Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Starbucks..who gives a F*&%?

Ok, maybe its because I'm a cheap ass, or because I don't drink coffee.. But as you all know (I'm sure..I mean how could you not know it was apparently a top news story...) Starbucks closed for 3 hours yesterday.. Here's what I have to say.. "I don't give a shit! I could care less if they closed forever!" Is this real news, isn't there something else that was happening in the world that was more important or actually had some nominal effect on life?? Do these people know that you can make coffee in your own home?? And its pretty damn simple. It all tastes equally shitty. Plus, you can save yourself a little money, so then maybe you could quit bitching about not being able to pay your mortgage.. Not that it really matters to me but... ;)
Well, I guess thats all I really have for today. Work is boring (as usual) but Sis and Owen are coming for lunch so that will be a nice break in the day, and give me something to do. Happy Wednesday ery'body. Its bowling day, hopefully I won't suck!

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's only monday..well, not anymore!

So I was thinking of somethings that I could post that others might think are funny.. So here they are..

WORDS/Mis pronounced and stuff

1. Alfredo, pronounced Al-fred-o

2. bistro, bis-tr-o

3. The not word, Irregardlesss.. regardless of the regardless??

4. The dynamic Dual (instead of "duo")

5. Interspiced. I'm thinking it should of been interspersed (from someone who claims to know everything but really knows nothing)

Well, my day off was not that great. B/F and I went skating in the morning, but he wasn't feeling very well so we only stayed an hour or so. Saturday we went out for the winter B-days. We went to Old Chicago, it was OK. The service wasn't the best I've ever had. And after that I wandered around the little mall and they were having a Gem and Mineral Show so I looked at rocks for a while...And I like rocks.. Sunday I went to the Oval and skated all by myself. It was pretty nice, not to busy, not windy, and best of all it was 38 degrees and sunny. I went around 30 times, and all the other time I've been there I could never keep a count of how many times I go around.. 4 times around is 1 mile.. So you do the math.... That's 7.5 miles. And my ass didn't hurt or anything.. nothing hurt on Monday.. I don't think there is anything else I can do that much with out something hurting.. And usually its my ass.. What does that say about my ass? That it is weak. Hmm. That's something to think about! Saturday was equally as nice. I took a break while I was skating and I was so hot, I had to take off my fleece coat. It was like summer time. It was nice. Then after that I went to the craft store and the fabric store, and then went home and had a steak. It was nice. And now it's back to the same old shit..

Well, I wrote most of this post yesterday and then didn't have time to post it.. But I just wanted to pass on some funny web-sites that I've found recently.

Awesomely Funny site that has lots of stuff everyday


Hope you all enjoy. My MN WILD are on tonight and I'm hoping they will win..They were in first place in the West but they blew it, so they need these 2 points. GO WILD!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last day of my week! Whoo Hoo!

Well, today is Thursday... And I guess I don't have jack to write about.. other than the fast that I get to have a whole day off with nothing to do! We are going skating, and I'm happy. And maybe I'll tape my stick, so that I don't get it all beat up by the 3rd time I use it. What else. Oh, I'm going to go to Dick's tonight. And get some fuzzy Crocs for my uncle. And look at hand skate sharpeners (big deal huh?) And I'm going to pick up my new knitting book so that I can make some socks.. I took a class on knitting socks and I liked it and all but I just never got around to making the 2nd sock. So maybe this new technique will be so cool that I will just make a million socks.. (yeah right). It's going to be nice out this weekend, in the 30's. Sunny and 30's can't beat least in the winter!
So did anyone check out the Lunar Eclipse last night?? It was pretty neat to look at. I did go outside to look at it about 9pm. I did have to put on my coat, snowpants, a hat, and some mittens. It was COLD. If it would have been 10-20 degrees warmer, I would have pulled out the telescope to look at it.
On the sports front, my MN Wild have lost their last two games.. But they were back to back games, so I'm going to use that as an excuse.. But now they are off until Sunday when they play the Flames and its an early game.. Hmh, other than skating I'm not sure what I'm going to do..Saturday we are going out to eat for the winter B-Days.. and maybe I'll go to Marshall's..Because I'm such a cheap ass, I like to buy name brand stuff for like 1/3 the price, especailly when its just the out of season stuff, I mean really how can a T-shirt be "out of season" seriously! What a crock.. The one in Roseville usually has stuff that I can't not buy just because it's cheap. And I'll do the regular weekend stuff, laundry, sleeping, hanging out. Maybe I will try and find some fabric to start my skate bag. I came up with some pretty intricate drawings and took some measurements. I'm thinking it will be easy, but it won't be..
So, everyone have a great weekend and have fun!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So, its Tuesday..Big Deal!

What's going on everybody?? Well, the news is that..I'm still sick, but slowly getting better..
Let's see, last time I posted was last Wednesday. I ended up bowling pretty well last week. I don't remember the scores but I know that 2 of them were over my average. My bowling team is currently in second place. Which is totally cool, because I've never won a trophy or anything for bowling! We have 8 weeks of bowling left and this week (my week off) we are bowling the first place team. So hopefully my team will do good! I managed to get Owen's fleece pants done, and they still fit. This weekend was pretty good. Saturday the weather was so great, maybe not to those of you from California.. But it got up to 36 degrees here, and the sun was shining and it was just beautiful. B/F and I went skating with my sister. We tried out a new park, and it turned out to be pretty nice. They had 3 hockey rinks and 1 general rink. We skated and messed around with the hockey sticks. And I was happy because we bought those sticks the night before I was sick, so I never got to try it out, I just had to look at it everyday! But it was fun. Sunday B/F and I went over to my sister's and then went skating with my BIL and it was really windy, warm.. but the wind was wicked. And I think that I've gotten a "winter tan" I call it a tan but I think I'm just getting more freckles, not that it's anything someone else would notice, but I'm not as pasty as I have been :) And I do wear a lotion with sunscreen.SO no harping on me for that...
This week should be pretty good because I don't really have anything going on, so I can try and kick this cold's ass. And I have Friday off (woo hoo) and it is supposed to be like 25 and some sun, so B/F and I are going to go skating. I'm not sure if we are going to go to the Oval or just go to the park we went to over the weekend, which is free, and there are no time constraints. The Oval only has open skate for 2 hours. The park we can go to all day if we want. I think that he could skate all day..Me? probably not. But I do like it and I'm going to be sad, when we can't go, but then it will be summer and we can go do something else. I mean we have equipment for just about any sport you can think of.. bikes, hockey, roller blades, basketball, baseball, tennis... All kind of stuff to do outside. As for the rest of this weekend I'm not exactly sure what's going on, we might go out to eat for Birthdays but, 50% of the family won't be able to make it so I think we're going to try for next weekend... I'd like to go skating all weekend....
I'd also like to make a skate bag.. I mean I could buy on for like 20 bucks, but I like to make stuff :P I'm not sure how I'm going to do it yet, but I'd like to..I'd also like to make a strap thing so that I can just throw my stick over my shoulder, so that I don't have to carry it.. Or I could make it so that I can hook it onto the bag and just carry that..Like those backpacks that you can carry your skateboard on..I'll have to think about it... But if it turns out cool, I'll probably have to make at least 1 more for B/F if not 3 more for Sister and BIL.. but the first one is always the hardest. I guess I don't really have anything else..My MN Wild are on tonight, fresh off an overtime win with 4.4 seconds left to go before a shoot out.. And blogger won't let me run the spell check again so if I hosed anything up, sorry!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's been eight days!

Well, its been awhile since I posted last and thats mainly because I've been sick...since SUNDAY (the 3rd) and I'm still sick. And mostly I've been feeling like shit but I've still been coming to work because this guy I work with is a total idiot (you all knew that already). But he is a type of person I like to call a "one uper" no matter what you have to say he's got one better. I said I was sick (last week) and he's all "yeah, tell me about it, I've been fighting off a cold". Then he called in sick Mon and Tues. Both days I could (should) have been home sick myself... Then he comes in my office to whine this morning about how he still isn't feeling well, so when I go in the lab to cover his lunch it might be messy. Well, its messy because you spend so much time talking and wasting time, that you put yourself behind, thats why you don't get anything done. And please do not complain about being sick for a few days and staying home when I've been sick for 11 days and still came to work, because get ready for this, I have work to do!!!
I'm not sure why it pisses me off so much. Maybe its because I'm tired of dealing with this guy's stupid crap. I mean its like he puts things into the works days in advance (like saying he was fighting off a cold) so that he can call in for a few days... And I mostly think he's a liar about stuff, and that makes me mad. Or maybe I'm pissed off because I feel guilty about calling in sick (eventhough I am sick) and wich that I would of last week because then I might not still be sick!!
I'm going to leave that alone now, because the more I think about it the more it makes me mad and I don't have the energy to be mad. But I guess I don't really have anything else exciting going on because I haven't done anything. I went to Wal- Mart one day and to Walgreeens for kleenex, and I've babysat a few times. I even skipped bowling last week because I just didn't have the energy. I'm going to go tonight though and see how it goes. Probably like shit, but then maybe then I won't feel bad about calling in...but I'm sure that won't happen. I've never called in sick to this job, and only 2 times when I worked at Target. I'd say that's a pretty good record. But what do I know. Well, if you've made it this far, then thanks for reading my rant. Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hockey Tuesday!

Well, lemme tell you guys. My days off you say..unproductive..So Thursday I went down and hung out with B/F and his nephew. Then I went to babysit but Owen had a cold so I just hung out and played for a while. Then on Friday B/F and I went skating at 11:30 am and it was so great because there were only 15 people there and 10 of them were playing a hockey game. Plus the weather was nice and the sun was out, then we went and had luncha nd then I had to babysit again in the afternoon. Saturday we went shopping and hung out and then babysat his nephew, because that was part of the Christmas present we gave to his sister. SO we went there at 7 and his nephew went to bed at 8:30pm and then we watched hockey. Sunday I was sick so I didn't do anything but lay on the couch. We were supposed to go skating but he went with out me.

I did alot this weekend, and I did get some stuff done that I wanted. I packed up some blankets and sheets and stuff and got them put away. And I did laundry, but I would have done that anyways so I can't really count it!

Hair update! So I know that I never posted (or took) a picture of my after cut. But I just want to write about something that I've noticed. I've had LONG hair for a long time, and I do wear it down alot so people (if the were paying attention) would notice that I had long hair. The week after I got it cut, a few people at my work (one of which I told) noticed and by "a few" I mean 3. I notice when people get a trim, and I know that I would notice when someone got 9 inches cut off! And then 2 people at bowling noticed (they don't work at the same facility as I do). So that is a total of 5 people. I jut think it is strange, maybe it just because I know that I would notice makes me wonder why other don't...
My sister gave me this, so I thought that was cool. I only read a few blogs on a regular basis. So I am in turn going to give it to someone. And I'm giving it to Kim! MAybe it will help cheer her up!
Moving on to Hockey, which really is the most important part. My MN WILD are in first place (yay) and they have a game tonite at 6 pm on channel 45. They are playing the Flames (the best team) And I am always positive because I love the team and I always hope they will win. I've seem them come back from 2-3 goal deficit. I think they can beat them, they've been so hot lately :) Well, I guess thats all I have for today. And if there is anything spelled wrong, blame it on blogger because it wouldn't let me run the spell told me it failed. So to badd if I cannt spell rite!