Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ho- hum Thursday..

Well.. what fun and exciting things do I have to contribute to blog world today?? I guess I'll just start with the crap I can remember.. Last week my boss, who never talks to me, came into my "office" which I call an orffice. Which is a combination of office and orifice.. but anyways. And he wanted to know what I do all day. I left out all the Googling and blog reading/writing. And then he was telling me that we need to "be utilizing the time I am here". And I thought what the hell does that mean. The whole time I'm praying that B/F will not Yahoo! message me so that my computer won't make any noise. Because he surprised me and I didn't really have time to close all my "stuff". The whole thing just pissed me off- because I'm doing exactly what you hired me to do and if you want me to do more things then tell me about it and show me how to do it. That was like Wednesday.
Friday it was hot and it rainy and I heard some loud bangs and it was because there was a pretty large branch in our yard, and it would have landed on my car but I thought it was going to hail and Mom was gone so I put it in the garage and I was so glad. It did however, flattened a garden and 2 tomato plants. The plants are doing pretty well though.. After Mom put them back up and then put some more dirt in there.. So I guess they didn't mind being horizontal.. This isn't the best picture but it shows how big it is at the bottom..

Saturday was the memorial for my aunt. I know that I haven't written anything else about her except for that one post. If you want to read more stuff you can go to my Sister's blog. She has posts about all of it. But the service was lovely. It wasn't all churchy and religious, which was nice. And it was nice to see some of these people who I haven't seen since I was young. After words my uncle, Sister. BIL and Owen came over and then my cousin, his wife and daughter came over and that was nice.
Tuesday my Mom bought a hammock chair, I'm going to take a picture of it and post it tomorrow.. It's pretty cool and we hung it from an old swing set that we painted and hung a wooden swing from. We have a nice fenced in back yard (where the garden is) but it's so weedy and such a pain in the ass that we don't really spend time out there just sitting around.. We did last night though while we were adjusting the swing. See if you've ever had a new hammock, they stretch.. A lot. Because the first time we hung it and I sat in it, my ass was on the ground.. So we've been messing with it to raise it up so that you aren't just sitting on the ground. It was nice last night to just sit out back there and chat, even though it's been so blasted hot here last night wasn't THAT bad.
On the garden front, one of my pea plants has a flower on it, which means a pea is on it's way (yipee) and one of my bean plants, that is a bush variety and I didn't know it, has blossoms and a little bean on it (yippee again) and the rest of the stuff is growing and I'm just waiting. Mom's tomato plants are doing great with lots of fruit.
Sports: Three of my MN Twins went to the All-Star game and they all did good. One even hit the game winning run (whoo hoo). Plus, he won the home run derby!!
That's all I have. Thanks for stopping by!

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SoMuchSugar said...

"Utilizing your time"?!! Doesn't he have better ways to use his own time other than pestering you?!

("Orffice" -- haha!)

I don't think I would have the mind-body control necessary for sitting in a hammock... I would be on my ass.