Friday, April 13, 2007

Ok, only two pics-

Aww, isn't he CUTE! Drool and all. That's Babycakes. My little ray of sunshine....
This is the frog I made for my sister. In its scattered stage. But you get the point. Well, lets see, whats new for today. Oh, my twins played last night, and they won. They had the best double play I've ever seen. Hockey is on tonight (at 9:30) holy crap batman, that's late. I wore my cool sweatshirt that, thanks to my boyfriend I bought. He was the one that saw it and to his disappointment, was a size L, which is to small for him, kinda big for me, but I shrunk it and it fits. Plus it was only $19.00 original $60.00. And I can't pass up a bargain like that. That was at Burlington Coat Factory. That is a whole different bag that I could go on about. I like that store and I like Marshall's. I've found some really awesome deals at both, so I try to check them out when I'm close to em. Some of the stuff is damaged or defective, I don't buy that stuff and I always check it out b4 I buy it and make sure that there aren't any holes or worse something spelled wrong. Ain't nothing worse than wanting a Nike sure and getting a Niki shirt huh? I've never seen that but I think it'd be funny. This weekend is supposed to be nice, no snow, whoo hoo! So I'm hoping to get out and do something, I don't really care what it is. GO to the park or something and take pics of trees and grass and stuff. So, ya'll have a nice weekend and be safe and watch some hockey! (GO WILD)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So sad-

Well, not really sad, not like something is wrong sad. More like I shut the door and my keys were in the car, because I had to go out and start it, because it snowed and froze.. Long story short, no pics today. But for sure tomorrow, because Friday seems like a better day to post pics anyway. Well, my hockey team (which I often misspell as hokey) lost- but the good news is that they can still win the series with this team. Which is the Anaheim Ducks, not mighty anymore though. All I could think of last night while watching the game was the part in one of the Mighty Duck movies where the whole crowd is chanting "quack, quack, quack".. Funny. My Twins won though- against the Yankees ! Yippee! My bf had little faith, in them winning and I told him not to say that stuff and that you can't lose hope, and they proved him wrong. I try to stay positive, I guess thats the good side of having a team you believe in, just that, belief that they will win :P. I started another mascot from "The Cute Book" this guy is called the "bad guy" I'll post a pic tomorrow, you all will laugh I'm sure.. Not sure how many of you are still out there, since I haven't had any comments lately.
Yesterday I signed up for Craftster. org this place is cool if none of you have been there. They have craft challenges and you can win a bunch of stuff and its cool. The newest challenge is "Felt Inanimate Objects" I thought of a robot but in reading the threads more it seemed that a robot could be an animate object because they move- but are not alive. Then I thought of a toaster with wings, or microwave.. But then my boyfriend (who is a creative genius but just never uses it) said what about a blow dryer- and I laughed.. then I thought of a record player or since he is into DJing I thought of a turntable or two and a mixer in the middle.. But that seems like it might be a lot of work, but I bet no one else would be doing that.
Well, thats all for now because its lunch time and we are going to Subway :) yyay. Create something beautiful today.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Holy, long time Batman!

So, I've been MIA lately. No excuses on this one, just haven't posted anything. Let's see. What's new? Sadly to say, not much. I found this cool book called "The cute book". Its a guide to making "mascots" they are little felt animals and creatures. Very funny. I've made two of them, pretty simple, just hand sewn. I made them out of fleece, because I have a ton of fleece, and its so easy to work with. I made a frog for my sister and a modified bunny (for Easter) for Babycakes (my nephew)! Now I'm taking a crafting break, I need to do that once in a while- so I can think about all the stuff I want to make. I haven't made any bags lately, or anything else really. Next I'm going to make a couple of T-shirts. I just have to get the time to wash the shirts and sit down cut the stuff out of freezer paper and do them up. Once you get it all cut out it goes pretty fast. I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll post some pictures. Of what I'm not sure but I like to post pics.
On to sports news. My hockey team is in the playoffs! yippee! They are playing tonight at 9:30pm and hopefully I will make it to see them WIN! GO WILD! My MN Twins started off the season with a BIG bang going 3-0 but they are playing the Yankees (thumbs down) and they are not winning anymore. But when the team you're up against have like bazillions of $$ then you're kinda screwed. But I still love them! GO TWINS! So I just didn't want anyone to think that I died or anything, not that there are many of you- and you all probably see me so you know that I'm still alive and kickin' So Ya'll have a good day!