Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ahh. Tuesday!

As promised I'm posting some pictures. Not very exciting, but just the stuff I've been up to lately. The one of the ornaments isn't the best because I was lazy and just laid them on the floor in the dining room.

And the other I took of myself in my fancy new hat that I made. I've thought about making some more and donating them. The pattern is so simple and they seem to be warm and not to hole-y to let wind through. Maybe some little kid would like one or something. The picture of Owen in the star is funny because he is inside but wearing the scarf that I made him. He was wearing it when I got there, and then it kept coming off and he didn't want to wear it but still wanted to carry it around. He's so funny.

I did start another hat, its dark green with lighter, brighter green stripes. Its going to be the celery hat I think.. Let's see, I guess nothing else is new or exciting. We are doing a Toys for Tots drive at work and I'm thinking about getting some toys for that. I just need to figure out what to buy. I don't want to get all little kid toys, but don't really know what to get for the older ones. I guess they don't get as much stuff for teens, most likely because the little kid toys all have ages on them, so its easier. I don't mind spending a little time looking around. Have a great day everybody!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Well, its been awhile since I've posted and there are many things that have contributed to this, none of which are my own doing. Work is stupid, and even when they are trying to do something good it usually turns to crap and results in someone not being able to do something.. That someone is me, and they were trying to give me a new computer...Well, they (the techs who get paid 3x what I do) didn't hook it up right so I wasn't able to log on to the network which meant to work.. That was find for the end of last week when I didn't have any work to do anyways..But this week I do, and now finally I am able to get things done. But enough about that stupid stuff.

Thanksgiving was fine, there was just 4 of us but it was fine. We managed to break another shredder somehow yesterday so I had to return the one that I bought 2 weeks ago, that was fun...I did a little shopping, but not on Friday.. I felt like I should just because the news was talking about it and slamming me with so much information, but I resisted and stayed home. I don't really remember anything that I did besides doing a little shopping on Saturday... Sunday I made some Christmas ornaments, one with Owen picture in it and one with Dagwood's.. Ohh, and I made a hat. I have pictures of all this but I really don't feel like getting the camera out and the USB and DLing them so maybe I will do it tomorrow..

This week is going to be fun! Because on Friday we are going to the WILD game, it will be a first for 2 of us. SO I hope they win and that its a good game. I'm going to record it so that I can see if we make it on TV! That would be cool! Other than that I don't have anything else going on this week, besides bowling..I think. I'm never sure when its my turn to bowl. I'm trying to slowly get my Christmas shopping done, I don't have very many to buy for so I never get stressed out or anything. I just have Owen and Mitch, the two little guys, Mom, Sister, BIL, B/F, and my uncle.. And I have some stuff for the little ones already, B/F got his hockey ticket so now its just the other peeps. The scary thing is that its only 4 weeks until Christmas! Where does the time go? It just seems to slip away, it seems like just a few days ago it was my birthday, and just a few days before that it was Owen's birthday..Those things happened months ago..
Well, I have some work to get done, so I hope that everyone had a great Turkey Day. I'll see ya'll later!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Just another day....

SO, I'm back at work after having a long weekend.. In which I was productive but I also caught a cold.. But first let me tell you all about my wonderful shredding experience. Thursday I went to my sister's and we made hand turkeys and then the B/F and I had McD's for dinner. Then I went home and started going through my junk and managed to get one drawer pretty much all cleaned out and shredded..And then I broke the shredded. I'm not sure how I did it but it no shreddy shred anymore. And I was feeling crappy anyways so I was OK with having to stop. Then Friday my Mom and I went shopping at Kohl's, we had coupons and they are always having a sale.. And later on I had to go buy a new shredded and run some errands and go back to Kohl's since everything we bought was on sale. Now I just want to start by saying that Kohl's is like 5-6 miles from my house. And I was at Wal-Mart so it was only like 2 miles from there. It took me 25 minutes just to get the the place where I had to turn.. They have the main road detoured onto this other road and traffic was all backed up, it was horrible and then when I was finally done 2 1/2 hours later, there was an accident.. but was the cop smart and call for some other coppers to direct traffic?? No way! So it really sucked, it should have taken me and hour to do all these errands and go all these places, not more than 2... But then later on I got a bunch more of my crap shredded and organized. I have folders all set up for different things and I put all those in a file cabinet that Mom bought a while ago and I've never had the desire to spend the time going through all this crap. I still have one drawer left but I did something that I thought was pretty smart. I grabbed some rubber bands and then I just went in the drawer and pulled out a handful of stuff and put the band around it and I made 5 bundles and I'm going to grab one each day and then BAM it will be all done.
Saturday B/F and I went to the Mall and I did some early Christmas shopping, even though I declared a few weekends ago that I was shopping online for everyone. That way I wouldn't have to deal with stupid heads. Then on Sunday I was very sleepy and I did laundry and slept on the couch in between. I did finally get up around 2pm and got in the shower. SO it was pretty uneventful, but that's Ok. I feel much better today, just a lingering cough and feeling dry, but it's really dry at work so I try to keep up on the water.
This week is a short week and I love that. I have some wacky hours this week since people are gone so tomorrow I get to come in late and stay late, and Weds I have to come in brite and early at 7, but then I'm going to try and leave early.. But then its Turkey Day and I love T.D. Maybe its all the preparing (which I don't have to do ALOT) or maybe its just because the house gets all warm and smells like turkey.. hmmmm..turkey day.. Its different now than it was when I was a kid, the entire family doesn't get together anymore, and Gram and Gramp aren't around and stuff like that but I still like it. Even though this year it will just be Me, Mom, Uncle, and B/F if he decides to show up. I guess I'm not sure why he doesn't want to stay with his family because this year his sister and her clan are not going out of town. This will be the first holiday that his nephew has spent with thier family)he's 2 1/2, they usually go out of town. But anyways. I could probably ramble all afternoon about misc crap. But I'm going to go eat lunch. 11 days until I get to see my MN WILD play. Whoo HOo.. Ya'll have a great munday (like mundane) :P

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is Thursday the new Friday??

No, probably not, but it would be nice if it was! Well, I guess I don't have anything exciting for today. Last night was bowling and it was OK, my arm started getting tired about the middle of the second game..The 1st and 3rd games weren't so bad, the 2nd I bowled an 88 EEK! But there are other leagues that bowl during the same time as ours and there is this lady who is constantly yelling "PICK IT UP GIRL" to her teammate..This particular alley has an upper part where you can sit and stuff like to watch and then a lower part where the people who are bowling sit.. well this chick, who has a terribly annoying voice, is up on the top part so her voice carries down to where I am..It drives me crazy!!! Ok, now that I've shared that..
I'm pretty proud of myself this week because I have been early to work 2 days! I'm still not caught up from Monday but I'm planning on getting it all done before I leave today. Later on I'm going over to my sister's to make a hand turkey with Owen because they will be gone over Thanksgiving. Last year we made a hand turkey and he was only 6 months old, so somehow my sister traced his hand.. This year I am anticipating that I will have to trace my hand a few times before he lets me do his..I am interested to see how much bigger his hand is than it was last year, they seem so itty bitty now, but I'm sure its huge compared to last year. But there will be two of us there so we should be able to, how you say "git-r-done"! We are also going to glitter snowflakes. I'm not sure what all is included in that but she asked and I said "sure".
Well, like I mentioned earlier in the week I am taking tomorrow off. I have high hopes for getting things done. I have a lot of old junk, like bills, pay stubs, info and miscellaneous crap like that.. I was never sure what to keep, how long to keep it and such so I just kept it all..And I'd really like to get it organized or at least have less of it, so I'm hoping that I can get some of that done. I'd also like to go over to the B/F's house and hang out with his nephew. He is older than Owen by about 9 months (and the only other small child I know) and it's fun to talk to him and see the words he can say and he likes to show off for me and acts "different" when I'm around. I'm not so sure what that means but that's what the B/F says..I don't really ever see him and I just think he's fun.
And I just want to say a big THANKS to Kim for telling me that I'm pretty :) And awwing over my nephew. And if you want to see more pics of him Kim you can hop on over to his mommy's blog. Let's see. I think that's all I have. I'm going to take some pics of the Adventures of the hand turkey.. I think I'm going to make my own this year..Maybe some funky paper and real feathers.. AND they have to have a googly eye..I love those things. So I hope that everyone has a great weekend.. And if you're looking for something to do, make a hand turkey!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

bathROOM with a view...

Huh? What's that? A bathroom with a view? you betcha!

OK, so the picture isn't that great but as you can see, its a picture of the street from an upper level window. Well, this is a picture I took in a bathroom stall.. Why the hell would you take a picture in the bathroom you ask? Because I thought it was very funny. I could have mooned the whole street! Now, I did not go into this windowed stall on purpose, it was just that when I went to the show on Friday I went into the bathroom and this girl (the only other one in there, with like 10-15 stalls) was running around trying to find one she liked or something I don't know she was probably wasted. I was not! But I went in and shut the door and then I realized that one side was all windows and thought it was very funny...So that's that.

And these are my Crocs! They are called "Mammoth" and they are lined with fuzzy stuff. They are hot, as you can see a little bit of ankle sticking out, because I am wearing no socks.. I could never wear socks with these.. I've had to take my feet out a few times to let them get some air.. They are an early Christmas present from my Mom. :)

I would have posted all this stuff yesterday but I was covering for the stupid-ass that I work with..He was "sick" whatever! I was pissed. I don't really get super mad about stuff.. I just don't for whatever reason. But it was a slow day and so then I wasn't as pissed, plus I decided that I was taking Friday off. haha, jack-ass! That is my little revenge. I mean I try not to talk to him or start any conversations with him because he drives me nuts, he knows everything (according to him) but really he knows nothing..He thinks that "irregardless" is a word...And that something can be "to inconclusive" ..I'm going to leave it at that..And he thinks that because he had a computer programming class like 20+ years ago- he knows everything about computers too.

I guess I had a good weekend. Friday we went to the show, we got in pretty much right away because we had tickets, and then we just hung out till the show started.. I was actually kind of bored, maybe I was tired or something I don't know but it wasn't a whole ton of fun. B/F is on the street team for this record labelthat was hosting the show so he handed out some flyers and stuff. He also snagged autographs from a bunch of people. But about 1AM I was all "I'm bored" so then we left. he was a little disappointed too. I'm glad that the tickets were only $16 and parking was $4. But I got a cool shirt. I like tour shirts. I guess I don't really have anything else and since I am a day behind at work (this is a time where I am actually busy) I should get back at it but here's a pic to make you say "awww" For some reason he was very still while I was taking pictures of us hanging out on the couch, and wouldn't smile for me. It's still cute.
So, see you all later. I'm off to earn my $$

Friday, November 9, 2007

Just try and stick to the schedule, OK!

3:00 pm, leave work, drive fast!

3:20 pm, Arrive home, do a drive by of autograph site. Not that many people!

3:25 pm, Call from B/F still at work. Wait for him!

3:30 pm, wait...brush the cat to pass the time..

3:40 pm, wait, check to see if I can see B/F down the road, nope..

3:45 pm, Yippee he's here..

3:50 pm, Can we leave, I mean I'm ready to go.. We leave..Finally!

4:00 pm, We made it (2 miles) drive around gas station parking lot..3 times.. park!

4:05 pm, inside the store, call D from work to tell him it's filling up fast..Get kicked out of store with like 50-60 other people...

4-5 pm, wait around and make small talk with other weirdos waiting in line..

5-5:13 pm, get in get autograph, get to car! All done..

But at this time I see that I am pretty much blocked in by 8 other cars.. but I have a pretty small car so I'm thinking that I'm going to have to "Austin Power's it" which is a term I use because there is that point in the movie where he is trying to turn the cart around in the hallway and he's gotta go back an forth a million times. But luckily the guy that was parked in front of me was awesome and pulled out so that I could move. Then I went home and had a burrito.. Very fulfilling day! Here are some pictures!!
So these are my things from last night. I bought the sign, because it was really the only thing that I could find that seemed autograph appropriate..Meaning that it won't bleed or get washed or anything else. it just gets hung up on the wall. The B/F thinks that we should start going to more of these signing and get it all signed up, I thought that seemed like a cool idea.. The first one is me trying to take the picture and the cat (who is sure she's the center of the universe) because she wouldn't get out of the way.. Then one with out the cat and then one close up. That's a pretty big rip of a signature if you ask me. But what do I know?
Well, this weekend I don't have a lot going on but tonight the B/F and I are going to a concert at First Avenue. We are going to see Atmosphere and some other semi-local guys. Its your typical night club I guess.. So I'm looking forward to it since we haven't been to a show in a few months. We used to go ALL the time, big waste of $$ if you ask me. But it doesn't start until 9pm and that's usually about the time I start getting ready for bed, so I'm going to have to get a nap in b4 we go. I think I'm going to bring my camera though so maybe I'll have some awesome pictures on Mon..or when ever I get around to posting them. Then Saturday Mom and I are going shopping for Crocs...I don't have a pair, she has 2 pair, my sister has a pr and even little Owen has a pair..So will the BIL, provided we can find the right size..I'm thinking I will wear them to work :) Well, this post has taken me about 4 shifts to write and its getting close to go time so hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just act like it doesn't matter...OK

Ok, so here I am. Yesterday before I went to lunch I was hard at work on writing a great raging post about work. Well, we went to lunch and then I didn't have time to post it. So, I just deleted it and I am replacing it with something else, which is this post. I can't guarantee that it won't end up being the same but I'm pretty sure that it won't be. Today I have something to be excited about, today after work one of the WILD players is going to be at the Holiday gas station a few miles from my house. And the B/F and I are going to go and try to get his autograph. I even got these signs that say "Reserved Parking" Wild fans only.. Its kind of dumb but for an autograph it will be cool, since it isn't fabric or wood the ink won't bleed or anything. This was the closest thing I could find to a poster. I don't really get "excited" about stuff but I like this kind of stuff. When you meet these people, you see that they are just normal people. I've met a lot of people actually, maybe not super cool or well known people but still cool. I could name them all off but I think it would only be interesting to me. I'm bummed though because you are not allowed to take pictures, this guy Derek Boogaard is 6'7" and I'm 5'2" (with shoes) so that would be the coolest pick. I'd be like eye level with his.... chest! or maybe his belly button..I'm gonna bring my camera anyways. I could take pictures of all the people that will be there. I'm not sure if it has been heavily advertised or not, I haven't seen it anywhere other than the web-site. I'm even leaving work early and skipping my babysitting job to go. I think I'll be sad if we don't get to meet him. He is kind of cute, so that would just add to the sadness..
I guess yesterday I was just so irritated with work, and I just want more for myself than being here. Not that its a terrible place to work and I know that I'd miss a few people, but it's just not what I had pictured for myself. My goal when I went back to school was to graduate and find something where I was using my degree. I don't think that is an unreasonable goal or desire. To want to use that degree that I worked for and paid (am paying) for. All this irritation and job confusion was compounded by my so called boss approaching me while I was on the floor in the shred room (of all places) to ask me if I was interested in a full-time, hired on position..To which I responded...After a short pause. "no, not really"..And maybe I screwed myself and maybe it was what I needed to get my ass in gear and find a different job.... Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Like totally tuesday! Dude!

Hoo-ray its Toos-day! Well, just to let you all know whats going on here.. Its a whopping 32 degrees, Wind Chill is 20 degrees. It was like 60 4 days ago! Here's me being so jealous of the Cali girls! I was just telling my Mom that I should have stayed in bed today because I am cold! This weekend was nice, Saturday was pretty nice out and Sunday started out nice but then it got cloudy and started to cool off, but the party was nice. Good food and family, so it was nice. Wow, I am really boring today. I mean really, that's all I have.. So sorry. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I will have something better....

Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm so glad its Friday...

Well, I'm sure that most working people of the world are also glad that today is Friday. Halloween was basically a bore. We had 0 kids come trick or treating.. And we even had the lights on this year. In past years no one has been home or no one was home until later. We must not have any kidlets around. I'm ok with that I guess.. but sometimes I like to see the costumes and such. Our fundraiser went pretty well, when I left work on Weds we had made $40 (thats kind of alot for the small amount of ppl that were here on Weds) and we collected some clothing. So I guess that part of the day wasn't a bust. I guess I really have nothing for today..I'm pretty boring. This weekend is supposed to be nice around here which is good because we are celebrating birthdays on Sunday, for my Sister and BIL. But then after that is is supposed to
s-n-o-w (pretend that I'm spelling it out) because Mom wouldn't like it if I was "saying" it. She no likey the snow! As for tomorrow I don't know what I'm going to do..
I have so many projects that I would like to make right now.. I'm working on two scarves, and I just started some boottie things for Owen.. And there are like 3 other things that I want to make. I think that I need to just start something and finish it before I move on to something else, other wise I get to the point where I have all these things going on and nothing gets done.. I'm guessing that when it gets colder out and I can't putz around outside then I will be able to get some things done (I hope). Now that I'm thinking about it maybe there are more things than that, argg! I'm just not going to think about it. And I'm feeling stupid because it was just Halloween and my almost favorite holiday is coming up which is Thanksgiving and I'm thinking about Christmas. Not like really thinking about it but just trying to see what's out there. I like Christmas, but its alot of work and it can be stressful. I try not to let it be, then it is no fun. Well, I think that I'm going to get back to "work". Which means that I'm going to sit around and try to look busy for an hour and a 1/2 until lunch! Ya'll have a great weekend!