Thursday, July 26, 2007

We're all dogs!

She was on Letterman last night, and I watched it. And I decided that this chick makes basically the whole world look like dogs. That's all I have to say. Woof woof.
Moving on from that. I really don't have anything. Oh, its my birthday on Sunday. And I'd like to thank Lady L for her post Snakes on a plane, because I was having a hard time finding something that I wanted as a gift from my Mom. But this snake is so cool. Its a snake scarf, its green with stripes and a forked tongue and beads that go on it's tail as a rattle. I'd post a picture but I didn't want to take Lady L's picture, and I couldn't copy it from the web-site. So I guess ya'll will have to wait until I make it...Or you can go to the site and look at how cool it is.
other than that I guess I can't really think of anything. SO that's going to be all for now. I hope Katherine Zeta-Jones doesn't bring you down.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

* *Lucky number 51* *

Wow, I've posted 51 times already. Why, not write this yesterday on #50 you ask? Well, because I wasn't paying attention yesterday, that's why. What I have for you today is an experience in photo wonder. I hoped over to the Photo Challenge, since I'm a few weeks behind, this week was about some technique called Miksang, and I thought that I would try it out last night but I didn't know what the hell to do, so I heard some cops coming and they were down the street from my house, and I sat on the curb, and was just watching the cops and thinking about what I could take pictures of..Then I thought oh, I could take pictures of the cap lights, that might be cool, but by the time I was done dinking around with the camera settings, they had turned off their lights.. So then I thought I would try taking pictures of cars with a low speed on the camera..Here's what I got.

The one in the middle is an ambulance that went past, I got excited because I'd be able to take a picture of it. The other two are just cars that were going past. For some reason I just thought that it was kind of neat. This picture is of Dag, he was out by the street with me, he likes to help with all the various yard tasks (including taking pictures of cars..) so he followed me out there, and we were kind of jogging through the yard and so I took a picture of him, I think it looks weird, because he is sort of focused, but the ground is not, and just a side note, all that brown is the grass in my yard..Because its been so dry and my Mom could care less if the grass grows, then she doesn't have to mow, even though she has recently employed my B/F to do it.

So, I'm sad to say that I've got only male flowers on my pumpkins. They bloom and then they die right away, those pics that I posted yesterday I took at about 8:30am and by the time I got home from work at 4pm, they were all wilted and deady looking. I had two more this morning, and if they are dead when I get home, I'll know they are male. But I guess this is normal.. I'm just wanting there to be a pumpkin SO bad. In other veggie news, I have some peas..I think there are about 4 or 5, so thats cool. Mom cut some of her lettuce last weekend, but we haven't tried it yet. I don't have any beans yet but I'm hoping they aren't far behind. I waited a little long to start planting so they are all a little behind.
But I'm still hoping to have SO much stuff that I have to sell it on the street. Well, I should get to work since its almost lunch time and I like to have completed something before I go to lunch. I mean I DO have goals for myself, they aren't high, because then I always feel good because I've completed my work goals for the day, then I'm happy :P Have fun ya'll and wish my Twins luck because they've been losing, but I'm going to listen to them anyways. I am a true fan!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pump, pump, pump, it up.

Any of you remember that? The shoes that you could pump up? And the commercial had a little jingle that went along with it and they'd sing it and show some guy pumpin' up his shoes. Well, you're in luck because this post will NOT be about some old ass shoes you could pump up! It's going to be more pictures. I can hear the cheers now!
These are the flowers on my pumpkins, I took it this morning, I was so excited when I looked out the window and saw them, the flowers are huge, maybe 3-4 inches wide. I don't know if they will turn into pumpkins or not though, its only the female flowers that get the fruit... What's that you say?? You want more cars too! Well, since you asked so nicely. Here they are..

Well, this car has tiny little tires, I would say they are donut sized. The kind you put on your car, not the kind you eat. The car also has hydraulics, or hydros. I didn't get to see them in action, I was kind of bummed about that. But it was still funny to look at.

I couldn't tell you what kind of car this is, I just know I took a picture of it. And it looks cool. I think its cool that all of these pictures were taken of moving cars (except the Beaumont) and they turned out so good, there are some that didn't and its too bad because they were cool, there was an electric blue Impala that I saw about 10 times and it finally went past me and I got it all in the frame and everything.. But it was just going to fast or I wasn't focusing properly, but I remember it in my mind and it was cool. Well, I guess I should get going, I do have real things to get done. So hope ya'll have a good day.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mo, Mo, Monday!

Well, I wrote a post yesterday but blogger was being stupid and I couldn't post, and then it wouldn't save it and I was trying to post pictures but it wouldn't load them. It was just an irritating experience. So i just gave up! So I'm back to work (yay) and I ended up forgetting my work shoes, so I'm wearing slippers.. But anyways, vacation was good, the weather was so nice and was only a little hot one day. I loved spending time in the pool, I only wished that it was outside, in the sun. It made me remember how much I like being in the water and just floating around. On Saturday, the B/F and I went to St. Paul for the Car Craft Summer Nationals, another car show. This time it was muscle cars and some hot rod types. There were also a lot of new cars that people were showing off. We hung out down there for a while, it was nice out so it was cool. Not all of my pics turned out very well since most of the cars were moving and some were going faster than others, but here are some of the not blurry ones.

The one car is a corvette, the other ones I'm not sure about even though I'm sure I asked "what's that one"..This one is called a Beaumont, I have no idea what it is, and neither did my Mom or the B/F. And one guy walked up to him and said "this must be the only one like it here" it was a nice car, beautiful in fact. It was from Canada even. I'll have to Google the kind to see what its all about. Hopefully, I spelled it right. Well, apparently the Beaumont is a Canadian car (imagine that, and its from Canada).

So anyways, I hope you all enjoy the pics, I have more, but don't want to overload your eyes with all these beauties. :P Have a great day!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Home, sweet home!

Hey ya'll well, let me start off by saying that I am home, safe and sound. Yippee. Only to be mad because small animals (rabbits, the devils sidekicks) have been eating my pumpkins and my peas. So my mom put a fence up around both of the gardens... Mind you the backyard has a fence, all the way around, I say where the hell are they coming from? space? Aliens dropping then from the sky because I wouldn't get on the ship for my probing! And then, while at the water park, some fat lady (with back fat, gross) and her 36C son- ok let me go back.. There is a part in the thing called a "lazy river" (no wonder she was there) it has these fountains that spray you and then there are a bunch of jets in the floor and it is more or less simulated rapids, in other words, if you are just being "lazy" and floating along as the name dictates, and you don't move much it kind of gets you trapped so that you can have jets in your ass or something, I don't know.. ANYWAYS- so I'm sitting in my tube floating along and fat ass says to me " are you going to go" and I was all (snotty voice) "I'm just floating, I'm not doing anything!!" It pissed me off so bad- because I was actually trying to let them go past me but was having a hard time getting a hold of something to get out of the way. So then my we made fun of her the rest of the way because that made me feel better, to be obnoxious in her direction- loudly asking my mom if she "was going to go" ARRGGHH!! I'm not Catholic so I'm sure that I'm not going to hell, but to be honest, I don't feel bad. I mean I'm the kind of person that will wait and hold the door for you- even though I know that only 5 % will say thank you. Why is that? I mean what has gone wrong with people that they can't even be nice? I mean today my mom helped some older, physically challenged (like with a walker or something) get into a bathroom stall and closed the door for her and all.. I mean, was is that she was the only one around or the only one willing to help? I just don't understand why people can't be a little nice- just a bit, how much would that change out world? I'm generally a nice person, but please don't piss me off, don't be stupid, because I will make fun of you! I have some pics that I could post but I don't feel like going out there and getting the camera and everything- so I'll do it tomorrow. Hope that someone is a little nice to you this weekend. GO TWINS!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hello party people!

Well, ya'll I'm on vacation, but I'm still around. I'm not using the wi-fi but I'm in the room with a free internet hook-up, however, its not free...because I'm a tool and I forgot to bring the AC adapter, so I had to spend $80 well actually $85 at Best Buy for the adapter. Well, let's see I guess I don't have a whole ton of stuff to write about I'm just happy to have the LT (laptop) up and running, I brought movies to watch on it and everything but couldn't do anything- I was bummed! The weather has been nice, middle 80's not much humidity, not really any wind of anything. I think that tomorrow we are going to the beach, its only going to be like 79 and sunny so that's just about perfect for me.. I don't have any pics or anything, because I haven't taken any. Well, I guess that's all I have for now.. C- ya'll later!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hey, if you didn't know, its Wednesday!

Well, the full pic is crappy, but I was standing on the arm of the couch so that I could get it all in the frame.. The closer one is better. Its pretty big and I'm sure that when I'm done it will weight a ton..maybe a ton and a 1/2!

And these are my wonderous pumpkins. You can't really see it but they have all these little vine-ish things on them.. They are kind of difficult to get good pictures of, mainly because I don't get out there when its sunnier, and because I don't try and get a "good" one. I just go out and take the pic and think it looks OK. Well, the all star baseball game was last night and there were 3 Twins players on the team and they all got a chance to play so that was cool, and they won! I guess the only real news I have it that next week I will be on vacation, so I might not be blogging, unless I can hook up to some wi-fi then maybe I will, just to have an excuse to use the wi-fi, which I have never used..But just in case anyone gets worried about me that's where I am. Maybe I'll come back with a tan..hahaha.. Let's just say I'm fair skinned- red hair and freckles, you do the math on that one.. sun+me=burn but I'll wear sunscreen, if I don't my sister will yell at me. I guess that's all for now. See ya'll later!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yes, it lets me put in a title!

Well, for whatever reason blogger isn't letting me put in a title, so here's me "what the hell". Tomorrow I will have some pictures, because Sugar has requested that I post some, and since she's really the only "active" person around here (that I'm not related to) I'm going to do what she asks! And her comments made me think about something, why do some people create? What is in them that isn't in others, or is it something that they have tapped into- that all people have in them, they just have never had a real chance to explore it? I've always been creative, I like to make things, all things- draw, paint, ceramics, glass blowing, print making, T-shirts, sewing, knitting, crocheting.. I guess it helps fill the time, maybe it is more a matter of I don't like to be bored, I just get restless when I don't' have something to do and I'm not tired. Like Sunday, it was so hot, I stayed inside practically all day and watched TV, did some laundry and worked on the blanket..Well it cooled off after it rained and I went to B/F's house and then came home and I was just bored, so bored that I could have thrown a hissy fit- SO I went to Wal-Mart because I didn't want to have a repeat of sore back, neck and shoulders due to working on the blanket to much. That's another thing, I get so sucked into this stuff that I just push myself WAY to far and cause real pain. I guess I just like to have something to look at and say "I made that" isn't it cool. Like I can brag about it a little bit and feel like even though I go to a job (way too much) that is pretty much a waste of my time (but it pays the bills) and I feel more stupid the more time I spend here, and I look at jobs online at least once a week, and where I am just a pee-on but yet have critical things to get done- that somehow its worth it to make things for others. In a way my day doesn't start until I leave here, some days I babysit, some days I go home and do nothing or work on a project.. I mean I guess I'd like more, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to handle anything else, there are so many unknowns that if I think about it to much it makes me nervous.. So, maybe tomorrow can be like pic-o-rama I do need to get out and take some of the pumpkins, they are getting big and I'm still really excited about it.. Hopefully I won't have to work this weekend (I mean I am one of the few in my dept that has worked the last 2) my dept is only 5 people for 3 shifts... You do the math on that one, ones pregnant and one is old and has like a billion hours of vacation and sick time to use up (which she does)! Me- I'm a temp not paid vacation, no sick time.. One raise in the past 7 years... But anyways, that will just make me mad :P Ya'll have a good day, and stay cool- and if you live in a state that is currently on fire, keep the hose out.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ok, so its been like 8 days!

Well, here is what I've been doing since the last time I blogged... M, T, W, Th, F, S, S, M, and T WORK! I did have Weds off for 4th of July, I slept in and did basically nothing during the day, I didn't even go see fireworks, just the ones across the street from my house that were going on from about 10:30 till after 11:30... Now its back to work- I'm holding back my need to just go into a rant about work and misc crap.. Really there hasn't been anything else going on, I started, and have gotten pretty far on the B/F's blanket, its black and green. I think its going to be pretty cool when its all done, I'm clipping along with it but paying the price for just sitting on the couch and working on it. My back is killing me and my shoulders are tight and my wrists hurt, blah blah, like you want to hear about that. Maybe tomorrow (since I'll be here, again) I'll post some pictures of my pumpkins, they are getting so huge and they have a little vine on them.. Well, I guess that should be all for now, because I have to get to work. But my Twins play a double header today and I'm hoping they kick ass! Go TWINS!!!