later it could be snowing. Today is gray and wet, not super cold. The air is heavy and I like that. Sometimes it's just nice to have days like that. This guy is a metal skeleton stake thing that I bought at JoAnn's last night.. It was 50% off. I thought it was cute so I decided that if I bought anything else that I would get him, and since it's not hard to find stuff to buy at JoAnn's, especially in the fall when I'm knitting all kinds of junk. Plus, I had some coupons and you can use more than one. And when I came home I stuck him in the yard so when Mom came home she would see him. She thought he was cute.
This is my second wristband, it turned out a lot better than the first one, but it might be a little small, but it's fairly stretchy so it'll be ok. I'm also working on a wristlet, like a fingerless glove, but I'm putting a thumb on it. I did this thing I've seen called "fetching" and you knit the stitches on waste yarn then you slip them back and knit them again and when you take out the waste yarn you have two sets of live stitches that you knit to make up your thumb. So we'll see how that goes. But I'm pretty excited about it. But I've decided that I like making singular things like A scarf or A hat. This stuff where you have to make 2 seems like a lot of work.... But I might try making 2 at a time.. with 2 circulars.. If I can figure that out..
Well, this weekend should be fun B/F and I (if he still wants to go) are invited to a German themed Halloween party. I'm not going to dress up, mainly because I don't have to. I'm kind of excited because it's my friend from H.S. and her husband who are having the party and I haven't seen her in about 2 years. Even though she lives like 7-8 miles away. But really that's all I have going on.. I have to get some new glasses, and I hate shopping for glasses. Anyone who wears glasses will probably understand thing.. because you can't see with out the glasses but you need to see what they look like on your face so you gotta put them on (but you can't see) and try to figure out if you look like a doof-wad or not.. Plus, you got someone asking if you like these or these or what about something like this.. So it's generally a good 'ol time.. And bringing someone with you doesn't help at all, because they can see, and you might not like what they like. Writing about it makes me want to do it even less.. damnit! Oh well, I could probably find some if I just sucked it up! Plus, I'm a cheap skate- so I try not to spend a shit load even though the last pair I got cost like $200 but that was with a nice discount thru my insurance.. Well, that's enough boredom for one day. See ya'll on the flip-flop..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skull Duggery..arrg!

Aey Mateys! I have a thing with skulls. I like them.. I don't know why. SO here is my wristband that I made. It's a little big, because I wasn't sure how big it would end up. So I'll probably never wear it but I'm making another one that is smaller. And it is blue and white. I'm going to try and find a different way to seam it because it's kind of weird. Plus I'm not really good at that because I've never had to do it. I did have my first "blocking" experience though...
Next I think I'm going to make the bat that Lady L has posted on her blog. I was thinking about it and it might be cool to make one and felt it, then it would have more stability.. Well, this post has taken me 2 days to write. It wasn't letting me post the picture yesterday so I quit working on it.. then it was time to leave.. So I'm finishing it now. My MN Wild are on tonight and they are 2-0 so I'm excited to watch them tonight. I do my best knitting when there are sports on :) Hope ya'll are having good time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So.. I'm still really I am!!

Well, I started a post on September 17.. that was like almost a month ago. It was about all the books I've read recently. I didn't get a chance to finish it but never got around to working on it.. I'd like to say that there was something preventing me from doing it but the truth is that there wasn't really anything.. The past few weeks I've just been a little busier at work since some people have been gone.. Let's see..what's been going on.. not a ton. Just working and bowling and babysitting.. We were having some wonderful weather here, the only thing is that fall in MN is confusing.. you wake up in the morning and it's chilly.. you need real shoes and a warmer top.. but then you leave work and it's 80 degrees out.. but you've got on the wrong clothes.. But it's my favorite time of year. The sun is still warm but it's cooler out. This is the best time for exploring all the wonderful parks and stuff around my house.. Plus the tress are great.
I have successfully started and finished a knitting project. This is a big accomplishment for me because I start things and then never finish them. I made a wristband. It's black with a skull on it. I'll have to take a picture of it to post. I didn't come up with the pattern or the design but it was fun to make.. now I'm going to modify it a bit and maybe use a different pattern and stuff.. This weekend was kinda busy we had the Walk for Hope and the Bowl-a-thon. Plus, my MN WILD started the season last Saturday and they won. But I was tired and missed the third period. They have a game tonight and I should be able to stay awake for it.. (hopefully). Well, that's all the info and time I have for now. So, hope ya'll are having good times!