Monday, August 25, 2008

So you wanna see my....

Cucumbers?? Well if you don't, too damn bad. And if you do, here ya go!

They are so weird because it's like they grow from the stem out.. Like those balloons that they make animals out of. When they blow them up and they fill with air from the bottom to the top. As shown better in the 2nd picture. But I have a bunch of them and I'm excited.
This weekend was really, REALLY nice. The weather was what I would call "quit your job and stay home" nice. It was sunny with a cool breeze.. We had a party for my Mom because it's her birthday TODAY! Happy Birthday Mom!!! Well I guess that's all I have for today. Have a great one!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Since you asked!

Well Kim, since you are like the one and only person that I'm not related to that reads my blog..ask and you shall receive! What do I do in "the lab" well I test products that we make here. We make glue, not the horse kind, but the kind made with rubber and other stuff. Production makes it, they bring it up to the lab and we do tests on it to make sure that they didn't screw up (which they do sometimes). So for most products they bring up 4 blobs and we take a hunk of it and that gets tested the next day for hardness, and then we burn a piece to test for how much filler is in it, then we run a "bond" which is a simulated window (what the glue is used for), we do a strength test and a melt, which is the flow rate. And it's basically the same for everything. Some get all the tests some get more or less or different ones.. And they say you need to have chemistry for it, but you don't. You need to know how to cut with giant scissors and read a scale.. neither of those is hard to.. Here is what most of it looks like..

And tonight I have the pleasure of working 2nd shift. Which really isn't all that bad but I'm just not used to it, I'd be sitting on my ass watching TV @ 9:58 pm. But on the up side I got to sleep in and take a nap before I came to work.. And I saw the prettiest butterfly in my yard and I got to watch that. I have some pics but I don't know if I will have time to post them..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A day in the life..

Well, since I have nothing else to post and today I was thinking about what I do all day I thought I might share.. Prepare to be bored..and disappointed..
8am - wake up, get ready for work
9am - leave for work, talk to B/F on my way
9:15am- get to work
9:16-12 noon- do some work things but mainly I surf the web learning about shipping cost and types, Siamese cats, or selling things on E-Bay... Among other things.
12 noon - I go to lunch, mostly I eat TV Dinners. This is because Mom and I got bored with having fast food everyday. Now we barely have fast food at all, even at home..
1pm - I usually come back from lunch and then I sit around waiting..
1:3o- 3:30pm - I go in the lab and do all that stuff.. if it's busy I work in there but if it's slow I do other stuff..
3:30pm- I go home! whoo hoo..
Basically that's how all my days go- pretty boring
Well, there really hasn't been anything going on since I posted last, my life is basically so boring that I don't know what boring thing to talk about next.. I shouldn't really say that because I have a great life and I am lucky enough to have a job when the unemployment rate is at an all time high and I have a great family and a great B/F and I have a lot of things in my life that a lot of people are not blessed with.. but still nothing much happens in it.. I guess that isn't entirely bad, just not a lot to talk about.. that's all. Maybe tonight I'll take some pictures of my cucumbers, that's at least something to talk about...

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well, I'm not sure when I blogged last but I remember it being about how being a kid is way better... And today, once again.. It's completely obvious to me that it's true. I've had a very tiring 2 weeks.. working weird shifts, 1/2 shifts and off shifts. But I survived and the second week was much better than the first.. But I thought (for some reason) that this week would be all back to normal and just regular and boring.. Silly me! I should know better than that..
Well, I started this post on Monday.. today is Friday... figure that one out. But I have some pics.

This is my new water bottle. And I love it. The top one is of this thing called a "splash guard" basically it's so that you don't spill it on yourself.. Which I have done- and somehow I spilled on myself yesterday even with it. But that's ok. It's just water. I'm happy to let you all know that I will be having some cucumbers! I've been trying hard to pollinate them so that I can for sure have some. I would have been very bummed if none would have grown. I'll have to take some pictures of them.. I guess I haven't posted since my birthday- which seems like 10 years ago.. but it was really only 3 weeks ago.. The sad part is that I can't really even think of anything to post about.. because the past weeks have just been sort of blurry, blending together. But this week was pretty OK, B/F brought me some flowers that he picked from in the woods. This is sort of a long story but there is some land (between his house and mine) and they recently cleared out all the trees and then a few months ago they burned a bunch of it (why we don't know) but then about a month ago these huge purple patches appeared.. just out in the middle of this land.. and I've been wanting to wander out there and see what they were.. well we never really got around to it (mainly bc it's been HOT) but he went and got them for me. I thought it was so sweet.. And then yesterday he bought me a new hockey shirt.. I'm so glad it's Friday. And it looks like the weather is going to be nice.. 80's and sunny. Yippee.
I've also been watching the Olympics.. I'm not sure why, maybe I'm sports deprived.
Yesterday I had an eye exam.. nothing new there. The Dr. that did was young.. he looked younger than me! I thought it was funny though because the assistant chick wanted me to take off my glasses and asked me if I could read the giant letter on the wall.. and I was like umm.. NO.. I can't freaking see with out them...I mean do they need to ask that? If I could read it with out my glasses, would I be there? No! Wow- it's almost 11am! that means I only have like 4 hours of work left.. Whoo hoo! I guess there isn't really anything else to talk about.. Been pretty boring lately.. Just work and sleep and being tired....