Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Thanks! SoMuchSugar for stopping by my blog. This picture is for you . This is ladder ball. I don't have any pics of the actual one so I copied this one from the target site. You throw the balls (called a bolo) and try to get it hung up on the "ladders" and you get points. Its fun (I think). Thanks to Anonymous for stopping by and leaving a comment! Let's see, well I'd like to do something fun on my blog- but I can't really think of anything, so if ya'll have any good ideas please! please! let me know what they are. I've also given the Bot a little make-over. It's nice to have a little change one in a while. Well, I guess its going to be a boring post for today because I don't really have anything exciting or any other pictures for today.. I'm thinking about making some compost tea, to feed the plants, but you need to have (supposedly, but I don't so much follow the "rules") valves and pumps and hoses and other crap like that.. I mean I already have a bucket and a sock (you put the compost in there, like a tea bag) and I have some water.. So I'm thinking I could skip the other crap.. or I could just make it in a fish tank! The "tea" is supposed to be good for the plants, give them stuff they need , bacteria and such. I just like doing different stuff. I'm thinking that I'm going to start an afghan for the B/F, since I don't make stuff for him very often. Plus, he's expressed some interest in having one. But we'll have to get out and find some yarn, the "we" is what's holding us up here. I mean he's pretty willing to go anywhere I ask him to go, including the craft store. But getting around to actually stopping at the store. Well, I guess that's all I got for now. So, keep it real!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too HOT Tuesday!

Holy, freaking hot batman. I think even he would let Gotham City burn if it was this HOT! Let's see, this weekend was also hot, and yesterday was too. Over the weekend I spent time in the garden and went to St. Paul to check out the old cars that were out for Back to The 50's weekend. We did it the free way and just parked along the road and watched them. Here are some of the cool cars that we saw. The red one is a corvette and it has the biggest back tires I've ever seen! You can't really see it in the pic, but when I took the pic I didn't know they were huge until it got up the road, but even though it isn't a great pic I like how its a vette and the flag is flying in the background..

I love old cars, any kind of old car, I mean if its all nice and shiny. Plus, I love the way they sound, new cars are SO quiet, there is no growl, no muscle under the hood. I'd make the noise, but you can't hear it anyways, so its kind of pointless. And I was only going to post a few but I like them so I'm going to post more.

And here are my little pumpkins, which are actually even bigger now, because I took these a few days ago. But I'm still so excited, if you look around the pic you'll see how weedy it is around them, that's why I spend so much time weeding... Well, I guess I should get to work. So I hope you've all enjoyed my pics. See ya later!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Totally Thursday!

So, these are the only pictures that I have for you all today, because it rained and I didn't want to take pics in the rain.. But while it wasn't raining I took these of the sky, the major storms were to the north of us but there were some cool clouds going on. I know they aren't the best, but really there wasn't any color or anything, just grey. I did get some weeding done before it started to rain on me.. Let me tell you, weeding sucks! Especially when you don't know what is under all that junk...but I did get a bunch done, I was even sweating a bit. Its good to sweat sometimes. I filled one whole garbage bag with stuff, not that anyone would be able to tell by looking at it, but it is better, I can tell. And really that is all that matters. So, I see in my near future, lots more weeding, lucky me! but, I'm ok with it. I only got mad last night because of the crappy sprinkler (yes, before it was raining, and while it was raining, the sprinkler was going) that gets stuck...and then you have to un-stick it, and then it get stuck again..and I became very much irritated with it and so then I just left it, and continued weeding!I just couldn't stand it anymore.. So nothing exciting, I know, I'm sorry. My life just isn't very exciting. Not that it really matters anyways. Well, tomorrow is Friday and I don't have anything for the photo challenge, mainly because the times for me to take pics of transportation are AFTER the challenge is done, so I might just skip this one. I'm interested to see what it is going to be. Hope you all have a great Thursday. C-ya later.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wowwy Wednesday!

Howdy, well its weds and I'm just tired today, didn't get enough sleep last night. SO that means that I have even less desire to be here- and on a normal day its pretty low. On the upside we had free pizza from the warehouse we use to store stuff. I think it just made me more tired. Oh, well. Let's see- nothing new really, I don't have any pictures to post or anything but maybe I will take some tonight so you can all see how huge my pumpkins are getting, they have two sets of leaves now and they are probably 3-4 inches high. I find it really interesting to watch them grow, but I have to get the area weeded so that they can spread out, and they might spread A LOT! And its pretty much all weeds back there, so that stinks- but it will be worth it if I get two pumpkins, so I can have one and Owen can have one. If I get more than that I am going to try and sell them, I mean what's better than a locally grown and chemical free pumpkin? Now that I'm thinking about it, I'd rather be home in the sunshine watching my pumpkins grow. At least I would be getting some enjoyment out of that. I mean I'm sure I could take a nap and then get most of the back area weeded. But I'm getting paid to be here and look like I'm working hard on something, which I am, my blog! Plus, lunch was so damn early that now my schedule is all messed up!!! I have this hour to kill between my lunch and going in the lab to cover LB's lunch! And I've decided that I'm going to have to re-plant some of my stuff because not all of them have grown- So, thinking of all this stuff is making me want to go home..blah! Well, I've been working on this game "Polish Horseshoes" its a washer game and you toss the washers into holes on a board and you get points.. Its fun, maybe I will take some pics of that too. That's all I have for now, I'm going to play with glue, yippee! Something totally unrealated to anything, I only had ONE misspelled word, go me!

Monday, June 18, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Mine grows FAST! The first pic is of my pumpkins. Aren't they cute! I took that pic on Saturday, about a week after I started them, one of the seeds I soaked for most of the day and the other one I didn't because it was an after thought, I didn't think that they would grow. Let me tell you the story. Two years ago, the B/F and I went and bought a pumpkin. And I saved the seeds from it and I sort of followed some instructions on how to save the seeds, I washed them and then put them on some newspaper to dry (FOR TWO YEARS) then I pretty much forgot about them. And this year I was all "hey, I'm going to see if they will grow" and they did. So now back to the original story. They just popped out of the dirt, its been so hot and dry here and now they are working on the second set of leaves, I took pictures of them but they didn't look as good as I thought they did. So just picture them in the ground and bigger :)

This pretty little flower is a gazania (might be spelled wrong), my Mom really likes these little flowers, and we have never had a pink one, only orange and yellow, both of which are pretty. But I liked this on and thought that I would share it.
The cat, is not mine, its the neighbor's brother's cat, his name it Dagwood, I call him Dag. He only has a nub of a tail, and he meows a lot. But now his owner is gone, because they got into a fight about something, who knows. But the neighbor made him leave and he left the cats, one of which lived in our garage for like 3 days. I don't know where that one is, I think in the other garage. Dag is a helper, likes to follow you around the yard and talk to you. I was pretty sure he was going to jump in the car with me this morning. I feel bad for him though, because he's all alone and he's a good cat. So we feed him and leave water for him, and pet him till we figure out if his owner is coming back for them. I didn't really do very much this weekend, because it was like 90+ degrees and humid and just plain gross outside. Hung out, did laundry, and tried to stay inside until like 8pm when it started to cool off (barely) and I did go for a few short bike rides. Hopefully, my pumpkins will grow like crazy and then I can sell them along with my veggies. I know nothing about pumpkins and since these were farm pumpkins and I have no idea how big the get or how anything. I know that they are a vine, along the ground. That's all I know. So maybe I'll have to do a little searching so that I know what I'm getting myself into. Of course, I will keep you all updated on that. Well, I think that's all I have for today..

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yippee! Friday!

Well, unless you live on a different planet, today is Friday! And I for one am glad! Its been hot here so I've been tired but I've still been trying to get things done. I've decided not to post my garden pictures because I don't like them.. So I will just ramble instead. The Photo challenge for this week is Transportation. I think that sounds like a cool idea- I think that my foot picture would work for this one too- because our feet get us around a lot. And mine usually rebel against me for that! SO anyways, I don't have anything going on this weekend, so that's kind of nice. Just try and get some projects (that involve spray paint) done. So, I'll see you later!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ok, I lied!

Well, I know that I said I'd have pics up today, but I just didn't have time. I was pretty busy all day up until now and I thought that I didn't have anything to do before I left but I just remembered something that I need to get done before I leave. But tomorrow I will have time to post them. See ya all lata. Go TWINS!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007!

Gather round' to see my pics.. Well, besides the glue pictures, I took some other pictures for the Funky Photo.

The first one is my foot, I thought that it looked cool for some reason, ignore the fact that I need a new paint job :P. Then there is the cat, she isn't a very good subject because when she gets where I want her to be, she moves! And the light isn't the best but I liked that about them. The other one is of the peonies that I cut and I just think they look cool squished together and I liked the shadow of the pointy petals on the pink petals. I finally got to take my bike out for a little ride last night, even though it was warm out. Its been in the 90's here for the past 4 days..makes it hard to want to do anything outside. The bike is pretty nice, I'm not used to it so it feels kinda weird, kind of like a new car. Things work and feel differently. But I'm cool with that, as long as it doesn't make my ass hurt! My goal is to start riding to B/F's house, which is only about a mile from my house. There really is no reason for me to drive over there to hang out, especially if we are not going to go anywhere that requires the car. I really feel like it is a waste.

These pictures I took this morning. We have a major set (one of the only) of railroad tracks behind the building and a lot of times there are interesting things coming in (or going out I guess) on the tracks and I saw these giant spools and I thought that they looked pretty cool. Just sitting there. I don't know what is on them but they are huge.

Well, I'm going to get some work done. but tomorrow I will be posting some more pictures of my garden. It is grown so much since the last time. Ya'll have a good day- Ohh BTW my Twins won last night , against the Braves. So, GO TWINS!

Monday, June 11, 2007

ready for my close up!

Ok, so these are a few pics that I took at work today. This is a platter of glue- a platter is a metal box like 4x4 and like 4 or 5 inches high- honestly I don't know. Anyways, they fill it with glue and it looks kinda cool. The top one is the close up and the bottom one gives you an idea of how it looks in the middle.. And if some of you don't know- I work in a place that makes glue (not the kind made with horses or animals). Its made with rubber and other junk that I don't really know anything about- but I work in the lab.. So, makes ya wonder what kind of show they are running
around here huh?


Else happy that it's Monday? For some reason, I am? Fever you ask?? Nope, no fever! Just in a good mood today, and hey I'll take it. So let's see..Well, my garden is growing (yippee). I measured the few beans that are coming up and they were both about 2 3/4 inches tall, they looked taller today. And, I bought a new bike this weekend. And here it is!

Its a green Diamondback. I haven't really had a ton of time (or energy) to really get out and ride it, I"m still getting it adjusted to where I like it. But it is nice to have a bike that isn't WAY to small for me.

This is one of my beans. It wasn't all folded up like this when I peeked at them before I left for work. If you've never grown beans, the pole kind, it is so much fun. And the beans are pretty good, better than frozen. I'm hoping the peas do well, I"m most excited about those. And I've started a couple of pumpkin seeds in a dish, just to see if something happens with them.
I did a lot this weekend. I went to a concert on Friday night, then on Saturday we went bike shopping. Then B/F helped me put together the frame for this yard game I'm building. Its called Polish Horseshoes. And then my sister, BIL,and Owen came over and we had steaks and played some ladder ball. I'm sure that Heather will post pics of all the excitement on her blog. Then we went to Home Depot to get some plywood, for the horseshoes. But I'm a tool and got washers that are bigger than what I supposed to get, I need 2.5 inch but I thought I needed 3 in- so maybe I'll take them back- plus the spray paint I bought is crap its really powdery and even comes off of paper- which it should stick to! Then I tried to just relax a bit on Sunday, just did laundry, watched my Twins win and dinked around with my bike and rode it around in the driveway and the yard and stuff. Plus, it was HOT yesterday and I was tired from the other days so my energy was low... Well, I think that's all I have for today, the Photo challenge for this week is close ups, so I have to think of something to take pics of.. So, I hope that everyone has a great day and is in a good mood!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


I can't think of a snappy Thursday title so I guess that'll do. So anyone ever play "Ladderball"? Its pretty fun, my Mom bought it and we finally put it together and played it a couple of times, more just practice then really playing against each other. Now, when we play it at a get together or something we'll be really good and win a lot! So, I had a crazy hoard of rabbits experience last night.. We built our veggie garden in the back, where it is all fenced in from when we used to have dogs, I thought that this would be a sure way to keep the rabbits from eating everything.. Well, I was wrong, they are so sneaky and they went under then fence in a spot where the fence doesn't touch the ground all the way. I figured this out because I went around the side of the garage to stare my garden into growing (even though it's been less than a week since I planted it, and its been crappy out) and what do I see??? A huge crow and little bunny foo foo! I made some noise and scared it but it just went into some tall grass behind the lillies..SO I went around, I was mad! Then it was on the outside of the fence.. so I went back around and it went in through the gap, then I went back around and it was like I was seeing things, because there were rabbits ALL over, like they have ninja powers or something! So I chased them all into the corner of the fence, sort of, they could have easily gotten past me! So one squeeeezed and shook and wiggled its way through the holes in the fence which are a rectangle maybe 3x4 inches. I thought it was going to get stuck (and I was glad, hahah) but then the other ones followed suit and then they were all out and running in different directions and I tried telling them to go into the road- but they didn't listen. Now, don't go thinking I'm a rabbit hater, I have love for the bunnies, but not if they are going to eat my garden... One was waiting for me today when I went to leave for work, as if to say "I WILL eat your garden, I can dig you know. Stupid human!" I chased it away... I secretly wanted them to all die, but then I would feel horrible, because I really do like them. We fixed the gap in the fence and then Mom sprayed some stuff that stinks around to keep them away (hopefully). Well, that's all I have for today, tomorrow is friday and I don't have to work this weekend and I'm cashing in some of my change and putting it towards a new bike, so maybe I'll find one this weekend, but I'm a picky shopper so it might take a while. I'll try and think of something snappy to say tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hello Tuesday!

Pretty flowers! These are growing in our garden and they are so pretty, I took these this a.m. before I left for work.

Here is a picture that I took the other night and I thought that it would count as a landscape for the Funky Photo. I have other ones but this is the one for now. I have a few vacation pictures that are pretty cool. If you think this "landscape" looks familiar it is- it's my yard(provided that you have seen my yard before, obviously) minus two HUGE elm trees that were cut down in the fall. We think that they had dutch elm disease. So if you see the pots on the left side, there used to be a tree there and then if you go across to the right, where there is a black line that used to be a tree.. Well I think thats all I have for now, maybe for today, I have lots of work to get done.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Welp, its monday- again. SO let's see this weekend it rained a bit- so we didn't get a ton of stuff done, but I got my garden planted, I'm excited to see them come up! On saturday morning we went to the local compost site and got a 1/2 yard (that's all that will fit in B/F's truck) and then we dumped it into the bed (one load at a time, like I/we didn't haul enough the other weekend) then worked on getting it worked into the other dirt. Then I planted, 2 rows of peas, that don't have 6foot vines! and one row of beans. Later on we went to Home Depot looking for some kind of trellis or something for the beans to grow on.. SO we got this tomato cage thingy that you can snap together and then hooked that onto s couple of huge Shepard's hooks because it wasn't long enough the cover the length of the bad, so I used my brain to figure out something we had around, to avoid another trip to H.D. I love the beans they are so fun, last year they were very productive, I'm very hopeful for this season! Plus, I'm going to throw a pumpkin seed or two out into the wildness (behind they Tree Man) and see if they grow, that would be the coolest of all! Then I could give one to Owen. I don't know anything about pumpkins except that they send out a long vine, or vines I don't know..Thats why I'm not putting it in the garden. Well, I gotta go to work now, well I'm at work but I need to cover the lab, bc the "buddy" worked last night. Maybe some day I will bore you all with my work crap, but I'd rather not. So, I guess thats all for now. I'll take some pics and post them tomorrow. I'm hoping that the Peonies are still open and its not raining when I get home, I'd like to post them, they are pretty. See ya'll on the flip!

Friday, June 1, 2007

I always feel like...

Somebody's watching me... Its tree man! I just thought it was funny, the line and the pic and all..

Well, ya'll have to turn your head to the left, because my pic isn't situated right. This is my sign, and its only a stop sign but notice that it isn't on a pole, out side, which is the natural environment of a stop sign. Its in my basement. But I didn't put it there, its been there for a long time.

This is the soon to be garden, now its just a box filled with dirt, soon to be amended with compost (whoo hoo) then I can plant , provided I can find replacement seeds for my target seeds. Tree man will be watching over it, making sure that it grows like crazy. I'd like to have enough so that I can sell some stuff (veggies) out on the street, make a little yarn money. He's on the tree in the back ground. So what else.. well, Kevyn Burger will be having surgery tomorrow (send her good energy) and I just found out something so cool. I sent off an e-mail to the lovely people at Fifth Element, a local record shop operated by a local record label, Kevyn loves Atmosphere, he's a local hip-hop artist (NOT a rapper, there IS a difference) and all I was asking of the was to post some comments on her blog to send her some happiness, just something fun. But the response that I got was SO cool. They wanted her address so they could send her out a care package. I just thought that it was so cool way more than I was asking them to do. But ever since the b/f got me into the label and the artists I've liked them and I like to support the local stuff and I think its cool when they support people who support them. That's kinda wordy but I'm sure you all understand what I'm saying. There is one guy who I think works all day everyday because when ever we go there he is working, but he gives B/F a discount, how cool is that.. And its not like we/ he go (es) there all the time or anything. But anyways, I'm going to eat lunch and check out the paper. SO that's all for me, unless I think of something that can't wait. Have a safe weekend.