Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More pictures.. yippee

Well. I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend.. I was lucky and I had Thurs and Friday off work. But like usual I got screwed out of one day because we had 2 off here but the temp company only pays for 1! Thursday Owen came over and hung out with Mom and I- that was fun. Then on Friday the 4th we had a family get-together and had food and hung out. Then Saturday and Sunday were HOT here so I tried to stay cool. But on Saturday I was leaving with the B/F and I couldn't find my keys.. anywhere.. So when I got home I thought I'd check in the car.. and there they were- in the ignition with them in the ON position. SO I had a dead car! So B/F came over and jumped my car and I was good to go- I just felt like a tool! I have never even had to open the hood on my car.. I couldn't find the latch and B/F had to do that too! That's what happens when you buy a new car that has all the services covered for 3 years! Oh well.
And for now my gas experiment is ruined because I can't remember exactly how many miles were on this tank when I killed my car. But I didn't drive for 3 days, which is why I had no clue where my keys were..

These are some clouds that were swirling over my house the other evening before it rained, which we cool because it hasn't rained in a really, really long time..

And here are some of my garden pic, the ones in the bucket are cucumbers and the other is a pea plant that is huge but I couldn't get a good picture of it.

I guess that's all I really have.. Nothing to exciting going on.. Sad part is that this post took me 2 days! Ha! make that 3 days because I must not have published it yesterday...

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SoMuchSugar said...

OY! I just got a chance to read your latest... now I have to go buy some veggies from the market up the block... Wish I could pick them from a garden instead!

Hope your Monday went well!