Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So, what's your costume?? When I was younger, I used to dress up as something we called an "invisible pedestrian" which meant you wore all black.. I mean really how safe is that? Running around in the dark, wearing all black.. no lights or anything. I guess I'm lucky that my mom taught me to stay out of the road.. For today I have no costume, I'm dressed as me. I was going to braid my hair and wear my witch hat but I didn't. I made Halloween cupcakes though, they have orange frosting and they have, spider, bats, tombstones, sprinkles.. all kinds of stuff. At work today we are having a fundraiser party collecting clothes for a men's shelter and selling chili and Halloween cupcakes.
Hmm, I guess its been awhile since I posted last so I'll do a re-cap. This weekend was very busy. I love having fun things to do on the weekends but it seemed to be non stop last weekend.. Friday night was pretty boring, B/F was helping his friend move and it ended up being an all day and night thing, which he hadn't really planned on, but he isn't the kind to just skip out on helping if there is no one else. So then Saturday before the bowl-a-thon, Mom and I went to Michael's and then to the grocery store, where I was invisible (but not dressed up like one) and almost got run over a bunch of times, stupid people! Then my sister called and wanted to know what we were up to and then she and Owen came over and we all played outside basically until it was time for Mom and I to leave for the bowl-a-thon at 5 pm. We had to drive to Eden Prairie (a long ass ways a way) and I fell asleep before we even got over by our work, which is like 15 minutes away. I can't stay awake in the car, plus I was tired! So, then we got there and we bowled and I had a 189 and a 148 games! That is better than what I bowl on Weds! But the most coolest thing is that they had a silent auction and some of the stuff was cool. But they had WILD tickets and I was so excited. Because I love <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_5">whoo hoo! I was so excited. Mom bid on and won some stuff that was travel themed, its was a model car, 2 DVD box sets and 2 magnetic travel games. It was really fun but it was a long day. Sunday B/F and I went to the Mall of America and that was fun but I was tired and its such a huge place but they were having a "Canstruction" contest, teams were building sculptures out of cans of food and then afterwards all the food was being donated to a food shelf. I have pics of that but they are on B/F's cell because I didn't want to bring the camera with me. SO I'll post those when ever I get around to putting them on the laptop. So I guess thats all I have..I can't really think of anything else exciting.. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Something to dye for!

Holy crap- Lady L over (not "Lady Lover") at Monster Crochet posted about using Kool-Aid to dye yarn (animal fiber only) and I have to try in. In my quest to add as many things as possible to my "I did that" list. I just have to do it. I'm excited about too, and the fact that I could come away with green hands (or face) makes it that much more attractive to me. SO after work I will try to find some Fisherman's Wool (and use a damn coupon on it, because I'm a cheap ass) and I actually LOVE Kool-Aid but I couldn't use up my drinking stash at home so I'll have to get some. Then I'll have a whole shit load of yarn that I probably won't do anything with but I'll be able to say that I did it..So if any of you know anyone who wants some hand dyed wool yarn, you just send them my way :) Well, I should get back to work, unless I can find some other way to waste 22 minutes until yarn shopping time (yippee) which I'm sure I'll have no problem doing. Ya'll have a good day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bowling fool? No just foolish bowling..

Hah, I came up with something sort of witty for my title today. Go me! Well, In case anyone cares the ball is cleaned and the nails are clipped. So I am ready to bowl, maybe I'll put my game face on, get myself pumped up to kick some ass. This week I would like to bowl all 3 games over my average (which is 116, it went up 2 pins last week with my two good games) so that it will go up a bit. However, I did forget the bowling ball in the car last night and then remembered it. And the nails didn't get clipped until this morning but thats because I really didn't want to do it last night and I had some "extra" time this morning. I say "extra" because I am supposed to be at work at 9am. On a good day when I am not totally behind I leave my house at 9. I am lucky that it only takes me 15 minutes to get here. But today it was 5 minutes to 8 when I got in the shower. This means that I am a whole 10-15 minutes ahead of "schedule" (awesome). I usually end up putzing or getting sucked into TV while I'm eating my toast and end up behind anyways. But today, if I hadn't clipped I would have been almost early. I consider getting here at 9:15am early.. As of lately its been like 9:30 or (don't tell) 9:45 when I get here. And I have a blister update, in case you were all just dying to know- it popped, or peed maybe. All on its own! And I'm pretty proud of myself because I'm kind of a messer- not so much a picker but just messing with it. I was just telling Mom last night that pretty much every time I've looked at this past week I wanted to pop it! But somehow it popped and I didn't even know it until I looked down and it was ooozing! It was a little gross, so I'll shut up now. Lets see projects, I don't have many (for once) I made Owen a scarf, which I find hilarious because he's only 17 months old, but its cute and I'm going to make him a matching hat, but I need to get some measurements first, and since he's only 17 mo old, these will be estimates using tools like my hands or saying something like "its about the size of -insert some toy or cup thats around" But hats are super fast and if its to big, he will grow and if its to small-its will stretch out. I'm not really concerned. I am also working on a fleece scarf for myself that has "secret" pockets in it. Its two layers and you leave it open in one spot so that you can put your hands in it. I love scarves, I have made myself lots of scarves, it really is amazing how warm they can keep you. It really keeps in the heat. I love making them and I wish that I could sell them to ppl (kind of like all the things I make) they are so simple and I love them, and I love hats I have tons of those too, ones I've made and that I have bought.. I like to have a new one (or two) every winter.. Maybe this year I will work on using up my fleece. I know that a local food shelf (they do other stuff too) are looking for hats and stuff to give to kids, and I would like to make some stuff for them, I mean if I can't sell the stuff I might as well donate it and at least someone will be thankful to have it. It really isn't about the $$ I could make anyways, its about the fact that I like to make stuff and see it get used or enjoyed. It gets kind of hard to make stuff when I have a bunch of it sitting around the house..Well, I'm off to go google the California fires, there are two bloggers that I know live somewhere in California (not sure of the areas) Kim and Lady L, so I hope that you guys are both far away from there!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here is a link- and just some words..
So today is Tuesday, nail clippin' and ball cleaning day. WHoo hoo. Both of which I do every week but forget until 10pm that they need to be done. So in case anyone wants to know, my huge blister is less huge but still bigger that I'd like it to be..But it doesn't hurt so thats good..right? Well, so far I've collected $20 for my bowling team, I'm thinking that I might bring it with me to the bowling alley tomorrow and work it..I mean the worst thing that will happen will be people telling me to "F" off. I'm ok with that. Let's see.. I could give a weekend re-cap but it wasn't a very fun, it was pretty depressing so I don't feel like blogging about it. Maybe I'll post some pics tomorrow.. I have to go now :P

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blog #2 Pledgebank

So, I'm doing this Bowl-a-thon thing for Crisis Connection on the 27th and I found this cool website And for the bowling team we need to raise money, and I'm going to hit up people at work but I put a pledge on Pledge Bank to see if other people will donate money. Its just kind of neat, there are other things that aren't about money too. Check it out if you have a chance..

Plunk your magic twanger Froggy!

Ok, so I find this totally funny. Apparently they used to say it on a show my Mom watched when she was a kid. Ok, so let me tell you's..Blah. Yesterday was Weds. and the day before that was Tues. (like you didn't know that, I know) but Weds is bowling night (even notice that bowl is "blow" with the letter rearranged?) So Tues night is filled with ritual type things that need to be done B4 Weds. I have to make sure I clean my bowling ball (yes, I clean it) and then I have to make sure that my nails are clipped so that I don't break any (which usually happens anyways) and that I have all this stuff in a place where I won't forget to bring it with me to work. Well, yesterday I was all set to leave work and then have some time to waste before bowling to go to JoAnn's and buy crafting junk that I'm positive I NEED but that I probably don't. So then I'm working and its like 2:30pm and I burn myself (Silent scream and jumping up and down, then silent swearing) Now let me tell you, I work with HOT glue..which is like cold glue but its M-Fing HOT! So now I have a hu-mong-o (who knows how to spell that??) blister and one little on right on my knuckle. So then I was like well maybe I won't bowl because its on a vital bowling finger..but then I remember that my team is weird and if I wouldn't have gone we would have had to forfeit and I didn't want that, we're already in last place. But on the up side, I had 2 really great games 147 and 169 those are my best two games all season. The first game I didn't even break 100, which sucks because I could have raised my average a little..but oh well.. So then this morning I had to basically use one hand while I was taking a shower, and I'm a putz in the shower anyways because it helps get rid of all my various aches and pains.. So I was behind to begin with and then B/F calls me at like 9 or a little b4 and I just sat around and talked to him, I didn't really want to come to work anyways so that just made it worse..So, since I didn't get here till 9:45 it makes the time go really fast, hell it's almost lunch time.. haha. I probably wouldn't be able to work some where that I had to be there on time and actually had more than 10 minutes worth of work to do. Here I'm so spoiled, technically I have a boss, but he's all the way up in the office and I'm out in the plant..he's not going to come back here to see if I get to work on time (again making it worse). I should only get like 30 minutes for lunch and it takes me that long to get around to eating my lunch..And if my sister and the baby come then its like I could never go back! And if I want a day off or hours off (which I DO NOT get paid for) I just say to the guy I work with "I'm leaving early" or something similar..So I complain but I'm spoiled. Its most likely because I find this place very unfufilling, I like the people and the work is OK but I'm educated and I should be doing more than this.. I guess I could spend another hours rambling about crap but I won't. And today is one of the few days that I have like 30 minutes worth of work.. So. ya'll have a great Thursday and maybe someone will see the sun and report back to me (Kim, I'm sure you always see the sun, lucky duck) I have sun envy...wah, wah, wahhh

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day!

Well, if you didn't know, now you know! Today is Blog Action Day. Today people are supposed to blog about the environment. In which ever way they want. If you want more info you can go to and register your blog (so they know about how many ppl are choosing to blog about the environment today). Here 's what I'm going to talk about. Something I'm pretty into, RECYCLING! I think that is such a cool thing. I try to recycle anything they will let me throw in the bin. We even recycle our shredded stuff, you just put it in a paper bag and close it up and they take it.. woo hoo. Not much work there! The cans and stuff go to the church, they use them as a way to make $$. This day was not something that I even knew about until I was reading the paper at lunch today and it was on the front of the paper.. SO I read the article and I thought "why not" so here I am. I encourage my readers (all 3 of you, 2 with blogs) to put a little something on your blog about the environment. There are SO many resources out there to help you determine what and how to recycle in you area. Most of the time this will be on a county's main web page. I know that is how it's set up on my county's web site. I only have a short time to blog but I wanted to just do something.. Thanks for reading and if you decide to participate, the earth thanks you!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

At least it's Thursday..right?

Ohh, I'm excited because I got my car back this morning.. It looks so great, like nothing ever happened to it. What I did was just get what I could fixed for the amount I got from the insurance co. So it's still got 4-5 dents but all the majors are fixed and pretty!! I'm really lucky that the B/F is just down the street and willing to let me borrow his truck but I'm glad to have my car back, but I was used to where the turn signal thing was in his truck. So, I'm glad that its all done and over with.
Let's see, I haven't had a garden update in a really long time.. After the hail I was pretty sure that my bean plants were goners but they weren't they recovered and produced many a yummy bean. On Tuesday I went out and picked 91 beans, that is the most this year.. I took a pic of them all but forgot my camera so I'll have to post it tomorrow. In addition to the 91 I picked there were 3 bags, plus I have given 2 bags to B/F's mom, she loves them. And I gave a bag to his sister. So we have plenty of beans for a while. My pumpkin survived the hail but I think that I planted it way to late, it got more babies on it and I was excited because I thought that they would turn into pumpkins, but they was just get yellow and die.. But its still growing out there. The peas were basically destroyed but it was kind of cool because some of the plant had pea pods on them and when the pod dried up the little peas inside there sprouted new plants.. I was really surprised. So, 1 out of 3 of the things I planted made it. SO next year I am not waiting until June to plant stuff...
On to sports junk, my hockey team the MN Wild won again last night, they are 3-0! So ya'll have a good day!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Weekend recap..

So, hope everyone had a good weekend.. It was hot here.. 87 on Saturday and then 80 or 85 or something on Sunday.. It should be like 60's. Well, my Mom and I did the Walk for Hope on Sat morning. It was pretty nice.. It stopped raining just in time for the walk and then sprinkled a little right when we were leaving. It sure was humid though. Hmm, I'm not sure how many people were there but it seemed like more than last year. Which is great because you have to pay and that's how they raise money.. I guess that's really all I did besides laundry and cleaning the house neither of which is exciting in any way. On the other side, this week I am having my hail damage fixed, so I'm with out a car..which sucks. I'm taking the B/F's truck to work since he is just down the street I walk down there and get it and then come to work. But I guess I will manage, it's only for 4 days (hopefully 3). On the up side, Mom is so busy that I got to drive her brand new vehicle to Michael's last night.. That was pretty cool. I even parked far away because I didn't know how easy it would be to park, but it was OK. I didn't mind being a little farther away anyways..Welp, I was just trying to kill 15 minutes before I leave work, so I hope everyone's having a good week so far.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Finally, Friday!

Well, it's somewhat of a miracle because today I didn't forget anything. I remembered to let the dog out, to put up the second baby gate, I brought my lunch (which I forgot on Tuesday or was is Wednesday..?), the camera AND USB cable, my MP3 player and cable and headphones.. So far its a pretty good day for me.. Plus my Hockey team won.. SO that's pretty darn cool.
Before I post some pictures I just have one question...why don't people turn on their headlights when its raining and dark out?? I mean really! So here is the circle blanket that I made for Dag It's green, purple, and blue with a purple fringe, which is more like a bunch of fingers..But that doesn't really matter...

This cool thing is my felted skull, the first one is the before the size difference isn't that much but it isn't as floppy after felting..well it isn't floppy at all its pretty cool I think.. I might try making a smaller one. This one is done with 2 strands held together and a huge hook.. I might try using some sport weight and a small hook..Then I could like hang it in my car.. I have a thing with skulls... But anyways...
Check out this beauty! Its a giant gross spider that they found at work. It has taken up residence under the ledge of the shelf. The picture isn't that good because I wasn't getting "right up on it" as a co-worker suggested that I do to get a good picture..Yuck! Well ya'll remember the "eye of the pizza"? Well, it happened again..It was totally weird. And tomorrow my Mom and I are going to do the Walk for Hope. This will be the second year, we've had some really odd weather here, last week and this week its been rainy, and today its going to rain all day. But tomorrow its going to be 85, so who knows what is really going to be, up until yesterday it was going to rain Sat. So I hope that it goes well and that the weather is nice in the morning at least. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yippee!! Hockey!! How I've longed for your return!

So, here's the life=not so exciting.. There isn't a whole lot to write about.. This week at my house it's like animal junction..or half the arc. We have our "resident" cat, Dagwood (confined to one side of the house) and Lud (my sister and BIL's greyhound. Individually all three of these animals are wonderful (well, our cat is kind of a pain..well, a big pain sometimes...) But together they are just a lot of work...The resident cat has the opposite side of the house as Dag, she has my room, the spare room. hallways and the bathroom. Lud is the luckiest of them all he gets the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the breezeway.. Plus, the outside.. But its just a bunch of baby gates to keep them all separated..However, Dag is a little climber those baby gates are just an invitation for him to climb, or jump over them by getting on the desk..I guess when you only weigh 6 lbs these things are a lot easier (jumping and climbing). Plus, our cat is mean and she isn't warming up to Dag, but with the dog being there it makes it harder to try and get them to be friends.. On the other side of this, Dags tumor in his mouth is getting bigger.. It makes me very sad to know that one day it will kill him..I guess I try not to think about it.. Even though I find myself thinking about it when I go in there to see him. But I'm working on a little round "blanket" or thing for him to sleep on..I'm hoping to finish it today ..I'll take some pics and maybe I can remember to post them tomorrow. The other thing that I've done is made a felted skull. Its a pattern that I got off of the Lionbrand website.. I like skulls so I saw it had to make it.. Its pink.. What else...hmmm.. There really isn't much else. BUT- The 2007-2008 hockey season started last night and tonight my lovely MN Wild play and I'm so excited.. So here is the thing, the blond is SO cute, how could you not want to watch him?? I mean really..He's cute.. He's Mikko Koivu (me-ko koi (like the fish)- vu) He's from Finland.. Anyways, the dark guy He's Derek Boogaard..The "Boogieman" he's what they call an enforcer.. He's the guy that will kick your ass! He's 6"7'. 258 lbs.. I'm like 5"2' He's pretty cute too, just not that much in the picture. Derek and his brother hosted a Hockey fight camp this summer, and it made news of the weird even.. He is from Canada.. He doesn't play all the time, since the ass kicking is hard work.. but I hope they win.. GO WILD!