Thursday, August 21, 2008

Since you asked!

Well Kim, since you are like the one and only person that I'm not related to that reads my blog..ask and you shall receive! What do I do in "the lab" well I test products that we make here. We make glue, not the horse kind, but the kind made with rubber and other stuff. Production makes it, they bring it up to the lab and we do tests on it to make sure that they didn't screw up (which they do sometimes). So for most products they bring up 4 blobs and we take a hunk of it and that gets tested the next day for hardness, and then we burn a piece to test for how much filler is in it, then we run a "bond" which is a simulated window (what the glue is used for), we do a strength test and a melt, which is the flow rate. And it's basically the same for everything. Some get all the tests some get more or less or different ones.. And they say you need to have chemistry for it, but you don't. You need to know how to cut with giant scissors and read a scale.. neither of those is hard to.. Here is what most of it looks like..

And tonight I have the pleasure of working 2nd shift. Which really isn't all that bad but I'm just not used to it, I'd be sitting on my ass watching TV @ 9:58 pm. But on the up side I got to sleep in and take a nap before I came to work.. And I saw the prettiest butterfly in my yard and I got to watch that. I have some pics but I don't know if I will have time to post them..

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SoMuchSugar said...

I am sure you don't think so, but I still think that is interesting!! And I KNOW you must have the 'chemistry'.

I picture you wearing a white coat with goggles and some kind of face-mask!! That is probably the movie/drama-loving side of my imagination though...

Thanks for the pic! It is so cool to see.