Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On being an adult..

4 Reasons I'd rather be a kid..
* having to get up early and not even taking a shower!
* Trying to go to bed early so that I can get up early (good luck)
* Having to get up that early to go to work (yuck)
* having to go to work when I don't get up early..

4 Reasons I like being an adult
* My nephew
* Having my own car and being able to go where ever I want when I want
* Having my own money- not having to ask anyone for $$ to do stuff..
* My B/F

These are just partial lists - And I don't think that being an adult sucks or that being a kid is really all that great but I just think about all the things I did when I was a kid.. Like playing in the hot steamy ass weather. I can barely go near the door some days let alone go out and run around all day.. Summer was great as a kid- summer as an adult.. just the same except HOT! There is no order to the lists either..
Well, today is also my birthday- and I feel like I haven't slept in 2 days so I'm in a salty mood and it's hot. It's just a bunch of things that individually I don't really care about but piled on each other and I just want to go home. I had to take a nap at my desk at 8:00am... It did make me feel better though. So Happy Birthday to anyone else who's birthday is today. I'll have some pictures to post later on this week..

Monday, July 28, 2008

On being a kid..

Crap, I miss being a kid!
A list of reasons soon to follow.. if I can find time to post them..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The day after..a day off..

So I took yesterday off! The weather has been beautiful here lately. 80's and sunny.. Not too humid a little breeze. So yesterday Mom, Sister, Owen and I went to the zoo. We have a free zoo here that had all kinds of stuff. Let's just say they call it a zoo for a reason. It was so packed that we drove around for at least 20 minutes looking for a parking spot. Glad that I was not driving.. I think we only saw 3 or 4 people leave and we happened to find a spot asking people along the way if they were leaving.. We went to the butterfly "tent".. It's not really a tent but it's a temporary exhibit. It was full of people and kids that are not as well behaved as Owen. Running around an touching things... Ak! But H took lots of pictures and I'm kind of excited to see them. Then we went and looked at the Giraffes because Owen wanted to see them.. And one was licking the building and one was licking the pole that holds the giant umbrellas that shade them.. So then we went to eat and then came home all of us trying to get O to take a nap- I think mostly because we all wanted to take one! But that didn't work.. But I was so tired last night that I could hardly do anything. But I wasn't going to have a repeat of Sunday night when I fell asleep on the floor for 2 hours and then slept like shit when I went to bed.. So overall it was nice.
And I'm excited because I have a few peas growing. And I always forget to take pictures of all this stuff but maybe I'll get around to it.. And I'm going to do something for Kim. She has to answer some questions for a newsletter at work (because she is a newer employee) so this is for you Kim..

Any Pets? Names? 2, a cat named Chloe and a newt (who is 14 years old) named Henderson
Kids?Name? Ages? None
Funniest childhood memory? hmm..I can't really think of anything
How long have you lived in ___? 27 (almost 28) years
What was your position prior to working at the ___? Target
1st concert? Poe, at First Avenue
Favorite quote? Hmm.. I dunno
Hobbies? Anything crafty, gardening, bowling, skating...
3 people you’d love to meet dead or alive? ??
Dream vacation? ??
Favorite movies/music/tv shows? I have alot of them, I like alot of things!
Who would play you in a movie?
1st album? Green Day, B-day present from my B/F when I was 13 (the B/F I have now)
Favorite music to listen to at work? I listen to talk radio.. I know I'm boring!
Last song you karaoke-d? Never, unless you count me singing to Owen in BK to the "I don't want to lost you love tooonighht" song I don't know the name of it..
Favorite book? I've never read one book more than once..
Favorite dish/restaurant? I like pasta and turkey and breads..
If you could have anything in the world what would it be? Happiness
Where were you born? MN
Favorite City in the world? Minneapolis..maybe Winnipeg
1st movie you cried in? No clue
1st movie you walked out of? Never have
Ever wanted to change your first name? to what? Never. But sometimes I am Brenda...
My weekend was pretty good.. I played cribbage with the B/F and then Sunday was lawn care day and it was warm and sunny that day so I was just tired after that.. Nothing to exciting. But it was nice weather Ohhh. no it wasn't. Saturday this pouring rain storm came through and we were at Target and you couldn't even see the parking lot. It was crazy and it flooded the roads and in one spot the water was so deep I thought that my car was going to die or something.. It was like the whole road was flooded and this lady was coming (and since I've never driven on a flooded road before I didn't think about the wake created by the other car) and so I hit her wake and it was so crazy B/F said something like "ohhhh, that's not good.. give it some gas" and I was like 'I am" and then we made it and then when I got out of my car there were leaved and "debris" in the bottom part of the door.. it was crazy. But we needed the rain.. so it was cool..
Well. I guess that's all I really have.. Maybe tonight I won't be lazy and I will take some pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ho- hum Thursday..

Well.. what fun and exciting things do I have to contribute to blog world today?? I guess I'll just start with the crap I can remember.. Last week my boss, who never talks to me, came into my "office" which I call an orffice. Which is a combination of office and orifice.. but anyways. And he wanted to know what I do all day. I left out all the Googling and blog reading/writing. And then he was telling me that we need to "be utilizing the time I am here". And I thought what the hell does that mean. The whole time I'm praying that B/F will not Yahoo! message me so that my computer won't make any noise. Because he surprised me and I didn't really have time to close all my "stuff". The whole thing just pissed me off- because I'm doing exactly what you hired me to do and if you want me to do more things then tell me about it and show me how to do it. That was like Wednesday.
Friday it was hot and it rainy and I heard some loud bangs and it was because there was a pretty large branch in our yard, and it would have landed on my car but I thought it was going to hail and Mom was gone so I put it in the garage and I was so glad. It did however, flattened a garden and 2 tomato plants. The plants are doing pretty well though.. After Mom put them back up and then put some more dirt in there.. So I guess they didn't mind being horizontal.. This isn't the best picture but it shows how big it is at the bottom..

Saturday was the memorial for my aunt. I know that I haven't written anything else about her except for that one post. If you want to read more stuff you can go to my Sister's blog. She has posts about all of it. But the service was lovely. It wasn't all churchy and religious, which was nice. And it was nice to see some of these people who I haven't seen since I was young. After words my uncle, Sister. BIL and Owen came over and then my cousin, his wife and daughter came over and that was nice.
Tuesday my Mom bought a hammock chair, I'm going to take a picture of it and post it tomorrow.. It's pretty cool and we hung it from an old swing set that we painted and hung a wooden swing from. We have a nice fenced in back yard (where the garden is) but it's so weedy and such a pain in the ass that we don't really spend time out there just sitting around.. We did last night though while we were adjusting the swing. See if you've ever had a new hammock, they stretch.. A lot. Because the first time we hung it and I sat in it, my ass was on the ground.. So we've been messing with it to raise it up so that you aren't just sitting on the ground. It was nice last night to just sit out back there and chat, even though it's been so blasted hot here last night wasn't THAT bad.
On the garden front, one of my pea plants has a flower on it, which means a pea is on it's way (yipee) and one of my bean plants, that is a bush variety and I didn't know it, has blossoms and a little bean on it (yippee again) and the rest of the stuff is growing and I'm just waiting. Mom's tomato plants are doing great with lots of fruit.
Sports: Three of my MN Twins went to the All-Star game and they all did good. One even hit the game winning run (whoo hoo). Plus, he won the home run derby!!
That's all I have. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More pictures.. yippee

Well. I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend.. I was lucky and I had Thurs and Friday off work. But like usual I got screwed out of one day because we had 2 off here but the temp company only pays for 1! Thursday Owen came over and hung out with Mom and I- that was fun. Then on Friday the 4th we had a family get-together and had food and hung out. Then Saturday and Sunday were HOT here so I tried to stay cool. But on Saturday I was leaving with the B/F and I couldn't find my keys.. anywhere.. So when I got home I thought I'd check in the car.. and there they were- in the ignition with them in the ON position. SO I had a dead car! So B/F came over and jumped my car and I was good to go- I just felt like a tool! I have never even had to open the hood on my car.. I couldn't find the latch and B/F had to do that too! That's what happens when you buy a new car that has all the services covered for 3 years! Oh well.
And for now my gas experiment is ruined because I can't remember exactly how many miles were on this tank when I killed my car. But I didn't drive for 3 days, which is why I had no clue where my keys were..

These are some clouds that were swirling over my house the other evening before it rained, which we cool because it hasn't rained in a really, really long time..

And here are some of my garden pic, the ones in the bucket are cucumbers and the other is a pea plant that is huge but I couldn't get a good picture of it.

I guess that's all I really have.. Nothing to exciting going on.. Sad part is that this post took me 2 days! Ha! make that 3 days because I must not have published it yesterday...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So in case anyone really cares, I got over 30 mpg last week in my experiment to see if driving 60 really helps with gas mileage. I'm sure that my test was flawed, because I sometimes drove faster or was on side roads and such- it was still better than what I was used to. So it's not perfect but I'm happy.
In other news (which isn't very exciting), the past month and 1/2 or so I've really been hooked on reading. I used to read a lot when I was younger.. I think I have/had every babysitter club book. But i get in this mood every few years where I just can't get enough.. So for Christmas 2 years ago I wanted the Chronicles of Narnia, and I got it from my sister, one giant book with all 6 in it. I had started it then but then just didn't get into it until a while ago and I read all that in just a few weeks, but after I was done with that it was like "ahhh what else can I read" and so I picked up another book that I got for X- Mas from my Mom. I read 1/2 of it the first night and finished it the next day. Then I started looking on the internet to see what the best selling books were and there is a series by Stephanie Meyer and I bought the first one Twilight on Friday night and I finished that on Sunday. So I bought the second one Sunday night and I'm very close to being done with that one so I've decided to slow down.... Until I can find the third one in the series in paperback. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find it because I'll have to find something else to read. And I feel kind of dumb because this series is Young Adult (I guess I'm a youngish adult) but it's not like a kid book, but they are well written and the language is not kid-ish but it's not overly adult either just normal everyday language.. They are about a girl and vampires and werewolves, I like that kind of crap. I guess it's so much more than that but I don't really feel like getting into all of it.
Well, I'm planning on taking some garden pictures because everything is growing, the weather has been so nice and sunny here and barely and rain that stuff has been really growing (not the grass though)..
And I got an e-mail from the MN Wild asking me if I wanted to partner with someone who has season tickets. I'm really torn about it because it would be so awesome and since it goes through the team I might get some freebies or benefits or something. I'd be happy with just a parking pass.. I'm just worried that it will cost a ton but I don't think it would cost anymore than if I bought the tickets and since they sell out SO fast I might not ever get to go again.. I mean they want to know what price range you'd like and how many tickets /games you want.. I'd rather get in with someone's tickets because then it will be the same seats every time (and the same people around you) which I've learned by getting in on season tickets for the Twins, how nice that is.. So I'm going to think about it a bit and we'll see what happens..
Thanks for stopping and reading my stuff!