Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well, here it is, finally! I haven't been doing much of anything. I finally got around to making another skirt. I used the same waistband technique as I did on the green skirt a few posts back. It turned out pretty good after I initially did it wrong (big surprise there).

Then I made a bracelet, which I really do love. However, after I made it, it dawned on me that it looks like a garter.. It was such a pain in the rear to make though because my sewing machine musta been hung over from making the skirt or something. But I started that little bracelet at 9am and didn't get it finished until 5:30pm. My Mom worked her sewing machine majik and got it sewing smoothly again (for now).

I managed to do the bracelet in a half ass backwards way (another surprise). It worked but it would have been easier to do it a different, but now I know for next time! I really do think it's cute.
Other than those few things I haven't made anything.. In other news, I got a raise at work! Yippee! I was pretty excited about it.. I had my 1 year anniversary a few weeks ago, and no one said anything to me or anything so I was like ..Oookk...But then when I went to work last night there was a letter on the desk saying that I was getting a raise. It's a little thing, but I really do like where I'm working (even though I only work like 4-5 times a month) but this makes me like it more. I worked at my last job for 8 years, I went from being the receptionist 3 days a week to working in the lab everyday, I got one raise the whole time I was there. I got in on Valentine's Day, it was $1. I had been there for 4 years already.. I thought it was so great. I thought "Oh, now I'll get another raise", yeah right.. Let's do a little simple math. 1 divided by 4= .25 so I 25 cents for the 4 years I already worked there..that was OK because the first 4 years I didn't really do much, answer the phones (easy peasy). Now let's do some more math divide that whole $1 by 8.. that equals 12.5 cents/ year. When I worked at Target we got a raise every year, there were a few years where we got 2 because of cost of living increases and such. So I thought it was pretty crappy get one raise in 8 years. Maybe I should have asked. I don't know. I'm not thinking about it anymore. All I'm thinking is that I hope the economy picks up and the city that I work for has lots of money and they have to hire someone for some thing (meaning I could apply for something else and they'd hire me) or at least they would have extra work and I could do that. Well, today I'm off to pick the nephew up from summer school and then we will play and do kid stuff. Looks like it's going to be nice out for today at least, Weds is supposed to reach 100, and if it does it'll be something that hasn't happened in 23 years. 2 100 degree days in June. Here's hoping it doesn't get to 100 (since we all know I don't like to be HOT, and if you actually know me, you know it makes me whine-y).
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Friday, June 10, 2011


So I did get around to making cookies. And they are yummy. They are peanut butter oatmeal, some with chocolate chips and some with out. I got the recipe from the Skippy website. I don't eat that kind of peanut butter but they had a recipe. Speaking of that, I don't think I've ever had any other kind of peanut butter than JIF. That is the kind we've always had... I wonder if anyone else out there is like that? Only had one brand of something? Kind of like Kool-aid. I've never had any other kind of drink mix like that.. Yeah so I don't know why blogger flipped the picture on me but either way you can see them. I really do love to bake (really I like to make anything). I like to make cakes too, what I call a "fancy cake" which is just a layer cake (yummy).
I never did get anything accomplished the other day.. Then yesterday I had to go to the dentist (again) and so I didn't do anything but watch baseball. The good news is the Twins are NOT in last place anymore.. whoo hooo! Well, that's all I got, peace out!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm bored...waaa..

So here's the deal. I hate to be hot. H-A-T-E it. I just feel like I might die, even though I probably won't. Today, it was 95 degrees at 5pm. I don't know what it was at high noon, maybe like a million degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. This is the problem. I look outside and I think "Oh it looks nice out there, maybe I should go out" and then I remember that it's HOTTER than hell out. Then I just get bored. And then since I'm bored I want to eat, even though I'm not hungry. I tried to go outside at about 1:30 and I got out there and I was like "oh, hell no" and came back inside. I wanted to make some cookies but it was just to hot. I'm lucky we have AC and our house stay cool most of the time. But I hate feeling like I have to stay inside. It just makes the urge to get out even worse... Then I think "oh I could work on the of projects I have going or things I want to do, but I do none of them. Today I read, surfed the internet and watched TV... But then I braved it at 8:30 pm when it was only 85 out and went for a walk. And I planted some flowers, so I guess. Damn I hate hotness! Tomorrow I will do something! Even if it's only going to work (at 7 pm, for like 1 1/2 hours).. I'm sure ya'll think I'm a lazy ass, I'm really not. Did I mention that tomorrow I will do something (repeating makes it seam possible). Maybe I'll get up early and make cookies :) I'm all for getting up early when cookies are involved. That's my kitty up there, back when she was able to get up on the dresser to look out the window. She don't do high jumps anymore, and needs a stool to get up on the bed. That makes me sad.. so I'm not going to talk about it... Oh well. See ya'll later, tomorrow I will do something and I'll have pictures (of something)