Friday, July 1, 2011

You know it's hot when...

You go outside to clip your nails and you break a sweat. That is what happened to me yesterday. It was 83 degrees at 11am, it was still 90 degrees at 10 pm. Yuck!! And then our AC quit working. Luckily, they were able to come out today and fix it. SO far today at 10:26 am it is 84 but the heat index is 92. Gross. I'm SO glad that I don't have to go anywhere. I mean I'd like to go places but not when it's like this. Are you getting my vibe that I don't like to be hot. I think there was a time when I didn't mind it as much. I am a summer baby after all, I should like the summer.
I'd like to sew something today, I have no clue what. I mean I could make another skirt... I'd like to make a little wallet because I like to go places and not bring a purse with all my crap in it.. There's this super cute pattern I'd like to make, what I need of those for who knows. I just like to make stuff. I also have an idea for an Owl softie, that's been roaming my brain for a long time now. Anyways, maybe I'll have pictures to post later on (here's hoping...)

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SoMuchSugar said...

It is in the mid-80s here this weekend, it is HOT! I hate perspiration!