Friday, April 15, 2011

How boring is a blog with no pictures?

Well, I still have not figured out/thought about my camera situation. I'm totally afraid to use it because I don't want it to happen again. I mean what if I'm just taking pictures and then it dies on me and then I lose the pictures I've taken... So I have made some stuff and I would like to post pictures of them..but I haven't taken any pictures... For now I will tell you that they are owls. I love owls. I haven't mentioned here recently that I like to crochet. I like to make all kinds of things. But most recently, like the past yeah I've been on an kick of making little things. They are called amigurumi. Last year I made mushrooms, and two turkeys, a skull, some kinds of puffball thing, and a mummy. If you crochet you can find patterns out there on the web. I just google them. There are also a few books out there and people who sell patterns and what not. Maybe later I will get them all together and take a pic with my mom's camera. Because really, posts with no pictures are boring. I also have to profess my love for cake. I made a cake earlier this week and it's just a yellow cake mix (from a box) with some chocolate frosting (from a tub) but it is so yummmy. I think about it often. I mean if it was 9:30 in the morning I would love to have a pc of cake... But I draw the line at have desserts for breakfast. Along that line though, I was offered ice cream at 10 am by a five year old. It was very funny. That was followed by his little brother telling me how much he loves chocolate, but it he said it the funny way three yr olds say things. And with a little bit of a pouty face. And then "he needed" it, like he would die with out chocolate at 10 am. I'm a pushover but I'm not stupid :) I guess I don't have anything super exciting to post, other than just letting the three people who read this blog know that I'm still around. So peace out!


SoMuchSugar said...

I love owls! I love cake! I love ice cream! Yes, I am an extremely complex woman. Good luck with your camera. xo

Anonymous said...

Is it time for a new camera?