Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Well it's Halloween. So Happy Halloween! That's all I have.. pretty lame huh?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ahhh, fall..and other junk!

I love fall.. Here in MN it's beautiful.. You have such a wide variety of weather, it can be 80 one day and two days later it could be snowing. Today is gray and wet, not super cold. The air is heavy and I like that. Sometimes it's just nice to have days like that. This guy is a metal skeleton stake thing that I bought at JoAnn's last night.. It was 50% off. I thought it was cute so I decided that if I bought anything else that I would get him, and since it's not hard to find stuff to buy at JoAnn's, especially in the fall when I'm knitting all kinds of junk. Plus, I had some coupons and you can use more than one. And when I came home I stuck him in the yard so when Mom came home she would see him. She thought he was cute.
This is my second wristband, it turned out a lot better than the first one, but it might be a little small, but it's fairly stretchy so it'll be ok. I'm also working on a wristlet, like a fingerless glove, but I'm putting a thumb on it. I did this thing I've seen called "fetching" and you knit the stitches on waste yarn then you slip them back and knit them again and when you take out the waste yarn you have two sets of live stitches that you knit to make up your thumb. So we'll see how that goes. But I'm pretty excited about it. But I've decided that I like making singular things like A scarf or A hat. This stuff where you have to make 2 seems like a lot of work.... But I might try making 2 at a time.. with 2 circulars.. If I can figure that out..
Well, this weekend should be fun B/F and I (if he still wants to go) are invited to a German themed Halloween party. I'm not going to dress up, mainly because I don't have to. I'm kind of excited because it's my friend from H.S. and her husband who are having the party and I haven't seen her in about 2 years. Even though she lives like 7-8 miles away. But really that's all I have going on.. I have to get some new glasses, and I hate shopping for glasses. Anyone who wears glasses will probably understand thing.. because you can't see with out the glasses but you need to see what they look like on your face so you gotta put them on (but you can't see) and try to figure out if you look like a doof-wad or not.. Plus, you got someone asking if you like these or these or what about something like this.. So it's generally a good 'ol time.. And bringing someone with you doesn't help at all, because they can see, and you might not like what they like. Writing about it makes me want to do it even less.. damnit! Oh well, I could probably find some if I just sucked it up! Plus, I'm a cheap skate- so I try not to spend a shit load even though the last pair I got cost like $200 but that was with a nice discount thru my insurance.. Well, that's enough boredom for one day. See ya'll on the flip-flop..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skull Duggery..arrg!

Aey Mateys! I have a thing with skulls. I like them.. I don't know why. SO here is my wristband that I made. It's a little big, because I wasn't sure how big it would end up. So I'll probably never wear it but I'm making another one that is smaller. And it is blue and white. I'm going to try and find a different way to seam it because it's kind of weird. Plus I'm not really good at that because I've never had to do it. I did have my first "blocking" experience though...
Next I think I'm going to make the bat that Lady L has posted on her blog. I was thinking about it and it might be cool to make one and felt it, then it would have more stability.. Well, this post has taken me 2 days to write. It wasn't letting me post the picture yesterday so I quit working on it.. then it was time to leave.. So I'm finishing it now. My MN Wild are on tonight and they are 2-0 so I'm excited to watch them tonight. I do my best knitting when there are sports on :) Hope ya'll are having good time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So.. I'm still really I am!!

Well, I started a post on September 17.. that was like almost a month ago. It was about all the books I've read recently. I didn't get a chance to finish it but never got around to working on it.. I'd like to say that there was something preventing me from doing it but the truth is that there wasn't really anything.. The past few weeks I've just been a little busier at work since some people have been gone.. Let's see..what's been going on.. not a ton. Just working and bowling and babysitting.. We were having some wonderful weather here, the only thing is that fall in MN is confusing.. you wake up in the morning and it's chilly.. you need real shoes and a warmer top.. but then you leave work and it's 80 degrees out.. but you've got on the wrong clothes.. But it's my favorite time of year. The sun is still warm but it's cooler out. This is the best time for exploring all the wonderful parks and stuff around my house.. Plus the tress are great.
I have successfully started and finished a knitting project. This is a big accomplishment for me because I start things and then never finish them. I made a wristband. It's black with a skull on it. I'll have to take a picture of it to post. I didn't come up with the pattern or the design but it was fun to make.. now I'm going to modify it a bit and maybe use a different pattern and stuff.. This weekend was kinda busy we had the Walk for Hope and the Bowl-a-thon. Plus, my MN WILD started the season last Saturday and they won. But I was tired and missed the third period. They have a game tonight and I should be able to stay awake for it.. (hopefully). Well, that's all the info and time I have for now. So, hope ya'll are having good times!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Score one for me..

So I have a hard time finding jeans because of my genes. I have a little waist and I carry most (if not all) of my weight around my butt and thighs. That's just how it is in my family.. I'm OK with that but it makes it hard to find jeans.. if they fit in the waist they are to tight in the butt.. if they fit in the butt they are usually big in the waist.. Oh, and I'm short... so that makes everything to long! I've stopped spending tons of money on jeans /pants because I usually can only find a pair that I'm somewhat happy with, so it's not worth the money. I used to buy my jeans from the GAP but then they changed their stuff so that's no more. Then I found some at Kohl's but now they don't have them anymore either. So I went to WalMart last night for some food and I thought I'll look at the jeans.. and I found a pair that seemed like they might fit and it was like 8:P30 pm and I wasn't about to try them on.. So I bought them, and to my surprise they fit pretty good. They are perfect length and they are stretchy and not super huge in the waist and fit mostly in the legs.. I mean for $16 I'm happy... And since that makes me happy I'm sharing it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beautiful Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly was outside my living room window one day when I was working 2nd shift. I know I mentioned it in an earlier post but finally brought my camera to work and figured out how to get the pictures off without having the camera software. I took /tired to take a bunch of pictures. It stayed around for about 15 minutes.. it was pretty cool, the pictures aren't as pretty as the real thing.. Well, my last post was 3 weeks ago.. and the only other thing is that they tore down the little old house that was next to us, it's been empty now for quiet awhile.. and so we poked around last night, just looking at this little hole in the ground that used to be a house.. today they took the garage and I was still there (since I was running late for work. Big surprise there!) but I'm going to try and post my video.. Well, that's a bust.. I'm not sure why it isn't working, Oh well!
And I'm trying to piss off my co-worker. I'm trying to be as annoying and as slow as him. See if he notices.. Probably not but I think I pissed him off. But seriously, learn to multi-task! It's helpful in the real world!! I mean the work is not that hard, stuff comes up and you do it, but it seems like no matter how slow it is, he is behind when I come in to cover his lunch, which he doesn't take until 2 or 2:15.. We leave at 3:30! I mean come on. I know he does it so that when he comes back he won't have to do anything, but then the 2nd shift girl get behind because she can't do her own things! It drives me crazy!! CRAZY!! But I'm done with that!
Well, hopefully the butterfly brings a little happiness to crazy days. I might put it as my wallpaper :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

So you wanna see my....

Cucumbers?? Well if you don't, too damn bad. And if you do, here ya go!

They are so weird because it's like they grow from the stem out.. Like those balloons that they make animals out of. When they blow them up and they fill with air from the bottom to the top. As shown better in the 2nd picture. But I have a bunch of them and I'm excited.
This weekend was really, REALLY nice. The weather was what I would call "quit your job and stay home" nice. It was sunny with a cool breeze.. We had a party for my Mom because it's her birthday TODAY! Happy Birthday Mom!!! Well I guess that's all I have for today. Have a great one!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Since you asked!

Well Kim, since you are like the one and only person that I'm not related to that reads my blog..ask and you shall receive! What do I do in "the lab" well I test products that we make here. We make glue, not the horse kind, but the kind made with rubber and other stuff. Production makes it, they bring it up to the lab and we do tests on it to make sure that they didn't screw up (which they do sometimes). So for most products they bring up 4 blobs and we take a hunk of it and that gets tested the next day for hardness, and then we burn a piece to test for how much filler is in it, then we run a "bond" which is a simulated window (what the glue is used for), we do a strength test and a melt, which is the flow rate. And it's basically the same for everything. Some get all the tests some get more or less or different ones.. And they say you need to have chemistry for it, but you don't. You need to know how to cut with giant scissors and read a scale.. neither of those is hard to.. Here is what most of it looks like..

And tonight I have the pleasure of working 2nd shift. Which really isn't all that bad but I'm just not used to it, I'd be sitting on my ass watching TV @ 9:58 pm. But on the up side I got to sleep in and take a nap before I came to work.. And I saw the prettiest butterfly in my yard and I got to watch that. I have some pics but I don't know if I will have time to post them..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A day in the life..

Well, since I have nothing else to post and today I was thinking about what I do all day I thought I might share.. Prepare to be bored..and disappointed..
8am - wake up, get ready for work
9am - leave for work, talk to B/F on my way
9:15am- get to work
9:16-12 noon- do some work things but mainly I surf the web learning about shipping cost and types, Siamese cats, or selling things on E-Bay... Among other things.
12 noon - I go to lunch, mostly I eat TV Dinners. This is because Mom and I got bored with having fast food everyday. Now we barely have fast food at all, even at home..
1pm - I usually come back from lunch and then I sit around waiting..
1:3o- 3:30pm - I go in the lab and do all that stuff.. if it's busy I work in there but if it's slow I do other stuff..
3:30pm- I go home! whoo hoo..
Basically that's how all my days go- pretty boring
Well, there really hasn't been anything going on since I posted last, my life is basically so boring that I don't know what boring thing to talk about next.. I shouldn't really say that because I have a great life and I am lucky enough to have a job when the unemployment rate is at an all time high and I have a great family and a great B/F and I have a lot of things in my life that a lot of people are not blessed with.. but still nothing much happens in it.. I guess that isn't entirely bad, just not a lot to talk about.. that's all. Maybe tonight I'll take some pictures of my cucumbers, that's at least something to talk about...

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well, I'm not sure when I blogged last but I remember it being about how being a kid is way better... And today, once again.. It's completely obvious to me that it's true. I've had a very tiring 2 weeks.. working weird shifts, 1/2 shifts and off shifts. But I survived and the second week was much better than the first.. But I thought (for some reason) that this week would be all back to normal and just regular and boring.. Silly me! I should know better than that..
Well, I started this post on Monday.. today is Friday... figure that one out. But I have some pics.

This is my new water bottle. And I love it. The top one is of this thing called a "splash guard" basically it's so that you don't spill it on yourself.. Which I have done- and somehow I spilled on myself yesterday even with it. But that's ok. It's just water. I'm happy to let you all know that I will be having some cucumbers! I've been trying hard to pollinate them so that I can for sure have some. I would have been very bummed if none would have grown. I'll have to take some pictures of them.. I guess I haven't posted since my birthday- which seems like 10 years ago.. but it was really only 3 weeks ago.. The sad part is that I can't really even think of anything to post about.. because the past weeks have just been sort of blurry, blending together. But this week was pretty OK, B/F brought me some flowers that he picked from in the woods. This is sort of a long story but there is some land (between his house and mine) and they recently cleared out all the trees and then a few months ago they burned a bunch of it (why we don't know) but then about a month ago these huge purple patches appeared.. just out in the middle of this land.. and I've been wanting to wander out there and see what they were.. well we never really got around to it (mainly bc it's been HOT) but he went and got them for me. I thought it was so sweet.. And then yesterday he bought me a new hockey shirt.. I'm so glad it's Friday. And it looks like the weather is going to be nice.. 80's and sunny. Yippee.
I've also been watching the Olympics.. I'm not sure why, maybe I'm sports deprived.
Yesterday I had an eye exam.. nothing new there. The Dr. that did was young.. he looked younger than me! I thought it was funny though because the assistant chick wanted me to take off my glasses and asked me if I could read the giant letter on the wall.. and I was like umm.. NO.. I can't freaking see with out them...I mean do they need to ask that? If I could read it with out my glasses, would I be there? No! Wow- it's almost 11am! that means I only have like 4 hours of work left.. Whoo hoo! I guess there isn't really anything else to talk about.. Been pretty boring lately.. Just work and sleep and being tired....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On being an adult..

4 Reasons I'd rather be a kid..
* having to get up early and not even taking a shower!
* Trying to go to bed early so that I can get up early (good luck)
* Having to get up that early to go to work (yuck)
* having to go to work when I don't get up early..

4 Reasons I like being an adult
* My nephew
* Having my own car and being able to go where ever I want when I want
* Having my own money- not having to ask anyone for $$ to do stuff..
* My B/F

These are just partial lists - And I don't think that being an adult sucks or that being a kid is really all that great but I just think about all the things I did when I was a kid.. Like playing in the hot steamy ass weather. I can barely go near the door some days let alone go out and run around all day.. Summer was great as a kid- summer as an adult.. just the same except HOT! There is no order to the lists either..
Well, today is also my birthday- and I feel like I haven't slept in 2 days so I'm in a salty mood and it's hot. It's just a bunch of things that individually I don't really care about but piled on each other and I just want to go home. I had to take a nap at my desk at 8:00am... It did make me feel better though. So Happy Birthday to anyone else who's birthday is today. I'll have some pictures to post later on this week..

Monday, July 28, 2008

On being a kid..

Crap, I miss being a kid!
A list of reasons soon to follow.. if I can find time to post them..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The day after..a day off..

So I took yesterday off! The weather has been beautiful here lately. 80's and sunny.. Not too humid a little breeze. So yesterday Mom, Sister, Owen and I went to the zoo. We have a free zoo here that had all kinds of stuff. Let's just say they call it a zoo for a reason. It was so packed that we drove around for at least 20 minutes looking for a parking spot. Glad that I was not driving.. I think we only saw 3 or 4 people leave and we happened to find a spot asking people along the way if they were leaving.. We went to the butterfly "tent".. It's not really a tent but it's a temporary exhibit. It was full of people and kids that are not as well behaved as Owen. Running around an touching things... Ak! But H took lots of pictures and I'm kind of excited to see them. Then we went and looked at the Giraffes because Owen wanted to see them.. And one was licking the building and one was licking the pole that holds the giant umbrellas that shade them.. So then we went to eat and then came home all of us trying to get O to take a nap- I think mostly because we all wanted to take one! But that didn't work.. But I was so tired last night that I could hardly do anything. But I wasn't going to have a repeat of Sunday night when I fell asleep on the floor for 2 hours and then slept like shit when I went to bed.. So overall it was nice.
And I'm excited because I have a few peas growing. And I always forget to take pictures of all this stuff but maybe I'll get around to it.. And I'm going to do something for Kim. She has to answer some questions for a newsletter at work (because she is a newer employee) so this is for you Kim..

Any Pets? Names? 2, a cat named Chloe and a newt (who is 14 years old) named Henderson
Kids?Name? Ages? None
Funniest childhood memory? hmm..I can't really think of anything
How long have you lived in ___? 27 (almost 28) years
What was your position prior to working at the ___? Target
1st concert? Poe, at First Avenue
Favorite quote? Hmm.. I dunno
Hobbies? Anything crafty, gardening, bowling, skating...
3 people you’d love to meet dead or alive? ??
Dream vacation? ??
Favorite movies/music/tv shows? I have alot of them, I like alot of things!
Who would play you in a movie?
1st album? Green Day, B-day present from my B/F when I was 13 (the B/F I have now)
Favorite music to listen to at work? I listen to talk radio.. I know I'm boring!
Last song you karaoke-d? Never, unless you count me singing to Owen in BK to the "I don't want to lost you love tooonighht" song I don't know the name of it..
Favorite book? I've never read one book more than once..
Favorite dish/restaurant? I like pasta and turkey and breads..
If you could have anything in the world what would it be? Happiness
Where were you born? MN
Favorite City in the world? Minneapolis..maybe Winnipeg
1st movie you cried in? No clue
1st movie you walked out of? Never have
Ever wanted to change your first name? to what? Never. But sometimes I am Brenda...
My weekend was pretty good.. I played cribbage with the B/F and then Sunday was lawn care day and it was warm and sunny that day so I was just tired after that.. Nothing to exciting. But it was nice weather Ohhh. no it wasn't. Saturday this pouring rain storm came through and we were at Target and you couldn't even see the parking lot. It was crazy and it flooded the roads and in one spot the water was so deep I thought that my car was going to die or something.. It was like the whole road was flooded and this lady was coming (and since I've never driven on a flooded road before I didn't think about the wake created by the other car) and so I hit her wake and it was so crazy B/F said something like "ohhhh, that's not good.. give it some gas" and I was like 'I am" and then we made it and then when I got out of my car there were leaved and "debris" in the bottom part of the door.. it was crazy. But we needed the rain.. so it was cool..
Well. I guess that's all I really have.. Maybe tonight I won't be lazy and I will take some pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ho- hum Thursday..

Well.. what fun and exciting things do I have to contribute to blog world today?? I guess I'll just start with the crap I can remember.. Last week my boss, who never talks to me, came into my "office" which I call an orffice. Which is a combination of office and orifice.. but anyways. And he wanted to know what I do all day. I left out all the Googling and blog reading/writing. And then he was telling me that we need to "be utilizing the time I am here". And I thought what the hell does that mean. The whole time I'm praying that B/F will not Yahoo! message me so that my computer won't make any noise. Because he surprised me and I didn't really have time to close all my "stuff". The whole thing just pissed me off- because I'm doing exactly what you hired me to do and if you want me to do more things then tell me about it and show me how to do it. That was like Wednesday.
Friday it was hot and it rainy and I heard some loud bangs and it was because there was a pretty large branch in our yard, and it would have landed on my car but I thought it was going to hail and Mom was gone so I put it in the garage and I was so glad. It did however, flattened a garden and 2 tomato plants. The plants are doing pretty well though.. After Mom put them back up and then put some more dirt in there.. So I guess they didn't mind being horizontal.. This isn't the best picture but it shows how big it is at the bottom..

Saturday was the memorial for my aunt. I know that I haven't written anything else about her except for that one post. If you want to read more stuff you can go to my Sister's blog. She has posts about all of it. But the service was lovely. It wasn't all churchy and religious, which was nice. And it was nice to see some of these people who I haven't seen since I was young. After words my uncle, Sister. BIL and Owen came over and then my cousin, his wife and daughter came over and that was nice.
Tuesday my Mom bought a hammock chair, I'm going to take a picture of it and post it tomorrow.. It's pretty cool and we hung it from an old swing set that we painted and hung a wooden swing from. We have a nice fenced in back yard (where the garden is) but it's so weedy and such a pain in the ass that we don't really spend time out there just sitting around.. We did last night though while we were adjusting the swing. See if you've ever had a new hammock, they stretch.. A lot. Because the first time we hung it and I sat in it, my ass was on the ground.. So we've been messing with it to raise it up so that you aren't just sitting on the ground. It was nice last night to just sit out back there and chat, even though it's been so blasted hot here last night wasn't THAT bad.
On the garden front, one of my pea plants has a flower on it, which means a pea is on it's way (yipee) and one of my bean plants, that is a bush variety and I didn't know it, has blossoms and a little bean on it (yippee again) and the rest of the stuff is growing and I'm just waiting. Mom's tomato plants are doing great with lots of fruit.
Sports: Three of my MN Twins went to the All-Star game and they all did good. One even hit the game winning run (whoo hoo). Plus, he won the home run derby!!
That's all I have. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More pictures.. yippee

Well. I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend.. I was lucky and I had Thurs and Friday off work. But like usual I got screwed out of one day because we had 2 off here but the temp company only pays for 1! Thursday Owen came over and hung out with Mom and I- that was fun. Then on Friday the 4th we had a family get-together and had food and hung out. Then Saturday and Sunday were HOT here so I tried to stay cool. But on Saturday I was leaving with the B/F and I couldn't find my keys.. anywhere.. So when I got home I thought I'd check in the car.. and there they were- in the ignition with them in the ON position. SO I had a dead car! So B/F came over and jumped my car and I was good to go- I just felt like a tool! I have never even had to open the hood on my car.. I couldn't find the latch and B/F had to do that too! That's what happens when you buy a new car that has all the services covered for 3 years! Oh well.
And for now my gas experiment is ruined because I can't remember exactly how many miles were on this tank when I killed my car. But I didn't drive for 3 days, which is why I had no clue where my keys were..

These are some clouds that were swirling over my house the other evening before it rained, which we cool because it hasn't rained in a really, really long time..

And here are some of my garden pic, the ones in the bucket are cucumbers and the other is a pea plant that is huge but I couldn't get a good picture of it.

I guess that's all I really have.. Nothing to exciting going on.. Sad part is that this post took me 2 days! Ha! make that 3 days because I must not have published it yesterday...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So in case anyone really cares, I got over 30 mpg last week in my experiment to see if driving 60 really helps with gas mileage. I'm sure that my test was flawed, because I sometimes drove faster or was on side roads and such- it was still better than what I was used to. So it's not perfect but I'm happy.
In other news (which isn't very exciting), the past month and 1/2 or so I've really been hooked on reading. I used to read a lot when I was younger.. I think I have/had every babysitter club book. But i get in this mood every few years where I just can't get enough.. So for Christmas 2 years ago I wanted the Chronicles of Narnia, and I got it from my sister, one giant book with all 6 in it. I had started it then but then just didn't get into it until a while ago and I read all that in just a few weeks, but after I was done with that it was like "ahhh what else can I read" and so I picked up another book that I got for X- Mas from my Mom. I read 1/2 of it the first night and finished it the next day. Then I started looking on the internet to see what the best selling books were and there is a series by Stephanie Meyer and I bought the first one Twilight on Friday night and I finished that on Sunday. So I bought the second one Sunday night and I'm very close to being done with that one so I've decided to slow down.... Until I can find the third one in the series in paperback. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find it because I'll have to find something else to read. And I feel kind of dumb because this series is Young Adult (I guess I'm a youngish adult) but it's not like a kid book, but they are well written and the language is not kid-ish but it's not overly adult either just normal everyday language.. They are about a girl and vampires and werewolves, I like that kind of crap. I guess it's so much more than that but I don't really feel like getting into all of it.
Well, I'm planning on taking some garden pictures because everything is growing, the weather has been so nice and sunny here and barely and rain that stuff has been really growing (not the grass though)..
And I got an e-mail from the MN Wild asking me if I wanted to partner with someone who has season tickets. I'm really torn about it because it would be so awesome and since it goes through the team I might get some freebies or benefits or something. I'd be happy with just a parking pass.. I'm just worried that it will cost a ton but I don't think it would cost anymore than if I bought the tickets and since they sell out SO fast I might not ever get to go again.. I mean they want to know what price range you'd like and how many tickets /games you want.. I'd rather get in with someone's tickets because then it will be the same seats every time (and the same people around you) which I've learned by getting in on season tickets for the Twins, how nice that is.. So I'm going to think about it a bit and we'll see what happens..
Thanks for stopping and reading my stuff!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

So what if I go slow!

So I've heard that your car gets it's best gas mileage at speeds between 55-60 mph. And that for every mile over that you lose a bunch. So this week I've been trying hard to go 60.Mind you I drive freeway to and from work pretty much everyday unless it's all backed up then I take the side roads. I'm not sure yet how I'm doing because I haven't used up all my gas.. No if the speed limit was 60 then I would be golden but around here, at least where I drive most of the time, the speed limit is 65 or 70.. I even go 60 in the 70. People just go around me and I just think to myself.. I haven't gotten gas in a week and I still have little less than 1/2 a tank.. How about you? I usually get about 27 miles to the gallon but one week a while ago I got about 30. So I'm interested to see what happens.
Also, I've decided to get a new water bottle.. Not that this is news that anyone really gives a crap about but I'm going to get one that is BPA free. I currently have a Nalgene N-Gen bottle which is a beautiful Red. I really do like it. But I'd like a new one. I thought that I left it in the hotel room a few weeks ago and I wasn't all that sad about it because I could buy a new one. The thing that sucks is that I like to look at them and see them in person and see what it really looks like so I'll have to go somewhere and buy it. And I guess I'm ok with that. Except that the places are not in close proximity to mi casa. Plus, I hate paying shipping for something that only costs 9 bucks. But I might get a new one for Owen- if they have any because he has and old one and since he's a little guy and a BPA free one would be better for him (I have no clue what the BPA does) but the less chemicals the better right.
On the garden front I'm excited because I planted 6 cucumber plants *these are a bush variety and I planted them in 5 gallon pails* but I wasn't sure that they would all grow but they have all sprouted. I was going to thin them out but I mean it's already growing so it would make me sad to pull them out and have them die. SO I'm just going to let them all grow! But I'm hoping that I can sell some of the stuff.. Because last year we had so many beans we were giving them away all the time because we just couldn't eat them all.. So I'm thinking that I might just have some kind of stand at the end of my driveway or something and I hope that people stop and buy the stuff I mean I'd even show them my garden! How cool would that be!
Well, I guess that's all I have for now..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pictures make the blog a prettier place..

These are my peas. The pic is from the BB and I'm not sure why it's so big but I don't feel like doing it all over again.

These are a little hedgehog that I made. I got this pattern from a web site called Staindrop something.. I've never worked with faux fur before and it was OK. I did it outside because it would have been a real mess to do inside. I guess other than that I don't have much else. So ya'll have a good day!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A month..

Well, its been like a month since my last post. And I guess I haven't felt like posting because my post are mostly boring and so I just haven't put it on my list of things to do. Honestly, I haven't been up to much. Working on the garden, watching baseball..hanging out. Last week we went on a mini-vacation. We went to Owatonna and played in the waterpark. Mom took My sister, Owen and I.
My MN Twins have completed 2 sweeps ! Yippee!
My garden is growing, I got kind of a late start on it because of forgetting to get around to it and then because when I did it had been raining for like a week straight.. But it's growing now, and the weather has been awesome.. 70's to 80's with mostly sun. This year we planted a bunch of different things in the garden. Two kinds of beans, sugar snap peas, cucumbers (which I'm excited about) and then Mom planted some carrots, tomatoes and spinach.
I've never grown the sugar snaps (I love them!) but they are growing and I've constructed a cool structure for them to grown on. I'll have to take some pictures of all this stuff.
I've also been working on some craft projects. So I'll have to take pictures of that stuff too. Post are always much better with visuals!
On a sad note, while we were on vacation my aunt was put into the hospital and I guess I don't feel like getting into all the details because this week has just been a daily recount of the events to various family and friends. Not really for me, but for my Mom and then I listen to it. But she is making baby steps everyday. So we are all remaining hopeful and positive.
And I guess that's all I have...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exactly 2 weeks!

Well, it's been 2 weeks and I'm not sure why.. Maybe nothing to say, maybe just other stuff going on.. Well, I got 2 comments on the blackberry post.. and I'd like to say that the BB is not hard to work.. It's really like a tiny computer. If you can work a computer you can work a BB. And it isn't a phone that I would have bought for myself.. but it's a brand new phone and no sense in wasting it or just letting it sit around.. So I use about 1/10 of the functions it has, but I do like that I can take pictures with it and hook it up to my computer and then I have those pictures. I could probably print them and stuff.
And Kim, Owen is my little sweetheart.. They are gone on vacation and I feel so bored with out him and my sister was telling me that on Monday he was looking for me.. It made me miss him so much. He really is a sweet boy. He has this ability to make me laugh so hard I cry and the past few times he's gotten this look on his face, because he thinks I'm upset, and he'll put his hand on me like "are you OK" and then he realizes that I'm laughing and then he smiles and then I laugh harder.
I guess the only big news is that B/F's sister had her second baby last week.. I got to see him on Saturday and he was so sweet and quiet and just a little nugget. I was only a little scared of him :P
On the sports front my MN Twins have been pulling wins out of their batting helmets.. 2 extra inning wins in 2 nights. And I've been watching the Stanley Cup and I'm really rooting for the Red Wings, I've liked them for years and I like it when they play the Wild and I lie to watch them.
I guess I forgot that this past weekend was a long weekend.. Saturday I didn't do much and then on Sunday B/F went to Sound Set 08 and since it was put on in part by Rhymesayers (local record label that he is on the street team for) he went and ended up going VIP and he also worked in the merch booth. And during all that we had some terrible weather, storms, rain, hail, and tornadoes! And they were pretty close to where we live. But he was all safe downtown. Then on Sunday night (after he'd been there for 8 hours) we went to the after party at First Avenue. And we didn't get home until 2am. The after party was with DJ Z-Trip ( I like him)! Then on Monday it was like catch up day from the night before. But it was fun.
SO I guess that's all I have for now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blackberry or Blueberry?

Have I expressed my love for this little do-dad? Even though I don't have the Internet plan for it you can still do a lot of stuff on the computer and download and then you just hook the BB up to the computer and then zap it over, eazy peazy! There are thousands of things you can DL for this thing.. Themes, wallpaper, software, games, and ringtones.. They even have a program you can get to make your own themes.. which I was super excited about until I started DLing this stuff and learned that there was a shit load of stuff you need.. Maybe this is something Kim can help me with since she's the computer lady :) But when I got up to 4 *different* programs and learned that I needed other stuff, I gave up.. But it did make me a little sad because the program itself seems pretty straight forward and easy. However, I like to mess with things and putz with them and figure them out.. Oh well! Moving on, I have two picture both I took with the BB.

The first one is a shirt that I made using an experimental technique.. Maybe not but something I came up with.. only to find that they sell an actual product for this.. But anyways, I wanted to make something on a shirt look like it was spray painted. And since I'm a cheap ass I thought " hey, I'll just get a little spray bottle and water down the fabric paint and spray it on there". And when I went to Michael's to use my coupon I saw that they sell Spray fabric paint but it was $4.99 (again the cheapness) so I used my 40% off coupon and spent .81 on a little spray bottle. And the skull is something that my sister cut out for me on her Cricut (I like skulls!!) and I traced it and cut it out of the freezer paper and then I just watered down the paint and then I ripped a hole in some newspaper and then sprayed away. I was so happy because I didn't need to center the stencil or plan it out or anything it was very exciting!! The only thing is that I took it outside to spray and it was windy and newspaper is very light.. so that was kind of bad planning, but overall it was pretty cool. I haven't washed it yet, I mean it might just all wash out! I also made an Elmo shirt for Owen, that one took planning and 4 coats of white to cover up the red. You'll have to hop over to my Sister's blog to see that.
The second picture is of Owen playing outside. In the background is his wonderful sandbox!
Pretty often when I watch him during the week we play out in the sandbox, it's been a long time since I've had a sandbox. But I always play in the sand with him, like using the damp sand to make shapes (which are immediately smashed) but it's very relaxing to just mess with the sand.
Hmm.. I guess I don't have anything else.. I'm pretty behind on the blogging and I don't really have a specific reason.. Well, I hope you all have a great day and great days until I blog again..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Just another Monday!

And that it is.. Back to the same old-same old! Oh well. So, this weekend was pretty good. I didn't do to much but the weather was nice. Saturday was supposed to be rainy all day but it ended up being sunny and nice. Then yesterday was Owen's birthday party ( his birthday is today though, he's 2!) But the weather was nice and the sun was out. Got to play a little hockey in the street..
Over the weekend, I was working on a shirt for Owen and as I was sitting there painting it, I was thinking to myself "Why don't I do this more often?". And it made me think about all the time we spend doing things, some things that we have/need to do like going to work. And we spend time doing the things we want to do, but how come during the free time we don't always do things that we actually love to do? Things that bring us peace and relaxation? I really enjoy painting and putzing with it, and drawing the patterns and cutting it out and, even though I complain, making it straight. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that I spend time doing things I hate, because that's not it at all. I spend my free time doing things I like to do. But there are just those things that are fun and just give you a good feeling. I guess it's kind of hard to describe..I guess you'd have to have some of those things to see that there is a difference.
I should make more time for that stuff.. Instead of watching TV or something..
So, I've just been watching hockey lately, and some baseball. I've never really had so much of an interest to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs but this yeah I've been watching them. Last night's game between Dallas and San Jose went 4OT. That's 2 and 1/3 games... 8 periods of hockey.. I didn't stay up for that one.. Dallas won, but I wanted San Jose to win.. Oh well..
Well, I guess that's all I have for today. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I got six minutes!

Well, its been forever and a day since I last posted, and I guess I haven't felt like I've had much to say. But I thought that I would drop a post anyways.. But now I have 5 minutes and I don't know what I want to say.. I haven't done anything crafty lately.. But I've decided that I want to make some resin coasters..SO I bought some liquid latex last night to make a mold for them.. So that should be an interesting project..
I've recently acquired a Blackberry.. B/F got a new one and so I adopted his old one which he's only had since October of last year, plus he keeps things nice and clean so its basically new! These things are so crazy, its like a tiny little computer phone. I don't have a data plan so I'm wasting most of it's potential, but oh well.. You can download games and apps and all kinds of stuff for this thing, plus it has a slot for micro memory card... Oh, you can also put videos and MP3's on it. It really is pretty cool. His is the new and improve version so its more like the real web (with a pointer and stuff) and his is set up to be more user friendly, but for me the one I have is cool.
Well, time is up, I've gone over. Not that I really care if the the slow poke has to fend for himself for a few more minutes, but I try to be on time (I'm usually not though) :) Hope ya'll are doing good and things are good. I know they are for Kim, so I'm going to send a shout out to her on getting a new job!
WAY TO GO KIM!!! You ROCK!! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Addiction to cans...

Yes, its true! Since I've decided to "collect" cans, I can hardly drive down the road, I think yesterday on my way to and from my sister's I must have seen like 20 of them along the hi-way and on/off ramps. I mean that's almost a whole pound of cans! Plus, I think people who litter suck! That trash gets on the side of the road somehow! I guess I will just have to stick to roads where is it safe to stop and pick shit up off the street.. And you know your an addict when you're thinking of "how/when can I get more _____" or you spend your day thinking of ways to get more. I mean I do have a boring ass job, and I don't have a ton of shit to do so I do have "extra" time to think about this stuff.. SO it's not totally out of the ordinary for me to think of shit in a semi-compulsive manner.. I mean I was just dying to get home yesterday to make a loaf of honey wheat bread (using my Mc'D's honey, which was a pain in the ass!). But to further demonstrate my "addiction" I even made a pretty "Can Count" log! I have each day and the dates and then the total.. So then I will know how many I have!!! Hahaha!! Evil cans! Stupid people who litter!

I died laughing when I saw this shirt... It's almost as great as the "You have died of dysentery" shirt(reference to the old computer game "Oregon Trail"). I just might buy it.. I have no clue what it means. But it's so ridiculous that it's funny! I found it on The Onion .
Well, my MN WILD won in OT last night! Way to go guys! (like they'd read my blog!) They have another game tonight. MN Twins lost (somehow!)
Today the temp is supposed to get up to 70! I should go outside and get a tan.. But anyways, it's almost lunch time, so I'm going to go see what's on the menu! And since I'm an addict (and since I can't type, I just typed as "ASSict") I have to talk about cans again..
Cans picked up on sunday from the street: 5
Cans from work on Monday: 6, plus 1 of my own, plus 1/2 on I found in my sister's yard!
Other days from work I've gotten 4 or 5 (a day) we have a lot of can handlers around here. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yeah, I'm still here..

I guess I haven't posted in a long time, I knew it was a while ago but didn't realize that it was on the 1st. I'm trying to think of whats been going on since then.. All kinds of stuff really, but nothing terribly exciting. Last weekend we had a party, well not really a party but just a family get-together. The weather was beautiful so I spent basically all day outside. In the am we bought some new patio furniture because the hail destroyed our other one. This one is black metal, it's pretty cool.
This past weekend B/F and I went ice skating, but they were having one of these E-Cyling events in the parking lot (and across the street) of the place. It's a giant sports complex so the skating rinks are on one end but we still had to wait in the long lines of traffic to get in and out of the place. But it was a fin time. It seems like people just take thier kids and drop them off there and they skate willy-nilly with no supervision and some kid cut me off about 3 times and then the last time he ran right into me and grabbed ahold of him and spun him around and he had this classic look on his face, the "please don't ream me a new one" look and he was all "SORRY!" and I was like yeah, thats the 3rd time you cut me off, he stayed out of our way after that.. Then after that he had to drop off some promotional stuff for the RSE Streetteam. We went to Hot Spot and dropped off a poster, some stickers, flyers and his lemon candies. It was pretty cool because Hot Spot is a local skate shop, and they are very cool to let us put stuff there. I bought a cool hoodie with skulls on it and B/F got a DC shirt. Josh that works there is always really nice and we try to always go on Saturdays, when Josh is there. This time he gave us some stickers and some DC wristbands. SO cool. Thanks Josh, you Rock!
Sunday we watched baseball and hockey. Not the WILD though, they are on tonite. The series is ties 1-1 SO they need to start winning!!!!
The past few weeks have been a repeat of past weeks, nice weather then snow, then nice weather and then more snow. I think that we are done with the snow now, since it might get to 70 sometime this week..
On the bowling front, my team was the 1st place team for the 2nd half, but then we hod the roll-offs (against the 1st place team from the 1st half) and they beat us, but only by 50 pins (which I guess is a lot) they won the 1st and 2nd game but we did win the 3rd. The only thing that sucks is that the banquet is like 20 (maybe more) miles away and I just don't know if I feel like wasting my gas.. Even though thats when you find out all the stuff you've won for the season.. I still have to think about it..
Saturday I bought a bread maker for my Mom, it seams to work pretty well. We've only made one loaf and we didn't have any bread flour.. But the bread was good anyways I'm going to try out the Honey Wheat, however, I wandered around Wally's looking for honey and couldn't find it! Who the hell knows where the honey is? So, me being the resourceful kind of gal that I am, I'm going to use the honey that I have from McDonald's! One time they gave me a bunch and I just threw it in my desk at work.. So that's what I'm using.
As for this week, I think B/F and I are going to be doing more promo stuff and I'm planning on taking Friday off, just to boycott this crap hole! I've been particularly irritated with this place lately. Mainly because people can't show up to work their shifts.
A while back I was talking to a co-worker and he was telling me about selling aluminun cans for $$ and I remember that we used to do that a long time ago but the price of aluminum had gone down so then Mom just started giving them to the church, but now I've decided that I want to collect them and sell them. So everyday I scour the plant for cans. I can count on one guy for at least 2 everyday. And yesterday I saw some down the street and I walked down to get them and I ended up finding 5, I was pretty excited. I've also gotten the B/F into it. I mean all you have to do is save up your cans, how hard is that? Maybe you don't get a ton of $ from it but it's $ you didn't have anyways. So when we get around to selling them I'll let'cha all know how it goes.
As far as crafts I have a few projects that I would like to get done. But we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yeah, it's been two weeks..

not that I've seen anyone complaining that I haven't updated anything.. Other than "Fred" stopping by to tell me that my blog is boring.. tell me something I didn't already know. Well, sadly to say I don't have much.. B/F and I went to a movie over the weekend, we saw 21. It was pretty good. He hasn't wanted to see a movie in like 6 years, so I figured what the hell. And I neither of us fell asleep or anything! Plus we went when it was $5.
The weather here has been crazy, yesterday it snowed like 6 inches. And today it is going to be in the 40's so its all going to melt. But I bet that we needed the snow for the lakes and rivers and crap. Plus, I thought it was pretty (sorry Mom). I tried to get her to admit that it was pretty last night on the trees and stuff, but she wouldn't admit it. I don't really care what it does anymore. Because it will change in a few weeks and I'll have to bitch about something else :)
Last but not least.. well I have 2 more things. My bowling team only needs to get 1 point this week to win this half of the season. I'm so excited, I've never been on a team that was 1st place at I don't even try that hard to do good! So I'm hoping that we win a bunch and not just the one point. Then next week the 2 first place teams (one for each 1/2) will have a roll-off to see which team is "The best". And I guess the fact that my MN Twins are 1-0 is something to note.. And my MN Wild are leading the division is pretty awesome too. Well, I think that's all the time I have right now since I'm the only one working today. Sorry if anyone was expecting something great. Nothing but crap around here....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ok, I don't know how to put this in...

as a video so you'll all just have to go to the page and watch the clip, very hilarious! I laughed very hard! Well, let's see! I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who hate people who can't say "thanks". Well, B/F and I went skating over the weekend and it pretty fun. The only thing is that there were about 1/2 a million kids there and none of them had a clue that traffic moves in a certain direction. The weather was great last weekend, followed by some March snow, like 4 inches or so at my house. So last night it snowed and then today it's going to be 40 degrees, weird ass weather here in MN. Oh well. Makes life an adventure! I guess I don't really nave anything awesome to post or anything relatively entertaining.. So I hope that ya'll had a nice weekend and I would like to throw in that over the weekend there was no WILD hockey but there was MN Gopher hockey and I don't usually watch college hockey but, I needed my fix but it was pretty awesome. Game 1: They lose at the end of OT #2. Game 2: They win (can't remember if it was reg or OT). Game 3: They win in OT #2. Lots of hockey. And then last night my MN Wild won 3-1. Yippee. And now is my favorite time of the year, because there is baseball and hockey! And some Nascar!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Here is my deal for today. Things that bug me, well things that piss me off..
First off, I'd like to tell you about bowling last night. Like I said my team is in first place. The second and third place teams were tied in points. We bowl three games and each team can win a total of 7 points a night. Two points for winning a game and 1 point for total pins (after 3 games). So we wanted the 2nd and 3rd place teams to split the games because that way they would still be behind us in points. And we wanted to win all the points. Well. we DID win all the points. And the other teams DID split the games. So now we are 4 points ahead of the 2nd place team. All 3 of my games were good. 1st game I had a 148, 2nd game I had a 179 and the 3rd game I had a 122 or 128 or something like that, all above my average! So I was pretty happy when I left the bowling alley. Now onto that pissed me off. When you get to said bowling ally you have to walk up some stairs to get into the place, this mean you have to lug all your shit up the stairs (which I LOVE) and so I thought that I would be nice (my good mood and all) and hold the door for these 2 people who were coming up the stairs so I did, and neither one of them said anything to me, not even a smile or any kind of acknowledgement that I did them a F*$#ing favor. So, me being the person that I am, I said something to them, Like "Oh you're welcome" or "You're welcome for holding the door" I can't really remember. Why is it so damn hard to say thanks?? So just remember next time someone hold the door for you, they are doing YOU a favor and YOU should say something, or you just might get a response... I've done that 1000 times before and sometime, people hear me and turn around and say "Oh, thanks" and they get the death stare in return. There are 2 groups of people that always say thanks, and mean it. Old people, and people pushing wheelchairs. I like those people, they get it!
Moving on..I am now sick, again or still I guess I'm not sure if I ever fully recovered from the first time..lucky me! Well, I'd like to write about my hockey team for a bit. I love them, they are great, but they are playing like shit. And they have to really step it up. Or they will not be division champs, which I'm OK with but it'd be nice if they tried just a little harder. OK, I"m done.
On the flipside of that are the MN TWINS. They are only in spring training right now, but they've been winning the games, and that's cool. The only thing that stinks is that they have all these people that I don't know. I mean this is the time when they try out all of their people, so since I have to listen to the games, most of the time I don't know what team is batting until they say someone's name I know. Oh well.
I think I'm done now, so that I can get some stuff done. Not that I really care, but I should do something while I'm here. Have a great day, and remember tomorrow is Friday...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lucky 110!

Well, as requested. I am updating my blog. I'll give ya'll a minute to prepare yourself...waiting...waiting.. OK are you ready?? So, This weekend the weather here was great. Saturday we went on a skating adventure. It was the last weekend we'd be able to go outside with the sticks and such, so I was really wanting to go. It was B/F, Sister, BIL and I (is that right? I?) Anyways, it turned out that the cool park we went to a few weeks was all done for the year (rat bastards) so we went to another park. The ice was OK, but it was better than nothing. And then we all went back to my house and Mom made some dinner and it was fun. B/F got to spend a little time with Owen, and see what kind of kid he is. Then Sunday the weather was awesome, I didn't even wear a coat! B/F and I went to Target and to Best Buy and we just putzed around, something that I usually do by myself because he's not that kind of person when we shop. But it was fun, we clearance shopped, I found a nice puffy coat (something I had wanted as a Christmas present this year, not this particular one) and it was 75% off so it was less than $10, GO ME! And we bought some stuff for the kiddies. I can go to Target and spend forever walking around and checking out the cheap stuff but he's more focused than me, but it was really nice just wandering around, talking.
This week I've been putting off finishing my taxes, which are done, I just need to send them off. Plus, do up the federal ones.. So, that's on my list for this week. It was nice yesterday because I was outside dinking around in the driveway, since the snow is melting it's getting a little flooded (it's not paved).
I don't really have anything going on the rest of the week, tonite is bowling, and my team is in 1st place !! Yippee!! And we only have 3 weeks left after tonite, so I'd be happy with anything that gets me a tacky bowling trophy! I don't think I will get any other kinds of things this year. You can get pins, patches, keychains..All kinds of junk, but I've gotten them in the past, but maybe I will, there is still time. One on level I will be happy when its over because some days I just don't want to go, but then sometimes I really enjoy it and have fun. Let's see what do I have going on this weekend, well I think that the B/F and I are going to go skating at an indoor place, and they are having like a St. Patrick's day kind of thing.. You can "Skate with Lucky". Lucky is a Leprechaun. I'm totally bringing the camera for that one, and it you wear green you get $1 off the cost. I wear green all the time, so I think it will be cheezy but I think it sounds fun, then the next Saturday you can skate with the Easter Bunny. How'd you like to be the kid who gets to dress up for this stuff. OK, joe. On Saturday you have to dress up like Lucky and skate around, you think you can handle that.. My sister dressed up like the Easter Bunny once, when she was working at the mall... Haah I outed you as a bunny dresser upper!! I might post those pics on here if I didn't look so horendous, to bad the late 80's and early 90's made us all look like idiots.. Thats a whole other post entirely! Well Sista, I'm hope you enjoyed my update, 90% of which you knew anyways..
The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away now. SO enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not really a job I'd like...

Even if the pay starts at $60,000. I'm talking about the second one from the top.. "planning anal..." This is a job listing for the count I live in. They could have put the whole word there.
Let's see, what new since I last posted.. Since I have no clue when that was I'll just start with this weekend. I didn't do nuthin'. I did some laundry and really thats all. I was going to go skating but decided to go shopping instead. B/F has been sick so we haven't been doing much.
I did see something cool on the weekend news, they did a stroy on Julian Beever. He is cool. He does large chalk drawings on the pavement, but they are 3D, when you look at a picture of them it looks as if they are really there. It's pretty awsome. You can find somestuff out about him HERE. Or just Google him and look at some of his stuff I'm not sure how he does it..But that makes it even cooler.
And here are some cool blogs I've found that I'd like to share with all of you. lat week I brought you Lowercasel, and here are some more
This one
Or Here's to bad parking
Follow some of the links on these pages, because they are funny..There is one about church signs and like notes from people to others..It's funny stuff!
Have a great day everyone, I'll be off tomorrow because it's B/F's birthday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Starbucks..who gives a F*&%?

Ok, maybe its because I'm a cheap ass, or because I don't drink coffee.. But as you all know (I'm sure..I mean how could you not know it was apparently a top news story...) Starbucks closed for 3 hours yesterday.. Here's what I have to say.. "I don't give a shit! I could care less if they closed forever!" Is this real news, isn't there something else that was happening in the world that was more important or actually had some nominal effect on life?? Do these people know that you can make coffee in your own home?? And its pretty damn simple. It all tastes equally shitty. Plus, you can save yourself a little money, so then maybe you could quit bitching about not being able to pay your mortgage.. Not that it really matters to me but... ;)
Well, I guess thats all I really have for today. Work is boring (as usual) but Sis and Owen are coming for lunch so that will be a nice break in the day, and give me something to do. Happy Wednesday ery'body. Its bowling day, hopefully I won't suck!

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's only monday..well, not anymore!

So I was thinking of somethings that I could post that others might think are funny.. So here they are..

WORDS/Mis pronounced and stuff

1. Alfredo, pronounced Al-fred-o

2. bistro, bis-tr-o

3. The not word, Irregardlesss.. regardless of the regardless??

4. The dynamic Dual (instead of "duo")

5. Interspiced. I'm thinking it should of been interspersed (from someone who claims to know everything but really knows nothing)

Well, my day off was not that great. B/F and I went skating in the morning, but he wasn't feeling very well so we only stayed an hour or so. Saturday we went out for the winter B-days. We went to Old Chicago, it was OK. The service wasn't the best I've ever had. And after that I wandered around the little mall and they were having a Gem and Mineral Show so I looked at rocks for a while...And I like rocks.. Sunday I went to the Oval and skated all by myself. It was pretty nice, not to busy, not windy, and best of all it was 38 degrees and sunny. I went around 30 times, and all the other time I've been there I could never keep a count of how many times I go around.. 4 times around is 1 mile.. So you do the math.... That's 7.5 miles. And my ass didn't hurt or anything.. nothing hurt on Monday.. I don't think there is anything else I can do that much with out something hurting.. And usually its my ass.. What does that say about my ass? That it is weak. Hmm. That's something to think about! Saturday was equally as nice. I took a break while I was skating and I was so hot, I had to take off my fleece coat. It was like summer time. It was nice. Then after that I went to the craft store and the fabric store, and then went home and had a steak. It was nice. And now it's back to the same old shit..

Well, I wrote most of this post yesterday and then didn't have time to post it.. But I just wanted to pass on some funny web-sites that I've found recently.

Awesomely Funny site that has lots of stuff everyday


Hope you all enjoy. My MN WILD are on tonight and I'm hoping they will win..They were in first place in the West but they blew it, so they need these 2 points. GO WILD!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last day of my week! Whoo Hoo!

Well, today is Thursday... And I guess I don't have jack to write about.. other than the fast that I get to have a whole day off with nothing to do! We are going skating, and I'm happy. And maybe I'll tape my stick, so that I don't get it all beat up by the 3rd time I use it. What else. Oh, I'm going to go to Dick's tonight. And get some fuzzy Crocs for my uncle. And look at hand skate sharpeners (big deal huh?) And I'm going to pick up my new knitting book so that I can make some socks.. I took a class on knitting socks and I liked it and all but I just never got around to making the 2nd sock. So maybe this new technique will be so cool that I will just make a million socks.. (yeah right). It's going to be nice out this weekend, in the 30's. Sunny and 30's can't beat least in the winter!
So did anyone check out the Lunar Eclipse last night?? It was pretty neat to look at. I did go outside to look at it about 9pm. I did have to put on my coat, snowpants, a hat, and some mittens. It was COLD. If it would have been 10-20 degrees warmer, I would have pulled out the telescope to look at it.
On the sports front, my MN Wild have lost their last two games.. But they were back to back games, so I'm going to use that as an excuse.. But now they are off until Sunday when they play the Flames and its an early game.. Hmh, other than skating I'm not sure what I'm going to do..Saturday we are going out to eat for the winter B-Days.. and maybe I'll go to Marshall's..Because I'm such a cheap ass, I like to buy name brand stuff for like 1/3 the price, especailly when its just the out of season stuff, I mean really how can a T-shirt be "out of season" seriously! What a crock.. The one in Roseville usually has stuff that I can't not buy just because it's cheap. And I'll do the regular weekend stuff, laundry, sleeping, hanging out. Maybe I will try and find some fabric to start my skate bag. I came up with some pretty intricate drawings and took some measurements. I'm thinking it will be easy, but it won't be..
So, everyone have a great weekend and have fun!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So, its Tuesday..Big Deal!

What's going on everybody?? Well, the news is that..I'm still sick, but slowly getting better..
Let's see, last time I posted was last Wednesday. I ended up bowling pretty well last week. I don't remember the scores but I know that 2 of them were over my average. My bowling team is currently in second place. Which is totally cool, because I've never won a trophy or anything for bowling! We have 8 weeks of bowling left and this week (my week off) we are bowling the first place team. So hopefully my team will do good! I managed to get Owen's fleece pants done, and they still fit. This weekend was pretty good. Saturday the weather was so great, maybe not to those of you from California.. But it got up to 36 degrees here, and the sun was shining and it was just beautiful. B/F and I went skating with my sister. We tried out a new park, and it turned out to be pretty nice. They had 3 hockey rinks and 1 general rink. We skated and messed around with the hockey sticks. And I was happy because we bought those sticks the night before I was sick, so I never got to try it out, I just had to look at it everyday! But it was fun. Sunday B/F and I went over to my sister's and then went skating with my BIL and it was really windy, warm.. but the wind was wicked. And I think that I've gotten a "winter tan" I call it a tan but I think I'm just getting more freckles, not that it's anything someone else would notice, but I'm not as pasty as I have been :) And I do wear a lotion with sunscreen.SO no harping on me for that...
This week should be pretty good because I don't really have anything going on, so I can try and kick this cold's ass. And I have Friday off (woo hoo) and it is supposed to be like 25 and some sun, so B/F and I are going to go skating. I'm not sure if we are going to go to the Oval or just go to the park we went to over the weekend, which is free, and there are no time constraints. The Oval only has open skate for 2 hours. The park we can go to all day if we want. I think that he could skate all day..Me? probably not. But I do like it and I'm going to be sad, when we can't go, but then it will be summer and we can go do something else. I mean we have equipment for just about any sport you can think of.. bikes, hockey, roller blades, basketball, baseball, tennis... All kind of stuff to do outside. As for the rest of this weekend I'm not exactly sure what's going on, we might go out to eat for Birthdays but, 50% of the family won't be able to make it so I think we're going to try for next weekend... I'd like to go skating all weekend....
I'd also like to make a skate bag.. I mean I could buy on for like 20 bucks, but I like to make stuff :P I'm not sure how I'm going to do it yet, but I'd like to..I'd also like to make a strap thing so that I can just throw my stick over my shoulder, so that I don't have to carry it.. Or I could make it so that I can hook it onto the bag and just carry that..Like those backpacks that you can carry your skateboard on..I'll have to think about it... But if it turns out cool, I'll probably have to make at least 1 more for B/F if not 3 more for Sister and BIL.. but the first one is always the hardest. I guess I don't really have anything else..My MN Wild are on tonight, fresh off an overtime win with 4.4 seconds left to go before a shoot out.. And blogger won't let me run the spell check again so if I hosed anything up, sorry!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's been eight days!

Well, its been awhile since I posted last and thats mainly because I've been sick...since SUNDAY (the 3rd) and I'm still sick. And mostly I've been feeling like shit but I've still been coming to work because this guy I work with is a total idiot (you all knew that already). But he is a type of person I like to call a "one uper" no matter what you have to say he's got one better. I said I was sick (last week) and he's all "yeah, tell me about it, I've been fighting off a cold". Then he called in sick Mon and Tues. Both days I could (should) have been home sick myself... Then he comes in my office to whine this morning about how he still isn't feeling well, so when I go in the lab to cover his lunch it might be messy. Well, its messy because you spend so much time talking and wasting time, that you put yourself behind, thats why you don't get anything done. And please do not complain about being sick for a few days and staying home when I've been sick for 11 days and still came to work, because get ready for this, I have work to do!!!
I'm not sure why it pisses me off so much. Maybe its because I'm tired of dealing with this guy's stupid crap. I mean its like he puts things into the works days in advance (like saying he was fighting off a cold) so that he can call in for a few days... And I mostly think he's a liar about stuff, and that makes me mad. Or maybe I'm pissed off because I feel guilty about calling in sick (eventhough I am sick) and wich that I would of last week because then I might not still be sick!!
I'm going to leave that alone now, because the more I think about it the more it makes me mad and I don't have the energy to be mad. But I guess I don't really have anything else exciting going on because I haven't done anything. I went to Wal- Mart one day and to Walgreeens for kleenex, and I've babysat a few times. I even skipped bowling last week because I just didn't have the energy. I'm going to go tonight though and see how it goes. Probably like shit, but then maybe then I won't feel bad about calling in...but I'm sure that won't happen. I've never called in sick to this job, and only 2 times when I worked at Target. I'd say that's a pretty good record. But what do I know. Well, if you've made it this far, then thanks for reading my rant. Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hockey Tuesday!

Well, lemme tell you guys. My days off you say..unproductive..So Thursday I went down and hung out with B/F and his nephew. Then I went to babysit but Owen had a cold so I just hung out and played for a while. Then on Friday B/F and I went skating at 11:30 am and it was so great because there were only 15 people there and 10 of them were playing a hockey game. Plus the weather was nice and the sun was out, then we went and had luncha nd then I had to babysit again in the afternoon. Saturday we went shopping and hung out and then babysat his nephew, because that was part of the Christmas present we gave to his sister. SO we went there at 7 and his nephew went to bed at 8:30pm and then we watched hockey. Sunday I was sick so I didn't do anything but lay on the couch. We were supposed to go skating but he went with out me.

I did alot this weekend, and I did get some stuff done that I wanted. I packed up some blankets and sheets and stuff and got them put away. And I did laundry, but I would have done that anyways so I can't really count it!

Hair update! So I know that I never posted (or took) a picture of my after cut. But I just want to write about something that I've noticed. I've had LONG hair for a long time, and I do wear it down alot so people (if the were paying attention) would notice that I had long hair. The week after I got it cut, a few people at my work (one of which I told) noticed and by "a few" I mean 3. I notice when people get a trim, and I know that I would notice when someone got 9 inches cut off! And then 2 people at bowling noticed (they don't work at the same facility as I do). So that is a total of 5 people. I jut think it is strange, maybe it just because I know that I would notice makes me wonder why other don't...
My sister gave me this, so I thought that was cool. I only read a few blogs on a regular basis. So I am in turn going to give it to someone. And I'm giving it to Kim! MAybe it will help cheer her up!
Moving on to Hockey, which really is the most important part. My MN WILD are in first place (yay) and they have a game tonite at 6 pm on channel 45. They are playing the Flames (the best team) And I am always positive because I love the team and I always hope they will win. I've seem them come back from 2-3 goal deficit. I think they can beat them, they've been so hot lately :) Well, I guess thats all I have for today. And if there is anything spelled wrong, blame it on blogger because it wouldn't let me run the spell told me it failed. So to badd if I cannt spell rite!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So, ya got something to say, Huh?

Well, its been awhile since my last post, but I can't remember HOW long. Not really a ton of stuff has been happening. It was super nice out this weekend so we (me. B/F, sister and BIL) went skating on Saturday. It was like 30 degrees or something. B/F and I went the whole two hours. It was pretty nice. My legs were pretty tired later on and then on Sunday but they didn't hurt, so I'm OK with that! Sunday was laundry day. But B/F came over and we watched TV and ordered a pizza. Later on I watched the All Star Game. The WILD had one player on the all star team and he scared a goal (whoo hoo), it will be back to regular play tomorrow.
The weather here has been crazy (as usual) yesterday it was up to 42 degrees and later on about 5:30pm it started to rain, but then today at 8am it was only 8 degrees (wow). Plus the wind chills are supposed to be like -40 degrees! There are two WILD hockey things tonight, but they are both at 5pm and I think I'm going to skip them, even though I want to go.. OH well!
Moving on, I am taking 2 days off this week and I have a short list of things that I want to get done. And here they are
1. I want to go through my clothes and get rid of the stuff that I'm not going to wear, doesn't fit, or I'm not going to use.
2. I want to get the printer hooked up to the laptop so that I can print! What a concept, HUH?
3. Get my room cleaned up (which is directly related to #1)
I guess that's all the things I want to get done. Its a short list but I know it will be time consuming.. and since I'm severely allergic to dust, even small amounts, I know that it will suck. Even if I wear a mask and run the air purifier...
Now for a new idea: I'd like to make my own underwear. Does that seem weird? I was just thinking about it the other day and underwear are expensive, and I don't buy new ones often enough (not I'm not running around with falling apart underwear) I just stock up on the ones I like (which isn't many). I'm pretty sure that they make patterns you can buy to make your awn, but I thought that I could just make my own pattern from a pair that I like. But I'd have to find material and I guess I could just walk in and be "What could I use to make underwear" but that would be kind of weird... I'll have to think about that idea for a while. Another thing I would like to learn is something called "The Magic Loop". It sound strange I'm sure, but it is a knitting technique.. And they have a class at the uptight yarn shop but it costs $45 for the class and I think you get a pattern but you have to buy your own materials and stuff.. I've decided that I'm going to buy a book first since I can learn pretty well from words and pictures, its almost easier for me than having someone show me, since all people do things a little differently. Hmm, I guess I don't really have anything else to write about. Hope ya'll had a great weekend and stuff :P

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Wednesday..again..

Ahh, good old hump day. I wonder why they call it that..I guess I don't much care. Let's see, I'm trying to think of my last post and I can't remember a damn thing about it...Ok, so last post was boring. So I'll try and jazz it up a little bit. I see that someone stopped by my Cbox, however I have no idea who it is, but Thanks! Well, I am excited for this weekend because it is going to be in the 30's here and B/F and I are going to go ice skating. What sucks is that his little nephew who is 2 1/2 has strep throat.. How shitty is that. Well, B/F watches him during the week, and his parents just figured out that he has strep. B/F has never had strep (lucky duck) and so I'm hoping that he doesn't get it. Mainly because I don't want it, I've had it, it sucks. And I don't want any of my people to get it.

Moving on. My 1st place MN WILD lost to the Flames last night. Oh well. I haven't been doing jack shit lately. Last weekend it was COLD! So we didn't do much B/F and I went to Applebee's for dinner, which let me tell you was a giant rip off. It used to be that we could go out to eat for like 20 bucks but not anymore. It was $35 for 2 of us! And we didn't have any drinks or anything, a glass of pop is $2.29! Not that we go out to eat at those places that often so it wasn't a big deal, but it just bugs me, the quality gets worse, the food gets smaller, and the service gets worse but the price goes up..If someone could explain that to me, that would be awesome.

Let's see, I'm hoping (for real this time) to take a couple of days off next week. So then I can get some shit done (that's code for sitting around in my PJ's and sleeping on the couch). I'd like to get my room cleaned up and the photo printer hooked to the lap top and I have to finish Owen's pants before he is to big for them..I'm hoping to get that done this week though, all I have to do is put the elastic in, which would take about 10 minutes. And next week there is another Hockey Unplugged, and I'm hoping to go to that one too. Maybe the B/F will want to go.... Other than all that I guess I don't have anything else.. I'll try to get around to getting some pictures posted. Hope ya'll have a great day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

100 posts!

Happy 100 little blogger! Well, the Hockey Unplugged last night was OK. I guess I was mostly just bored. The B/F didn't go with me (big surprise there) because he wasn't feeling well. And I told him that next time, I wasn't going to ask him to go with me. So, too bad for him. This time it was in a bar and I just sat at the bar, i was lucky though because some guy who knew everyone there sat next to me and some of us around the bar just chatted. But I'm not really so into the talking to strangers..I mean I don't start up the conversations..But I'll talk if they talk. And the marketing girls that help run the stuff are so snotty, I wanted to just say "If all these people weren't here, you wouldn't have a damn job. SO how about you try not being a bitch". I worked at Target for 5+ years and people would be rude and ask stupid questions and all kinds of stuff but I don't ever remember being outright rude to them. I mean I'd tell others about them but never said anything to them. I just don't understand. I can be rude, but its usually when I'm really irritated and don't feel like dealing with people. If I had a cool job like working for the MN Wild and being part of all these events, I wouldn't be rude to people. Moving on..

I took some pictures but didn't get them on my flash drive so I can't post them.. I guess that's all I have. Happy Wednesday, tonight's bowling so hopefully I will have a good night and raise my average, my team has shot up to 3rd place (out of 10 teams). If we can stay there we'll get a trophy, I don't have one of those.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yippee! Hockey Players!

Today is a good day. Tonight I am going to "Hockey Unplugged"! This one is in Minnetonka, I think I've been there 2 times in my life. I map-quested it and it doesn't look hard to get too. As of now B/F is going with me, we'll see what actually happens. Tonight it's these two guys.
Mikko Koivu

Branko Radivojevic

I'm hoping that we get there early enough and that its fun and the B/F goes with me. I feel like kind of a tool just sitting around with no one to talk to or anything. But I guess I could bring something to look at if he doesn't go. This time I am going to bring my camera and not bring my purse. Because last time I didn't bring the camera (wished I had the whole time) and I brought my stupid purse (trying to figure out why the whole time) so then I can have some pics to post, and this time I'm sitting closer than I did last time, and not in the middle. But it's at a restaurant/bar place so we could have something to eat or whatever.
Honestly, I don't really have anything else to post. Pretty bored today, I mean I have plenty of things I could be doing but really what's the point....If I don't get it done I'll just get an email asking me about it and then I will do it and no one will care :P Have a great day!