Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ok, so its not letting me load my pics...

Well, blogger is being a pain and it isn't letting me post my pics SOOO I'm going to type while I'm waiting the "few" minutes recommended before trying again.. Ahh technology! It's just another day on the farm here, I'm on a quest to find some pea seeds to plant in my new garden however, it seems that there is a shortage of peas, they have every other kind of seed, but no sugar snap peas. I've been all over to look for them, I have on last place to check and then if they don't have them, I'll have to use the crapola ones from target. I don't so much like target (thats why its lowercase) I could go on and on about it but I won't. Let's see, I mainly did nothing yesterday because I'm so tired from over the weekend. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my garden going and then I will be able to get to all the other stuff. Ok, I don't have time right now to post the pics because my "few" minutes is like a few- and apparently that is not enough. So, I guess it will have to wait till tomorrow- bah it was going to chock full of 'em to, with good sayings and such- Oh well, such is life.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Post # 2

Well, I've added a link to my Links and its the "Kevyn Burger Blog". Anyone from MN might know who she is, seen her on TV or heard her radio show. Sadly, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This blog is about her and her life and what's happening. I encourage you all to go there and leave a comment for her.

Oh well..

Well, now for my sad excuses..Do to the fact that I forgot basically everything this morning, except lunch. I have no pics to post. But tomorrow, I will remember! Memorial weekend, which was more like "labor" day because I busted my ass for 3 days! We built a raised vegetable garden, cleaned up the back yard, whacked weeds with our new whacker that is battery powered, SO nice! Mowed the lawn, dug for compost, Mom planted her plants.. and had to haul the dirt from the end of the driveway to the backyard and dump it into the new garden. Now in theory, this doesn't sound that difficult.. The first 10 loads wasn't so bad... Mom and I were both dead tired on Sunday night.. Still dead tired on Sunday, and I felt like crap and had a nap then the B/F came over and he's stronger then I am (as it should be) and we hauled a bunch more I know for sure 8 and then maybe like 5 or 6 more, I lost count.. But it was SO much easier with him because I just held then cart while he filled it up then I'd pull it around and "we'd" dump it in.. I say we because it looked like I was lifting it up but really he was doing all the work. I don't know if Mom and I could have done it as fast. We even had time to watch most of the Twins game. They beat the White Sox (Sux) and they beat them last night to- crushed them actually 10-2 Yippee! Let's see what else.. Not a whole lot really. I saw some lightning bugs (fireflies) whatever you want to call them, the other night while I was in the hot tub trying to soak away my hurting self, from ass busting. Wait, that sounds horrible, ass busting... Well, its funny so I'm leaving it. I'm going to try and look busy.. I've decided that I'm on what we like to call "a work slowdown" that's a story I will save for tomorrow.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Yippee its friday. I'm so glad- its a holiday weekend, that means I have a day off of work and I will get paid for it! And we are having lunch at work today, so free food, long weekend, and a paid day off. Thats pretty good around here. Plus, theres talk that we are gettin' some kind of bonus for being safe. Well, this week's Funky Photo is signs. And I have a story, but not a pic because I snoozed on it and didn't get the picture taken. There is a Mc'ds down the street from my work and I go past it a few times a week. And they have a sign on the road and they were advertising a new item and they were "cinnamen melts" and on the other side "cinnaman melts" maybe they used up all the o's for something else, but I thought it was funny. It stayed that way for about 2 weeks, no one ever fixed it. Maybe I was the only one who paid attention.. So I'm hoping to get out to the parks this weekend, its supposed to be nicer Sunday and Monday. I'm going to have to look for a sign or something, not that I'd be able to beat the "Pickle Dog" sign. I'm just trying to think of somewhere I could see something, maybe I'll have to make my own or something..I"ll figure it out.. Well, I think thats all for today I have some "work" to get done before we have lunch.. Then maybe I'll get to leave early and that would be so awesome. So everyone please be safe this weekend and don't drink and drive or any of that stupid crap.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, I've claimed my blog on Technorait.. I'm still not sure what it is but I'm trying to get some traffic to my blog- its kind of hard to feel motivated to post on a blog where only my mom and my sister (who know all this junk anyways) are reading, unless there are more that just don't leave any comments and to you I say "why"? So who knows what it will do if anything. SO thats all for now.

I've claimed my blog...almost

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Here are my flowers!

Well, its not friday anymore but I am going to post some flowers for "Funky Photo Friday"
These are some daisies that I grew a while back, last year I think.. But I love them!This is a hibiscus that we have in are garden, last year it got a whole bunch of flowers, and it was just beautiful. I hope that it is even better this year, it comes up SO late in the season that every year I convince myself that its dead.

Well, what else can I post, I wanted to post a pic of my felted skull coin purse WITH a zipper!! But I took pics of it and I thought that I kept the bast one, but I deleted them all- but I have some other stuff.. The first one is a shirt I made, I'm going to wear it to a show that I am going to in June. Maybe there will be some hip-hoppers that want to buy one from me.. that'd be cool.. make some $$ The second one is the toy box (that I haven't finished..yet!) and it isn't a great pic but it was at night in the breezway.. The word "treasure" is done in gold- SO its kinda cool..

I guess that's all I have for today, just stuff thats going on in my world.. If you're visiting from the photo blog, leave a comment so that I can visit you :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Once upon a time..

In a galaxy far, far away lived a crazy, wonderful robot named Craft. She was very busy, creating, wondering, and doing. Instead of finishing, she just kept coming up with new ideas and starting things, and sometimes completing them. This is my story (well sort of). So I've actually made a few things. Finished up one thing and started and completed two. I will take some pics and post them tomorrow if I can. I've been busy at work and trying to get other things done. And I haven't hardly even been at my desk lately so that makes it hard to update... But tomorrow or Saturday (because I have to work) it will be pic-o-riffic. So until then-

Thursday, May 3, 2007

All I can say is...

This is a shirt that I bought for my boyfriend. And I think it's SO funny and I thought that I would put it here. SO that others can laugh at it. That is the only picture that I have for today, I was busy with laundry and watching the Twins game last night, they lost in extra innings :( Oh well.. Play on! Hopefully I will get most of Owen's present done tonight, and then I can take my 1/2 day of vacation( I say vacation but its unpaid) tomorrow and then I will be able to sit around and get a tan or something totally unproductive like that (fun stuff)! I hope the weather will be nice so that I can do something outside, spiff up my car or something. Really, not being here is the only thing that really matters, I don't so much care what I'm doing. So, hopefully everyone else has a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I've decided to post something that I thought was really funny and reading extreme craft (thanks to my sister) about Toilet Elmo, or Peeing Elmo or whatever its called.. I've decided to post this: The Google TIPS (Toilet Internet Service Provider) Well I wanted to put the pics of it in but it wasn't letting me. I laughed SO hard when I was reading this and I was thinking, is this real? No that can't be real.. but it looks pretty convincing. Well- its not real, but it is real funny! I'm going to read it again. Hahaha! Well, let's see- not much since yesterday, but hey two days in a row! Whoo hoo I'm on a roll now. Maybe I'll hop on over to Crafster and see what's going on over there.. Maybe tomorrow I can find some pics to post- Of the stuff that I am working on..

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Back by Popular Demand..

Ok, only one person. But it sounded good.. right?? Well, lets see, what's been happening?? Owen, as seen in previous post will be turning ONE on Saturday.. Do you get a baby a card for their B-day? That seems weird.. And we are doing the Lion's walk on Saturday, before the par-tay. I hope that it will be nice out, some weather ppl say it will some say it's going to rain.. So who knows. Projects..what have I been working on- I'm painting a slated wooden box that we keep Owen's toys in, so now its colorful and almost done, but it has reminded me just how much I like to paint stuff and make it pretty. That's all that I've been working on lately, been working a lot and have had stuff going on the past few weeks so I've had limited time, plus its been nice out and I haven't wanted to sit inside and fiddle with stuff. I've decided that I want to create a terrarium, but I'm having an issues finding plants that are small enough.. But its still early and I'm hoping that in the next few weeks the greenhouses will get more of a selection, so that I can put some plants in there. I was really excited about it, and I went out and bought all the stuff they say you should get and its just sitting around because I have no plants :( bah! Other than that I'm just working up ideas in my head for Owen.. I'm going with a summer theme for his B-day presents. I'm going to put his name on a bright green towel.. and I'm hoping to find some beachy themed fabric for that.. And since his Mommy reads I can't do into anymore details, but I'm hoping it turns out and that he likes it and she likes it. I don't have any pics to share or anything, just wanted to update so that ya'll know that I'm still around. I'm hoping to get out there in blog lead and send more peeps to my blog- maybe that will motivate me to keep on it. See ya'll on the flip!