Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Friday!

Yep, I'm still here! And I'm so glad that it is Friday. Not that this week has been terribly hard for me, only worked 3 days and had a long weekend. But it was a busy weekend. Christmas Eve we went to my sister's and had dinner and opened some gifts. And then spent 2 hours helping put together this play kitchen for Owen. It was late when we came home. Tuesday everyone came to our house and Mom made a turkey and we ate and played and it was fun. This week at work has been very slow, which is why I have the time to post. I even had time to go out and get some lunch and eat. To bad that there is this guy at my work who feels the need to talk non-stop each and every time I'm in the lunchroom trying to read the paper. And he thinks that he knows everything about anything..which he doesn't.. It drives me crazy. At least I had a few minutes of peace. The weird thing is that I can go home and have hours of peace all by myself because I will be the only one there. Plus there aren't that many people here this week, but I still just like to read the damn paper.
Let's see, who wants to hear about all the stuff I got for Christmas?? Anyone? Well, I'll tell you anyways, I got a book about birds, one of those Audubon Field guides, I love those books, plus I like birds so its cool. And I got a flash drive (because I LOVE them), a star necklace that it very pretty, I got this handy dandy labeler thing, that once I have some time I'm going to label everything! I got 2 little cases that will hold my flash drives, I didn't even know they made stuff like that! I got some body wash, socks, binders, a WILD shot glass, and 2 Old Navy gift cards, they have the best tank tops in the summer and I LOVE tank tops! And my crocs. I'm trying to think if there is anything else..Then I got some other stuff that was in my stocking, post-its, some socks, lip balm, a cool little brush and a nail file.
I'm not sure what is going on for New Years..maybe nothing, maybe if it isn't too cold we'll go ice skating or something. Who knows. Well, I guess that's all I have and since I'm a dill hole I don't have any pictures because I forgot to put them on the flash drive so that I could post them..Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

So I'd say Merry Christmas but I don't want to offend, I need all the readers I can get.. Ya know. SO I've just been working my ass off (too bad not literally). The X-Mas party for work was pretty boring, there were 600 people there though. That's crazy! The food wasn't that good and I didn't win anything. I would have been happy just staying home and sleeping or watching TV, or doing anything! And I wanted to post this cute picture of Owen and I with Christmas hats on but this new comp does not have the software and such to get the pictures off my camera. .. Sorry Kim, you would have loved it. Maybe I'll try doing it later from home.. Where I don't have 1 billion things to do like here. I've been SO bust at work this week, I can't even really remember that this whole week has passed. I hate that..not being able to recall things from two days ago. Plus, I've been a little cranky (Mom is probably thinking "only a little") but I'm tired and irritated and I wonder why people just can't show up for work, instead of making other work more and work long ass days. I'm lucky mine have only been 10 hours not 14 like the dillhole that I work with.. But only 8 minutes till I leave and I'm pretty much decided that I'm done a 1/2 hr ago.. Since I've just been blog surfing anyways. Which I've decided to call "blurfing" which is kind of close to sounding like something you do when you've had to much to drink... I guess I don't have anything else, because I haven't done much of anything the last 2 weeks because of this shit hole.. Add that to the list of reasons why I hate it here.. But I will refrain from the bitchfest that is associated with work! I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and that you're all safe.. I make it seem like there are a boatload of people that read this but it's really only 3 and 2 of them I see all the time and I am related to.. SO basically I'm saying Kin, have a nice holiday :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wow, 90 already?

Helloo! Well today I got the privilege of getting up at 5:30 am. This is like 2+ hours earlier than I usually get up. But that's OK tomorrow I get off early! WooHoo. SO yesterday was Wednesday and that means bowling night! And I have super good news to report..I bowled 3 games above my average! Not just like one or two pins even.. A whole bunch. I bowled a 143, 177 and 152 (my average is 113) so that means that my average should go up, and I'm OK with that!! But it was just really great to bowl all three games so well. I was just picking up the spares and getting strikes. And this guy there, who is not on my league bowled a 300, that's a perfect game. I've never seen anyone get one of those... But the whole alley was cheering for him when they announced that so and so on lane 36 bowled a 300. how cool for that guy! Let's see, I guess I don't have anything else. Mostly pretty boring around here. I'll try to get some pictures for posting tomorrow, mainly because I feel that the blog is naked with out them.. Like there needs to be more. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So, what's up with that?

Hey what's going on peoples? SO its Tuesday, how boring. I mean so boring I could take a nap! So I haven't posted in a bit so I'll let you all in on the excitement that is My life! This weekend was cold around here, below zero a few days even! So Saturday I went on a shopping extravaganza! I went all over the place and picked up gifts for just about everyone. And I just have to say that babies are SO easy to shop for that I could just spend the rest of my life buying presents for Owen! Clothes, toys, do-dads you name it I could buy it for him. But I know that no gift will match the love he had for Elmo! Who he calls "Mo-Mo" and its so darn cute the way he says it, with so much love and adoration in his little voice! Anyways, then later on my Sister, BIL and Owen came over for dinner and we had pizza and played until we were sleepy! Then Sunday was more shopping, the B/F and I went shopping and picked up gifts for his people which is just as short a list as mine so, once we figured out what to get it was simple. I haven't made any gifts for this year. I made the ornaments but that was for myself, and I'm supposed to be making a hat for my Sister but she hasn't told me the colors or yarn or anything so I'm not doing anything with that.
This week is a full one for parties and free meals, tomorrow we are having a ham at work, its like a potluck/pay if you aren't bringing kind of thing. We had on last year and it wasn't as big as we would have liked but this year a lot of people have signed up to bring stuff so I hope it will be good. I'm not a huge ham fan but last year it was yummy! Then on Friday we are having a "Thank You" lunch, who knows why but that will be catered so it should be good, plus we might all get to leave early, which is always a plus. Then on Saturday is the work Christmas party. Which is kind of a joke because I wasn't actually invited to the party even though I work here!!! So I'm going as my Mom's date. Haha, I'm going anyways, stupid heads! but I did find out that I have 80 hours of paid vacation that I didn't even know I had. Now when I take days off I'll actually get paid for them! Woo Hoo! Well, I guess I don't have anything else to write about. See ya'll on the flipside!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

At least it's almost Friday..right?

Howdy ya'll. I say ya'll a lot in real life. Is that weird? I mean I live in MN and have my whole life. I don't know anyone from the south or anyone that has an accent.. Yet I say ya'll.. figure that one out! So let's see what's been going on since Monday. Not a whole lot. It's just been snowing here...I'm hoping that the B/F and I can go ice skating, 2 years ago we bought ice skates and we haven't been able to go because its been so warm that most of the rinks close to us either didn't get flooded or were ponds. I have not been ice skating since I was a kid, I even took some lessons. I don't remember how many I took I only remember that I did. I can't remember if I liked it or not either. I just know that we used to go to the park down the block from my house and skate, it was always cold (obviously) and I always had figure skates and my ankles were wobbly... I'm not sure if I liked the skating but I know that I hated the ankles.. I wish that I could remember all the fun stuff I liked as a kid...
But the new skates, still in the box, are hockey skates so maybe I won't have the wobbly ankles I hated so much.. It will still be cold but this time I will have the B/F to hold on to me so I don't break my wrist or something, not that I would care so much if I did. Any reason to not come to work is OK with me.. Isn't that sad!
As far as projects, I don't have anything going on right now, mainly because its been snowing on all the days that I would be able to get out and pick stuff up. However, I am going to decorate some bell ornaments, I'm going to put names on them, since they are all sold out of the "pre-made" ones at the craft store. I mean I can write names on a bell, how freakin' hard is that? Note that if the next post I'm bitching about writing names on bells, it is indeed that hard! I'm pretty patient though, I can stick with something even if I'm having a hard time making it work or getting it figured out, a lot of times I'm "winging" it to some degree so that makes it a little harder, but at the same time makes it more fun. I like to have a plan for things, but sometimes with some things I'm OK with not knowing how it's going to turn out or how it's going to go.
It feels good to just let go and not think or worry. I think that's why I had so much fun at the hockey game last week. I laughed and had an awesome time, I didn't care that it was COLD and we wandered around St. Paul looking for the restaurant. I didn't work myself up about what was going to happen or what time we were leaving or when we couldn't figure out how the hell we were supposed to get into the parking ramp that our pass was for. It felt really good to just have fun!
Sometimes with stuff like that I freak myself out and get all full of anxiety and then feel like crap half the time I'm out so it makes it hard to even have a half way fun time. It hasn't been that bad in a long time, so that's good but it just sucks sometimes..Like you aren't really even in control of your own body. Its hard to explain but its just stupid.
Wow, I guess I had a lot of things to say today.. But on a totally different note yesterday when Mom and I went to lunch we got some cool icicle lights, they have a plastic icicle around the light and they change between white and blue AND they are LED lights, and they really don't get hot! I put them across the big window in the living room. We also got these ones that look like branches with lights on them.. And either today (if it isn't snowing) or this weekend I am going to do something that we have never done at my house put lights up OUTSIDE! On the only bush that we have. I'm going to do blue and green and here is why: a few weeks ago, the police department went on TV (some reason that I can't remember) but they asked people to include blue lights in their displays to support law enforcement and to remember those that have died so I thought "why the hell not" So I'll try and get some pics of that(when it happens). Hope ya'll enjoyed my ramblings!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ahh, I miss the weekend.

This weekend was a good one. Friday night we went to the hockey game. MN WILD vs St. Louis Blues. And I bet they were blue because they lost, in OT! It was such an awesome experience. I wasn't all that excited during the day but it I really was once we got into St. Paul and we were parking and stuff. We were so close and you could hear all the noises and people cheering. It was just so great. Then after the game we went to Great Waters Brewery. We had a voucher for some cheap beer so we each got a different one and I just tasted, I don't really like beer but my BIL and B/F do, and we had some food and it was yummy. It was cold that night and we had to walk a few blocks to get to the restaurant but we stopped at Rice Park and looked at the giant tree that is totally covered with lights, it was so pretty. It was just really great!!!!! Its all I've been talking about all weekend..And a little bit today :P
Saturday they were predicting a big snow storm, so Mom and I went shopping, I think that in MN when they are saying its going to snow 6-8 inches people feel the need to go out in it and drive around, doing exactly what they are telling you not to! It started snowing about 8:30 or 9:00 am and I didn't see a snow plow until later in the afternoon.. There were something like 800 accidents that day.
Sunday, B/F and I went to Wal-Mart which I was initially excited about but then, people drive stupid and act stupid and pretend that I don't exist and it pisses me off. So then I was just irritated with the whole thing. I don't really get Mad about anything, I just get irritated and then it just gets worse from there, until I have like 15 minutes of peace and then I am ok. But it was a needed trip, the B/F bought some winter boots! Pretty exciting shit around here. But we only got 5 inches of snow, and then on Sunday when Mom went out to shovel the driveway, which is really long and a lot of work, Brian the plow guy who saved our asses last year showed up and it took him about 5 minutes to do 3 hours worth of work. So that was cool that he remembered us! I hate shoveling and I usually don't have anything to do with it.
We took pictures at the hockey game but it was with my sister's camera so she has them all. I'll have to get them from her today when I do to babysit so I'll be able to post them tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ahh. Tuesday!

As promised I'm posting some pictures. Not very exciting, but just the stuff I've been up to lately. The one of the ornaments isn't the best because I was lazy and just laid them on the floor in the dining room.

And the other I took of myself in my fancy new hat that I made. I've thought about making some more and donating them. The pattern is so simple and they seem to be warm and not to hole-y to let wind through. Maybe some little kid would like one or something. The picture of Owen in the star is funny because he is inside but wearing the scarf that I made him. He was wearing it when I got there, and then it kept coming off and he didn't want to wear it but still wanted to carry it around. He's so funny.

I did start another hat, its dark green with lighter, brighter green stripes. Its going to be the celery hat I think.. Let's see, I guess nothing else is new or exciting. We are doing a Toys for Tots drive at work and I'm thinking about getting some toys for that. I just need to figure out what to buy. I don't want to get all little kid toys, but don't really know what to get for the older ones. I guess they don't get as much stuff for teens, most likely because the little kid toys all have ages on them, so its easier. I don't mind spending a little time looking around. Have a great day everybody!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Well, its been awhile since I've posted and there are many things that have contributed to this, none of which are my own doing. Work is stupid, and even when they are trying to do something good it usually turns to crap and results in someone not being able to do something.. That someone is me, and they were trying to give me a new computer...Well, they (the techs who get paid 3x what I do) didn't hook it up right so I wasn't able to log on to the network which meant to work.. That was find for the end of last week when I didn't have any work to do anyways..But this week I do, and now finally I am able to get things done. But enough about that stupid stuff.

Thanksgiving was fine, there was just 4 of us but it was fine. We managed to break another shredder somehow yesterday so I had to return the one that I bought 2 weeks ago, that was fun...I did a little shopping, but not on Friday.. I felt like I should just because the news was talking about it and slamming me with so much information, but I resisted and stayed home. I don't really remember anything that I did besides doing a little shopping on Saturday... Sunday I made some Christmas ornaments, one with Owen picture in it and one with Dagwood's.. Ohh, and I made a hat. I have pictures of all this but I really don't feel like getting the camera out and the USB and DLing them so maybe I will do it tomorrow..

This week is going to be fun! Because on Friday we are going to the WILD game, it will be a first for 2 of us. SO I hope they win and that its a good game. I'm going to record it so that I can see if we make it on TV! That would be cool! Other than that I don't have anything else going on this week, besides bowling..I think. I'm never sure when its my turn to bowl. I'm trying to slowly get my Christmas shopping done, I don't have very many to buy for so I never get stressed out or anything. I just have Owen and Mitch, the two little guys, Mom, Sister, BIL, B/F, and my uncle.. And I have some stuff for the little ones already, B/F got his hockey ticket so now its just the other peeps. The scary thing is that its only 4 weeks until Christmas! Where does the time go? It just seems to slip away, it seems like just a few days ago it was my birthday, and just a few days before that it was Owen's birthday..Those things happened months ago..
Well, I have some work to get done, so I hope that everyone had a great Turkey Day. I'll see ya'll later!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Just another day....

SO, I'm back at work after having a long weekend.. In which I was productive but I also caught a cold.. But first let me tell you all about my wonderful shredding experience. Thursday I went to my sister's and we made hand turkeys and then the B/F and I had McD's for dinner. Then I went home and started going through my junk and managed to get one drawer pretty much all cleaned out and shredded..And then I broke the shredded. I'm not sure how I did it but it no shreddy shred anymore. And I was feeling crappy anyways so I was OK with having to stop. Then Friday my Mom and I went shopping at Kohl's, we had coupons and they are always having a sale.. And later on I had to go buy a new shredded and run some errands and go back to Kohl's since everything we bought was on sale. Now I just want to start by saying that Kohl's is like 5-6 miles from my house. And I was at Wal-Mart so it was only like 2 miles from there. It took me 25 minutes just to get the the place where I had to turn.. They have the main road detoured onto this other road and traffic was all backed up, it was horrible and then when I was finally done 2 1/2 hours later, there was an accident.. but was the cop smart and call for some other coppers to direct traffic?? No way! So it really sucked, it should have taken me and hour to do all these errands and go all these places, not more than 2... But then later on I got a bunch more of my crap shredded and organized. I have folders all set up for different things and I put all those in a file cabinet that Mom bought a while ago and I've never had the desire to spend the time going through all this crap. I still have one drawer left but I did something that I thought was pretty smart. I grabbed some rubber bands and then I just went in the drawer and pulled out a handful of stuff and put the band around it and I made 5 bundles and I'm going to grab one each day and then BAM it will be all done.
Saturday B/F and I went to the Mall and I did some early Christmas shopping, even though I declared a few weekends ago that I was shopping online for everyone. That way I wouldn't have to deal with stupid heads. Then on Sunday I was very sleepy and I did laundry and slept on the couch in between. I did finally get up around 2pm and got in the shower. SO it was pretty uneventful, but that's Ok. I feel much better today, just a lingering cough and feeling dry, but it's really dry at work so I try to keep up on the water.
This week is a short week and I love that. I have some wacky hours this week since people are gone so tomorrow I get to come in late and stay late, and Weds I have to come in brite and early at 7, but then I'm going to try and leave early.. But then its Turkey Day and I love T.D. Maybe its all the preparing (which I don't have to do ALOT) or maybe its just because the house gets all warm and smells like turkey.. hmmmm..turkey day.. Its different now than it was when I was a kid, the entire family doesn't get together anymore, and Gram and Gramp aren't around and stuff like that but I still like it. Even though this year it will just be Me, Mom, Uncle, and B/F if he decides to show up. I guess I'm not sure why he doesn't want to stay with his family because this year his sister and her clan are not going out of town. This will be the first holiday that his nephew has spent with thier family)he's 2 1/2, they usually go out of town. But anyways. I could probably ramble all afternoon about misc crap. But I'm going to go eat lunch. 11 days until I get to see my MN WILD play. Whoo HOo.. Ya'll have a great munday (like mundane) :P

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is Thursday the new Friday??

No, probably not, but it would be nice if it was! Well, I guess I don't have anything exciting for today. Last night was bowling and it was OK, my arm started getting tired about the middle of the second game..The 1st and 3rd games weren't so bad, the 2nd I bowled an 88 EEK! But there are other leagues that bowl during the same time as ours and there is this lady who is constantly yelling "PICK IT UP GIRL" to her teammate..This particular alley has an upper part where you can sit and stuff like to watch and then a lower part where the people who are bowling sit.. well this chick, who has a terribly annoying voice, is up on the top part so her voice carries down to where I am..It drives me crazy!!! Ok, now that I've shared that..
I'm pretty proud of myself this week because I have been early to work 2 days! I'm still not caught up from Monday but I'm planning on getting it all done before I leave today. Later on I'm going over to my sister's to make a hand turkey with Owen because they will be gone over Thanksgiving. Last year we made a hand turkey and he was only 6 months old, so somehow my sister traced his hand.. This year I am anticipating that I will have to trace my hand a few times before he lets me do his..I am interested to see how much bigger his hand is than it was last year, they seem so itty bitty now, but I'm sure its huge compared to last year. But there will be two of us there so we should be able to, how you say "git-r-done"! We are also going to glitter snowflakes. I'm not sure what all is included in that but she asked and I said "sure".
Well, like I mentioned earlier in the week I am taking tomorrow off. I have high hopes for getting things done. I have a lot of old junk, like bills, pay stubs, info and miscellaneous crap like that.. I was never sure what to keep, how long to keep it and such so I just kept it all..And I'd really like to get it organized or at least have less of it, so I'm hoping that I can get some of that done. I'd also like to go over to the B/F's house and hang out with his nephew. He is older than Owen by about 9 months (and the only other small child I know) and it's fun to talk to him and see the words he can say and he likes to show off for me and acts "different" when I'm around. I'm not so sure what that means but that's what the B/F says..I don't really ever see him and I just think he's fun.
And I just want to say a big THANKS to Kim for telling me that I'm pretty :) And awwing over my nephew. And if you want to see more pics of him Kim you can hop on over to his mommy's blog. Let's see. I think that's all I have. I'm going to take some pics of the Adventures of the hand turkey.. I think I'm going to make my own this year..Maybe some funky paper and real feathers.. AND they have to have a googly eye..I love those things. So I hope that everyone has a great weekend.. And if you're looking for something to do, make a hand turkey!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

bathROOM with a view...

Huh? What's that? A bathroom with a view? you betcha!

OK, so the picture isn't that great but as you can see, its a picture of the street from an upper level window. Well, this is a picture I took in a bathroom stall.. Why the hell would you take a picture in the bathroom you ask? Because I thought it was very funny. I could have mooned the whole street! Now, I did not go into this windowed stall on purpose, it was just that when I went to the show on Friday I went into the bathroom and this girl (the only other one in there, with like 10-15 stalls) was running around trying to find one she liked or something I don't know she was probably wasted. I was not! But I went in and shut the door and then I realized that one side was all windows and thought it was very funny...So that's that.

And these are my Crocs! They are called "Mammoth" and they are lined with fuzzy stuff. They are hot, as you can see a little bit of ankle sticking out, because I am wearing no socks.. I could never wear socks with these.. I've had to take my feet out a few times to let them get some air.. They are an early Christmas present from my Mom. :)

I would have posted all this stuff yesterday but I was covering for the stupid-ass that I work with..He was "sick" whatever! I was pissed. I don't really get super mad about stuff.. I just don't for whatever reason. But it was a slow day and so then I wasn't as pissed, plus I decided that I was taking Friday off. haha, jack-ass! That is my little revenge. I mean I try not to talk to him or start any conversations with him because he drives me nuts, he knows everything (according to him) but really he knows nothing..He thinks that "irregardless" is a word...And that something can be "to inconclusive" ..I'm going to leave it at that..And he thinks that because he had a computer programming class like 20+ years ago- he knows everything about computers too.

I guess I had a good weekend. Friday we went to the show, we got in pretty much right away because we had tickets, and then we just hung out till the show started.. I was actually kind of bored, maybe I was tired or something I don't know but it wasn't a whole ton of fun. B/F is on the street team for this record labelthat was hosting the show so he handed out some flyers and stuff. He also snagged autographs from a bunch of people. But about 1AM I was all "I'm bored" so then we left. he was a little disappointed too. I'm glad that the tickets were only $16 and parking was $4. But I got a cool shirt. I like tour shirts. I guess I don't really have anything else and since I am a day behind at work (this is a time where I am actually busy) I should get back at it but here's a pic to make you say "awww" For some reason he was very still while I was taking pictures of us hanging out on the couch, and wouldn't smile for me. It's still cute.
So, see you all later. I'm off to earn my $$

Friday, November 9, 2007

Just try and stick to the schedule, OK!

3:00 pm, leave work, drive fast!

3:20 pm, Arrive home, do a drive by of autograph site. Not that many people!

3:25 pm, Call from B/F still at work. Wait for him!

3:30 pm, wait...brush the cat to pass the time..

3:40 pm, wait, check to see if I can see B/F down the road, nope..

3:45 pm, Yippee he's here..

3:50 pm, Can we leave, I mean I'm ready to go.. We leave..Finally!

4:00 pm, We made it (2 miles) drive around gas station parking lot..3 times.. park!

4:05 pm, inside the store, call D from work to tell him it's filling up fast..Get kicked out of store with like 50-60 other people...

4-5 pm, wait around and make small talk with other weirdos waiting in line..

5-5:13 pm, get in get autograph, get to car! All done..

But at this time I see that I am pretty much blocked in by 8 other cars.. but I have a pretty small car so I'm thinking that I'm going to have to "Austin Power's it" which is a term I use because there is that point in the movie where he is trying to turn the cart around in the hallway and he's gotta go back an forth a million times. But luckily the guy that was parked in front of me was awesome and pulled out so that I could move. Then I went home and had a burrito.. Very fulfilling day! Here are some pictures!!
So these are my things from last night. I bought the sign, because it was really the only thing that I could find that seemed autograph appropriate..Meaning that it won't bleed or get washed or anything else. it just gets hung up on the wall. The B/F thinks that we should start going to more of these signing and get it all signed up, I thought that seemed like a cool idea.. The first one is me trying to take the picture and the cat (who is sure she's the center of the universe) because she wouldn't get out of the way.. Then one with out the cat and then one close up. That's a pretty big rip of a signature if you ask me. But what do I know?
Well, this weekend I don't have a lot going on but tonight the B/F and I are going to a concert at First Avenue. We are going to see Atmosphere and some other semi-local guys. Its your typical night club I guess.. So I'm looking forward to it since we haven't been to a show in a few months. We used to go ALL the time, big waste of $$ if you ask me. But it doesn't start until 9pm and that's usually about the time I start getting ready for bed, so I'm going to have to get a nap in b4 we go. I think I'm going to bring my camera though so maybe I'll have some awesome pictures on Mon..or when ever I get around to posting them. Then Saturday Mom and I are going shopping for Crocs...I don't have a pair, she has 2 pair, my sister has a pr and even little Owen has a pair..So will the BIL, provided we can find the right size..I'm thinking I will wear them to work :) Well, this post has taken me about 4 shifts to write and its getting close to go time so hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just act like it doesn't matter...OK

Ok, so here I am. Yesterday before I went to lunch I was hard at work on writing a great raging post about work. Well, we went to lunch and then I didn't have time to post it. So, I just deleted it and I am replacing it with something else, which is this post. I can't guarantee that it won't end up being the same but I'm pretty sure that it won't be. Today I have something to be excited about, today after work one of the WILD players is going to be at the Holiday gas station a few miles from my house. And the B/F and I are going to go and try to get his autograph. I even got these signs that say "Reserved Parking" Wild fans only.. Its kind of dumb but for an autograph it will be cool, since it isn't fabric or wood the ink won't bleed or anything. This was the closest thing I could find to a poster. I don't really get "excited" about stuff but I like this kind of stuff. When you meet these people, you see that they are just normal people. I've met a lot of people actually, maybe not super cool or well known people but still cool. I could name them all off but I think it would only be interesting to me. I'm bummed though because you are not allowed to take pictures, this guy Derek Boogaard is 6'7" and I'm 5'2" (with shoes) so that would be the coolest pick. I'd be like eye level with his.... chest! or maybe his belly button..I'm gonna bring my camera anyways. I could take pictures of all the people that will be there. I'm not sure if it has been heavily advertised or not, I haven't seen it anywhere other than the web-site. I'm even leaving work early and skipping my babysitting job to go. I think I'll be sad if we don't get to meet him. He is kind of cute, so that would just add to the sadness..
I guess yesterday I was just so irritated with work, and I just want more for myself than being here. Not that its a terrible place to work and I know that I'd miss a few people, but it's just not what I had pictured for myself. My goal when I went back to school was to graduate and find something where I was using my degree. I don't think that is an unreasonable goal or desire. To want to use that degree that I worked for and paid (am paying) for. All this irritation and job confusion was compounded by my so called boss approaching me while I was on the floor in the shred room (of all places) to ask me if I was interested in a full-time, hired on position..To which I responded...After a short pause. "no, not really"..And maybe I screwed myself and maybe it was what I needed to get my ass in gear and find a different job.... Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Like totally tuesday! Dude!

Hoo-ray its Toos-day! Well, just to let you all know whats going on here.. Its a whopping 32 degrees, Wind Chill is 20 degrees. It was like 60 4 days ago! Here's me being so jealous of the Cali girls! I was just telling my Mom that I should have stayed in bed today because I am cold! This weekend was nice, Saturday was pretty nice out and Sunday started out nice but then it got cloudy and started to cool off, but the party was nice. Good food and family, so it was nice. Wow, I am really boring today. I mean really, that's all I have.. So sorry. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I will have something better....

Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm so glad its Friday...

Well, I'm sure that most working people of the world are also glad that today is Friday. Halloween was basically a bore. We had 0 kids come trick or treating.. And we even had the lights on this year. In past years no one has been home or no one was home until later. We must not have any kidlets around. I'm ok with that I guess.. but sometimes I like to see the costumes and such. Our fundraiser went pretty well, when I left work on Weds we had made $40 (thats kind of alot for the small amount of ppl that were here on Weds) and we collected some clothing. So I guess that part of the day wasn't a bust. I guess I really have nothing for today..I'm pretty boring. This weekend is supposed to be nice around here which is good because we are celebrating birthdays on Sunday, for my Sister and BIL. But then after that is is supposed to
s-n-o-w (pretend that I'm spelling it out) because Mom wouldn't like it if I was "saying" it. She no likey the snow! As for tomorrow I don't know what I'm going to do..
I have so many projects that I would like to make right now.. I'm working on two scarves, and I just started some boottie things for Owen.. And there are like 3 other things that I want to make. I think that I need to just start something and finish it before I move on to something else, other wise I get to the point where I have all these things going on and nothing gets done.. I'm guessing that when it gets colder out and I can't putz around outside then I will be able to get some things done (I hope). Now that I'm thinking about it maybe there are more things than that, argg! I'm just not going to think about it. And I'm feeling stupid because it was just Halloween and my almost favorite holiday is coming up which is Thanksgiving and I'm thinking about Christmas. Not like really thinking about it but just trying to see what's out there. I like Christmas, but its alot of work and it can be stressful. I try not to let it be, then it is no fun. Well, I think that I'm going to get back to "work". Which means that I'm going to sit around and try to look busy for an hour and a 1/2 until lunch! Ya'll have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So, what's your costume?? When I was younger, I used to dress up as something we called an "invisible pedestrian" which meant you wore all black.. I mean really how safe is that? Running around in the dark, wearing all black.. no lights or anything. I guess I'm lucky that my mom taught me to stay out of the road.. For today I have no costume, I'm dressed as me. I was going to braid my hair and wear my witch hat but I didn't. I made Halloween cupcakes though, they have orange frosting and they have, spider, bats, tombstones, sprinkles.. all kinds of stuff. At work today we are having a fundraiser party collecting clothes for a men's shelter and selling chili and Halloween cupcakes.
Hmm, I guess its been awhile since I posted last so I'll do a re-cap. This weekend was very busy. I love having fun things to do on the weekends but it seemed to be non stop last weekend.. Friday night was pretty boring, B/F was helping his friend move and it ended up being an all day and night thing, which he hadn't really planned on, but he isn't the kind to just skip out on helping if there is no one else. So then Saturday before the bowl-a-thon, Mom and I went to Michael's and then to the grocery store, where I was invisible (but not dressed up like one) and almost got run over a bunch of times, stupid people! Then my sister called and wanted to know what we were up to and then she and Owen came over and we all played outside basically until it was time for Mom and I to leave for the bowl-a-thon at 5 pm. We had to drive to Eden Prairie (a long ass ways a way) and I fell asleep before we even got over by our work, which is like 15 minutes away. I can't stay awake in the car, plus I was tired! So, then we got there and we bowled and I had a 189 and a 148 games! That is better than what I bowl on Weds! But the most coolest thing is that they had a silent auction and some of the stuff was cool. But they had WILD tickets and I was so excited. Because I love <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_5">whoo hoo! I was so excited. Mom bid on and won some stuff that was travel themed, its was a model car, 2 DVD box sets and 2 magnetic travel games. It was really fun but it was a long day. Sunday B/F and I went to the Mall of America and that was fun but I was tired and its such a huge place but they were having a "Canstruction" contest, teams were building sculptures out of cans of food and then afterwards all the food was being donated to a food shelf. I have pics of that but they are on B/F's cell because I didn't want to bring the camera with me. SO I'll post those when ever I get around to putting them on the laptop. So I guess thats all I have..I can't really think of anything else exciting.. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Something to dye for!

Holy crap- Lady L over (not "Lady Lover") at Monster Crochet posted about using Kool-Aid to dye yarn (animal fiber only) and I have to try in. In my quest to add as many things as possible to my "I did that" list. I just have to do it. I'm excited about too, and the fact that I could come away with green hands (or face) makes it that much more attractive to me. SO after work I will try to find some Fisherman's Wool (and use a damn coupon on it, because I'm a cheap ass) and I actually LOVE Kool-Aid but I couldn't use up my drinking stash at home so I'll have to get some. Then I'll have a whole shit load of yarn that I probably won't do anything with but I'll be able to say that I did it..So if any of you know anyone who wants some hand dyed wool yarn, you just send them my way :) Well, I should get back to work, unless I can find some other way to waste 22 minutes until yarn shopping time (yippee) which I'm sure I'll have no problem doing. Ya'll have a good day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bowling fool? No just foolish bowling..

Hah, I came up with something sort of witty for my title today. Go me! Well, In case anyone cares the ball is cleaned and the nails are clipped. So I am ready to bowl, maybe I'll put my game face on, get myself pumped up to kick some ass. This week I would like to bowl all 3 games over my average (which is 116, it went up 2 pins last week with my two good games) so that it will go up a bit. However, I did forget the bowling ball in the car last night and then remembered it. And the nails didn't get clipped until this morning but thats because I really didn't want to do it last night and I had some "extra" time this morning. I say "extra" because I am supposed to be at work at 9am. On a good day when I am not totally behind I leave my house at 9. I am lucky that it only takes me 15 minutes to get here. But today it was 5 minutes to 8 when I got in the shower. This means that I am a whole 10-15 minutes ahead of "schedule" (awesome). I usually end up putzing or getting sucked into TV while I'm eating my toast and end up behind anyways. But today, if I hadn't clipped I would have been almost early. I consider getting here at 9:15am early.. As of lately its been like 9:30 or (don't tell) 9:45 when I get here. And I have a blister update, in case you were all just dying to know- it popped, or peed maybe. All on its own! And I'm pretty proud of myself because I'm kind of a messer- not so much a picker but just messing with it. I was just telling Mom last night that pretty much every time I've looked at this past week I wanted to pop it! But somehow it popped and I didn't even know it until I looked down and it was ooozing! It was a little gross, so I'll shut up now. Lets see projects, I don't have many (for once) I made Owen a scarf, which I find hilarious because he's only 17 months old, but its cute and I'm going to make him a matching hat, but I need to get some measurements first, and since he's only 17 mo old, these will be estimates using tools like my hands or saying something like "its about the size of -insert some toy or cup thats around" But hats are super fast and if its to big, he will grow and if its to small-its will stretch out. I'm not really concerned. I am also working on a fleece scarf for myself that has "secret" pockets in it. Its two layers and you leave it open in one spot so that you can put your hands in it. I love scarves, I have made myself lots of scarves, it really is amazing how warm they can keep you. It really keeps in the heat. I love making them and I wish that I could sell them to ppl (kind of like all the things I make) they are so simple and I love them, and I love hats I have tons of those too, ones I've made and that I have bought.. I like to have a new one (or two) every winter.. Maybe this year I will work on using up my fleece. I know that a local food shelf (they do other stuff too) are looking for hats and stuff to give to kids, and I would like to make some stuff for them, I mean if I can't sell the stuff I might as well donate it and at least someone will be thankful to have it. It really isn't about the $$ I could make anyways, its about the fact that I like to make stuff and see it get used or enjoyed. It gets kind of hard to make stuff when I have a bunch of it sitting around the house..Well, I'm off to go google the California fires, there are two bloggers that I know live somewhere in California (not sure of the areas) Kim and Lady L, so I hope that you guys are both far away from there!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here is a link- and just some words..
So today is Tuesday, nail clippin' and ball cleaning day. WHoo hoo. Both of which I do every week but forget until 10pm that they need to be done. So in case anyone wants to know, my huge blister is less huge but still bigger that I'd like it to be..But it doesn't hurt so thats good..right? Well, so far I've collected $20 for my bowling team, I'm thinking that I might bring it with me to the bowling alley tomorrow and work it..I mean the worst thing that will happen will be people telling me to "F" off. I'm ok with that. Let's see.. I could give a weekend re-cap but it wasn't a very fun, it was pretty depressing so I don't feel like blogging about it. Maybe I'll post some pics tomorrow.. I have to go now :P

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blog #2 Pledgebank

So, I'm doing this Bowl-a-thon thing for Crisis Connection on the 27th and I found this cool website And for the bowling team we need to raise money, and I'm going to hit up people at work but I put a pledge on Pledge Bank to see if other people will donate money. Its just kind of neat, there are other things that aren't about money too. Check it out if you have a chance..

Plunk your magic twanger Froggy!

Ok, so I find this totally funny. Apparently they used to say it on a show my Mom watched when she was a kid. Ok, so let me tell you's..Blah. Yesterday was Weds. and the day before that was Tues. (like you didn't know that, I know) but Weds is bowling night (even notice that bowl is "blow" with the letter rearranged?) So Tues night is filled with ritual type things that need to be done B4 Weds. I have to make sure I clean my bowling ball (yes, I clean it) and then I have to make sure that my nails are clipped so that I don't break any (which usually happens anyways) and that I have all this stuff in a place where I won't forget to bring it with me to work. Well, yesterday I was all set to leave work and then have some time to waste before bowling to go to JoAnn's and buy crafting junk that I'm positive I NEED but that I probably don't. So then I'm working and its like 2:30pm and I burn myself (Silent scream and jumping up and down, then silent swearing) Now let me tell you, I work with HOT glue..which is like cold glue but its M-Fing HOT! So now I have a hu-mong-o (who knows how to spell that??) blister and one little on right on my knuckle. So then I was like well maybe I won't bowl because its on a vital bowling finger..but then I remember that my team is weird and if I wouldn't have gone we would have had to forfeit and I didn't want that, we're already in last place. But on the up side, I had 2 really great games 147 and 169 those are my best two games all season. The first game I didn't even break 100, which sucks because I could have raised my average a little..but oh well.. So then this morning I had to basically use one hand while I was taking a shower, and I'm a putz in the shower anyways because it helps get rid of all my various aches and pains.. So I was behind to begin with and then B/F calls me at like 9 or a little b4 and I just sat around and talked to him, I didn't really want to come to work anyways so that just made it worse..So, since I didn't get here till 9:45 it makes the time go really fast, hell it's almost lunch time.. haha. I probably wouldn't be able to work some where that I had to be there on time and actually had more than 10 minutes worth of work to do. Here I'm so spoiled, technically I have a boss, but he's all the way up in the office and I'm out in the plant..he's not going to come back here to see if I get to work on time (again making it worse). I should only get like 30 minutes for lunch and it takes me that long to get around to eating my lunch..And if my sister and the baby come then its like I could never go back! And if I want a day off or hours off (which I DO NOT get paid for) I just say to the guy I work with "I'm leaving early" or something similar..So I complain but I'm spoiled. Its most likely because I find this place very unfufilling, I like the people and the work is OK but I'm educated and I should be doing more than this.. I guess I could spend another hours rambling about crap but I won't. And today is one of the few days that I have like 30 minutes worth of work.. So. ya'll have a great Thursday and maybe someone will see the sun and report back to me (Kim, I'm sure you always see the sun, lucky duck) I have sun envy...wah, wah, wahhh

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day!

Well, if you didn't know, now you know! Today is Blog Action Day. Today people are supposed to blog about the environment. In which ever way they want. If you want more info you can go to and register your blog (so they know about how many ppl are choosing to blog about the environment today). Here 's what I'm going to talk about. Something I'm pretty into, RECYCLING! I think that is such a cool thing. I try to recycle anything they will let me throw in the bin. We even recycle our shredded stuff, you just put it in a paper bag and close it up and they take it.. woo hoo. Not much work there! The cans and stuff go to the church, they use them as a way to make $$. This day was not something that I even knew about until I was reading the paper at lunch today and it was on the front of the paper.. SO I read the article and I thought "why not" so here I am. I encourage my readers (all 3 of you, 2 with blogs) to put a little something on your blog about the environment. There are SO many resources out there to help you determine what and how to recycle in you area. Most of the time this will be on a county's main web page. I know that is how it's set up on my county's web site. I only have a short time to blog but I wanted to just do something.. Thanks for reading and if you decide to participate, the earth thanks you!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

At least it's Thursday..right?

Ohh, I'm excited because I got my car back this morning.. It looks so great, like nothing ever happened to it. What I did was just get what I could fixed for the amount I got from the insurance co. So it's still got 4-5 dents but all the majors are fixed and pretty!! I'm really lucky that the B/F is just down the street and willing to let me borrow his truck but I'm glad to have my car back, but I was used to where the turn signal thing was in his truck. So, I'm glad that its all done and over with.
Let's see, I haven't had a garden update in a really long time.. After the hail I was pretty sure that my bean plants were goners but they weren't they recovered and produced many a yummy bean. On Tuesday I went out and picked 91 beans, that is the most this year.. I took a pic of them all but forgot my camera so I'll have to post it tomorrow. In addition to the 91 I picked there were 3 bags, plus I have given 2 bags to B/F's mom, she loves them. And I gave a bag to his sister. So we have plenty of beans for a while. My pumpkin survived the hail but I think that I planted it way to late, it got more babies on it and I was excited because I thought that they would turn into pumpkins, but they was just get yellow and die.. But its still growing out there. The peas were basically destroyed but it was kind of cool because some of the plant had pea pods on them and when the pod dried up the little peas inside there sprouted new plants.. I was really surprised. So, 1 out of 3 of the things I planted made it. SO next year I am not waiting until June to plant stuff...
On to sports junk, my hockey team the MN Wild won again last night, they are 3-0! So ya'll have a good day!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Weekend recap..

So, hope everyone had a good weekend.. It was hot here.. 87 on Saturday and then 80 or 85 or something on Sunday.. It should be like 60's. Well, my Mom and I did the Walk for Hope on Sat morning. It was pretty nice.. It stopped raining just in time for the walk and then sprinkled a little right when we were leaving. It sure was humid though. Hmm, I'm not sure how many people were there but it seemed like more than last year. Which is great because you have to pay and that's how they raise money.. I guess that's really all I did besides laundry and cleaning the house neither of which is exciting in any way. On the other side, this week I am having my hail damage fixed, so I'm with out a car..which sucks. I'm taking the B/F's truck to work since he is just down the street I walk down there and get it and then come to work. But I guess I will manage, it's only for 4 days (hopefully 3). On the up side, Mom is so busy that I got to drive her brand new vehicle to Michael's last night.. That was pretty cool. I even parked far away because I didn't know how easy it would be to park, but it was OK. I didn't mind being a little farther away anyways..Welp, I was just trying to kill 15 minutes before I leave work, so I hope everyone's having a good week so far.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Finally, Friday!

Well, it's somewhat of a miracle because today I didn't forget anything. I remembered to let the dog out, to put up the second baby gate, I brought my lunch (which I forgot on Tuesday or was is Wednesday..?), the camera AND USB cable, my MP3 player and cable and headphones.. So far its a pretty good day for me.. Plus my Hockey team won.. SO that's pretty darn cool.
Before I post some pictures I just have one question...why don't people turn on their headlights when its raining and dark out?? I mean really! So here is the circle blanket that I made for Dag It's green, purple, and blue with a purple fringe, which is more like a bunch of fingers..But that doesn't really matter...

This cool thing is my felted skull, the first one is the before the size difference isn't that much but it isn't as floppy after felting..well it isn't floppy at all its pretty cool I think.. I might try making a smaller one. This one is done with 2 strands held together and a huge hook.. I might try using some sport weight and a small hook..Then I could like hang it in my car.. I have a thing with skulls... But anyways...
Check out this beauty! Its a giant gross spider that they found at work. It has taken up residence under the ledge of the shelf. The picture isn't that good because I wasn't getting "right up on it" as a co-worker suggested that I do to get a good picture..Yuck! Well ya'll remember the "eye of the pizza"? Well, it happened again..It was totally weird. And tomorrow my Mom and I are going to do the Walk for Hope. This will be the second year, we've had some really odd weather here, last week and this week its been rainy, and today its going to rain all day. But tomorrow its going to be 85, so who knows what is really going to be, up until yesterday it was going to rain Sat. So I hope that it goes well and that the weather is nice in the morning at least. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yippee!! Hockey!! How I've longed for your return!

So, here's the life=not so exciting.. There isn't a whole lot to write about.. This week at my house it's like animal junction..or half the arc. We have our "resident" cat, Dagwood (confined to one side of the house) and Lud (my sister and BIL's greyhound. Individually all three of these animals are wonderful (well, our cat is kind of a pain..well, a big pain sometimes...) But together they are just a lot of work...The resident cat has the opposite side of the house as Dag, she has my room, the spare room. hallways and the bathroom. Lud is the luckiest of them all he gets the living room, dining room, kitchen, and the breezeway.. Plus, the outside.. But its just a bunch of baby gates to keep them all separated..However, Dag is a little climber those baby gates are just an invitation for him to climb, or jump over them by getting on the desk..I guess when you only weigh 6 lbs these things are a lot easier (jumping and climbing). Plus, our cat is mean and she isn't warming up to Dag, but with the dog being there it makes it harder to try and get them to be friends.. On the other side of this, Dags tumor in his mouth is getting bigger.. It makes me very sad to know that one day it will kill him..I guess I try not to think about it.. Even though I find myself thinking about it when I go in there to see him. But I'm working on a little round "blanket" or thing for him to sleep on..I'm hoping to finish it today ..I'll take some pics and maybe I can remember to post them tomorrow. The other thing that I've done is made a felted skull. Its a pattern that I got off of the Lionbrand website.. I like skulls so I saw it had to make it.. Its pink.. What else...hmmm.. There really isn't much else. BUT- The 2007-2008 hockey season started last night and tonight my lovely MN Wild play and I'm so excited.. So here is the thing, the blond is SO cute, how could you not want to watch him?? I mean really..He's cute.. He's Mikko Koivu (me-ko koi (like the fish)- vu) He's from Finland.. Anyways, the dark guy He's Derek Boogaard..The "Boogieman" he's what they call an enforcer.. He's the guy that will kick your ass! He's 6"7'. 258 lbs.. I'm like 5"2' He's pretty cute too, just not that much in the picture. Derek and his brother hosted a Hockey fight camp this summer, and it made news of the weird even.. He is from Canada.. He doesn't play all the time, since the ass kicking is hard work.. but I hope they win.. GO WILD!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ohh, 13!

So its been 13 days since my last post, on the 13th..Weird.. So let's see. Unfortunately there isn't really that much to tell.. But I do have one story. On the 14th B/F and I went to a Twins game after work.. I left home at noon and didn't come home until 10:30pm and Dagwood (the cat) was gone. I called and called and was so scared that something happened to him.. We called vets and shelters and the humane society and nothing.. Plus, he needed his medication, turns out that he has a thyroid problem..did I mention that already.Oh well, so anyways..turns out that the whole time (9 days!) he was being held captive across the street.. I felt so bad the whole time because if I would have been home he never would have wondered off... And I it was fairly nice out while he was gone and on Sunday morning it was nice out and I was out feeling sad because he wasn't out there with me, like I was used to.. And then an hour later he was running through the yard.. I couldn't even believe it. We hadn't put any of his stuff away..the little bed, the food bowl, the Twins hat that he uses for food.. it was all still out there.. So now he is in the house, safe and sound getting his meds and being lazy, like he should be..The only thing is that our cat is mean- she hardly likes people..And next week we are dog sitting for my Sister and BIL (the cat and the dog don't get along) maybe Lud (the dog) and Dagwood will be pals (please, please, let them be pals!!) Tonite is bowling nite and I did pretty good last week, I mean not like 200's or anything but I raised my average so that's always good. So I guess that's all I have..Any cat integration knowledge would be awesome...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

5 Things people don't know about me...

So, I've been tagged. I'm excited because I've never been tagged before.I have to think about it for a minute...
1. I wish that I wasn't working here, and that I was doing something with my college degree... (this is sort of well known to some... but I'm puttin; it down)
2. I have an unnatural love for my flash drive..Its pretty blue light is blinking at me now, telling me thank you for saving loads of info and songs and programs on it and making if feel used! :P
3. I hate driving in the rain at night, and snow storms...
4. I always have my toenails painted, even in the winter..Because there is little difference in color between my nails and my toes so it looks totally creepy, like I don't have nails at all.. eeew!
5.I forget things alot. I have to make lots of lists and then I still forget things...
Well, that took me a while to write.. I'm glad it was only 5 and not more! I guess thats all I'm going to do for now. Ya'll have a nice nite

Friday, September 7, 2007

Bitchin' Friday

Well, I'm going to go against my policy of not using this blog as a "bitchin' post" but today I'm going to mainly because I have a few things to bitch about.
1. Why can't people use turn signals? Its it so hard to flip it on and flip it off? I mean its harder to make a call on a cell phone (which might be the reason for not using it in the first place) but really-
2. Stupid co-workers. This general category encompasses a number of common co- worker types. The "ass", this person is just an ass, not really mean, but just an ass. Like a 6th grader.. Most of these are specific to my own work place but could be stretched out to others as well.. The "little buddy" Gilligan, need I say more? Anyone else have one of these? "Turbo" a fat lesbo who does nothing but feels entitled to anything and everything.. The "little buddy" and the "turbo" get along pretty well but not with others.
OK, I think I'm done with that for now.. I guess I don't really have anything else.. Mainly because there is nothing going on. B/F and I are going promoting this weekend..I can't remember if I brought that up before but he is on a street team for a local record label and they have a new release coming out so we are going to go out and put up posters and flyers and take pictures and stuff, he's on the team and I'm not but I feel like I am, but it is kind of fun.. SO, ya'll have a nice weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hey, one day closer to Friday..

Yippee skippy its Thursday! Not really to much excitement there..But that means tomorrow is Friday and we aren't working this weekend.. SO that means I don't have to work and that makes me happy! Well, here is that pretty white mushroom..Now its brown and weird looking. On the outside its brown and the inside of it looks like foam- the kind for cushions..but its green. I love living somewhere old- We have all kinds of crap like that- We have bugs and butterflies and we have lots of trees and we have frogs and toads and rabbit (evil) and lots of birds. I think it would be hard for me to live somewhere with out trees, the other stuff I could live with out.. Well, my bowling experience was OK.. B/F and I went on Sunday, but it was cosmic bowling, which is fun but not so much for practice ya know.. but I'm not sore this morning, which is always a good thing..But here are my scores, and I'll tell you now- they are not that good.. Game 1: 95 (BOO) Game 2: 100 (my goal is to always at least break 100, I count this as breaking 100) Game 3: 132 (this I'm ok with) I really came back in that 3rd game. By those scores would you believe that I have bowled a 215. I did and a lot of other people saw it.. That game was awesome.. That was before I had my own ball and I was using a shitty house ball.. Figure that one out.. maybe next summer I'll take some lessons or something.. Oh well. Its just for fun and my team-mates don't have make me feel bad for sucking! Ahh, bowling. I really do love it, I like it more if I was a little better at it.. but maybe I'll fix that this year..

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let's try this again..

Well, blogger must have a hair up its ass today! This is the second post for this morning.. Just about 10 minutes ago I had a nice post all written out and I wanted to add a picture of this mushroom in my yard but NOOOO! It was being a pain in the ass. Not letting my save or spellcheck or add my picture. So anyways, two Saturdays ago we were doing yard work and I saw this big thing and I got excited, its about the size of a volleyball, though you can't really tell in this picture. It isn't white anymore either, its now brown and looks like it might split open..I really wanted to just give it a good kick but now that it's brown and dried up I'm pretty sure that would be a mistake, unless I wanted to release a cloud of spores into the world, and I really don't.. So moving on, its been a long time since I posted last and its because I've been working, we are stretched pretty thin around here so I've been covering the day shift cos the other guy was on vacation and the other girl is prego and has deemed herself "useless" which is a load of crap! But on Friday the 31st B/F and I went to a Twins game, it was great for a number of reasons.. The tickets were free, the seats were the best we've had, the Twins won the game, I had ice cream and a pretzel (both yummy), parking was only $5 (thats a good price).. And it was a nice night so it was really great. I had been up since 5:30 am and had only a 15 minute snooze before all the action so I was REALLY tired that night but it was really a lot of fun. But really nothing else has been going on.. I know you're all disappointed to hear that, but you'll be ok. Besides, how do you think I feel? But bowling starts tonight, and I'm sure that I'll have a hard time getting out of bed tomorrow. We went on Sunday, just to make sure I could still lift the ball..And now I'm sore.. It funny how you kind of forget about all the muscles you have until they hurt... Well, I hear a lot of stupid things at work.. mainly because some of the people around here are stupid. So yesterday I overheard a converstaion about the bones in the body.. it went something like this..
Stupid guy "well, how many bones are there?"
Stupid girl "well, I'm not sure but I think its like 500 something"
Me "are you kidding me" runs to co-worker and says .. "aren't there like 200 some bones in the body?"
co-worker "yea there's 206"
The stupid girl is fat so maybe she thinks she has extra bones in there holding the fat together..Well, thats all I have for today, I'll have to take a pic of the mushroom now thats its brown. Kepp it real!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Yeah, so its Friday?

So, its Friday.. And lemme tell you nothing beats spending it at work.. Right? I know you all know what I'm talking about.. Its the first day in like a week that it hasn't rained pretty much all day.. And here I am. But I had the Insurance people out this am (because I didn't have to come to work till later) and according to them there is $3500 in damage to my little car..SO now I just have to figure out what to do with it.. And I could be playing Yahoo games right now but I thought that I would update all you lovelies on what's been going on... And I'm sorry to say but that's all. Tomorrow is my darling Mom's birthday, she will be "29" because she never gets any older than that.. I was going to go all out and post a big to-do on here, but She probably won't read the blog until like 2 weeks from now.. SO I'll just go with HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!
We're going out to eat and stuff tomorrow so that's cool. Plus, its one more weekend that I don't have to work. WOOHOO! I guess I don't really have anything else to ramble about- I mean I'm sure I could but its not really worth it. So, I hope everyone has a good weekend, and be safe!

Monday, August 20, 2007

The big 6-0!

Go me, 60 posts, whoo hoo.. Well. Let's see what kind of mind candy I can come up with today. Probably only coming up with something to call it.. So, I filed a claim for my car- maybe I should try and take some pics of it during lunch. Anyways, why is it that all these companies don't have people that I can easily understand- I'm not talking people from out of the country, I'm talking these people from the south. Fast talkers with an accent.. Bah- talk a little slower- sheesh. I'm from the Midwest, we only talk fast when there is something going on or we gotta go! So I have such a boring life. All I did this weekend was worked, did laundry, and bought more school supplies. But seriously, the deals I found were so good that I had to buy them, I mean I just couldn't pass them up.. I saved a total of $14.42 at Walgreen's, they are so overpriced anyways but seriously- I didn't buy a whole ton of stuff but saved a ton. SO here is what I got. And I thought that I would be done buying stuff, because I do have a whole lot. And I've only spent $41.
So, Mom wanted her foot in the pic and so I decided that it would be funny. She only has 4 painted nails! But in this picture are: 4 Compasses, 4 protractors (that are flexible, so cool), 4 more packs of pencils, 5 boxes of Crayola markers (that cost 25 cents each), 3 more packs of pens, 6 packs of high lighters, 6 prs of scissors, and 5 packs (15 total) pink pearl erasers (also 25 cents each). There was more stuff that I wanted but they were out of it all because the price was only 1 cent. And why don't they have a cent key on the computer? So, I've got a whole lotta stuff. If I can find the 1 cent stuff, I'd buy a bunch of that too. The kicker is that I went to the store 1 hour and 15 minutes after they opened, there had to be people waiting to get in or something! SO I guess that's really all I have for today. Ohh my MN Twins were awesome yesterday. Santana had 17 strikeouts, that was a new club record! Well, if I can get some pics of my car during lunch I'll be back to post them- Ya'll have a good day now, ya'hear!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well, So I didn't get right back to the blog this week, but lucky for me I get to work today and so I figured I could squeeze it in. I hate working Sat. but it's raining out and so, its not like I could be working on my tan or anything. So its ok. I'm not getting paid overtime, because I took part of Thursday off to get some estimates on my car. One was $3,902.86, second one was $1200.00, and the third one was $2700. So who knows, I did stop at the CU and pay off my car load though. Like two years early. But anyways. This whole car thing has just been the center of my whole week. And its just so draining. Blah. But I think that now I have it mostly under control. I have to call and make a claim on Monday, and then hopefully after that it will be mostly done and over with.. On to some pictures..

Well, last Sat night, I was on my way to Target or Wally's or somewhere and there were storms somewhere and I saw these cool clouds and my mom said, oh that would be cool with a brown filter (we do have a camera that uses filters) but the digital doesn't but it has the sepia, so I took some with that and they did turn out kind of cool, minus the power lines! And that darn cat. He caught a mouse last night sometime, and left it on the patio for us to see. But he is so tiny that this pic makes him look so funny. I wish that his ears weren't cut off, but I still like it..
Now on to something different. This week and next week we are having a school supply drive at my work. Well, I have a weakness for pens, pencils, crayons..etc so I've been doing a ton of shopping...I gave myself a budget of $50 to spend on school supplies. All of these supplies are going to a local place that is a food shelf and so much more. During the back to school season, they fill backpacks with supplies for kids. They need everything and they try to fill the supply list provided by the school. So this is a pic of all the stuff that I've bought so far. Except for 2 of the backpacks Mom bought those. We also had a Strawberry Shortcake sale, to raise money to give them. And who does Blogger like to make me mad. All I want is to put in my pictures.. And its not letting me...grrrr..

Well,in case you are wondering how much stuff is actually in that picture here is a list. 4 backpacks, 4 rulers, 14 glue sticks, 10 boxes of crayons, 6 boxes of pens, 3 boxes of pencils, 6 boxes of colored pencils, 6 bottles of glue, 35 notebooks and 40 folders..I think that's all. And the kickers is that I have only spent like 28 dollars, its under $30 for sure. That still leaves me with $20 to spend. But I got some really good deals on pretty much everything.
These pictures I took in front of the yard light in my driveway. I just though my shadow looked weird because its one of those security lights with the 2 bulbs so its like a double shadow.. SO anyways.. Maybe I'll try and take some pics of my car.. So I hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What the HAIL! damn...

Ok, seriously, what the's my proof!

These pictures are from my house, we got hit with a hail storm, notice the LARGE, Freakin' hail.. Well, we need a new roof, and I have hail damage on my little car-The first pic is in my back yard, its it a PILE of hail under the valley of the roof. It was like 2 feet deep- and it was cold! It was golf ball sized. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life. It started out small, pea sized and just kept getting bigger and bigger.. Now I am faced with the challenges of getting my car fixed.. and I've never had to deal with something like this before, so its kind of hard. I just feel like I don't know what to do.. B/F's truck and his mom and dad's cars are all dented up also. Its just the craziest thing. I live a pretty smooth uneventful life for the most part, and I'm still just trying to ignore it all! I took some cool storm pictures a few days before all this crap, I will post them tomorrow. Our gardens are practically destroyed, but I'm hoping they come around. I can't bring myself to go look at the pumpkin again, but maybe tonight I will, it has a lot of broken leaves, but the main stem and everything looks pretty good..Well, that's all I have for today, or for now..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's the eye of the...

PIZZA? Insert eye of the tiger song here. Eye of the pizza, its the thrill of the bite. Thats all I could come up with. Mainly because I don't know all the words to the song..As the last seeing mushroom stalks his prey in the night, rising up to the challenge of other toppings..I think I'm so funny..

Ok, so this is a mushroom..Let me tell you the story. Friday night B/F and I ordered a pizza. Its a Philly Steak pizza and it has green peppers, onions, mushrooms and steak on it.. with some kind of white sauce or something, anyways, minus the mushrooms, and the onions I can see, its good. Well, I opened the box and this was looking at me, and I laughed and said "You have to come look at this mushroom". And I thought it was so funny. And I even kept it..Its in a ziploc in my fridge..staring at me when I go in the fridge...Even looking at it now, I'm laughing. Its so creepy looking...Moving on! Here is my daisy. Now, this is a gerbera daisy that we bought 2 or 3 years ago, I think they are supposed to die , but I've had luck with 2 of them.. This on I love, and I hope it never dies!

What else, ooo, I have flowers and little tiny beans growing. I'm excited for them, they were so much fun last year. I would come home from work and pick 10, 20 or 30 beans every day. Its fun. I also have a bunch of peas. Now these..lemme tell you, first a bunch of them didn't come up, then some of them got eaten they are supposed to be a small variety that doesn't need a trellis (the ones I wanted got like 6 foot vines) well, no one told me they would need a stake or something. They are like a a cross between a vine, and bush.. because I didn't stake them so the grew about 6-7 inches then flopped over then grew up some more. Its like they can't support themselves. They are so crazy. But I'm trying to get them to grow up-right. Either way they are getting peas, so that's really the important part. This weekend was pretty nice, it rained most of the day on Saturday, but Mom and I moved the fence that is around the pumpkin, because it was trying to bust out! Hopefully, it will be happier now and have enough room , I mean they grow for another 2+ months. Well, I think that's all I have for you peoples today. Happy Tuesday!