Saturday, December 3, 2011

Soapy Goodness!

I meant to do this yesterday but I ended up not being home in the afternoon to take pictures, so I did it today. I read about Spotted Owl Soap on another blog, and big surprise I'm not sure which. I'm sure I could look it up but I don't feel like it. There was a time when my Mom made soap, I remember it being a somewhat putzy process, but I was young then so I don't really remember. That soap was made with lye, I have no clue how this soap is made, just that it has oils and such in it. I did get a few books from the library about it though because I'm always on a quest to expand my crafting knowledge. I also have to put out there that this is just my experience/ thoughts about this soap, I have no affiliation with the soap maker.
But enough with the talk and on to the pictures!

We ordered a gift package (it was cheaper) and so this was the box that all the soap came in (not the shipping box). It was also tied up with a chunkier type of twine/rope.. not sure what to call it. 
We ordered 5 bars but got 6, how cool is that. Plus it was one that was on my "try" list. Yay! 
First up, we have 2 bars of Cherry Amaretto. The green one is Green Tea and Mint.

 The next three are (from left to right) Fresh Citrus, Fresh Fallen Snow, and Bergamot and Chamomile.
 These bars a little smaller than the other 3.
So far my Mom has tried the Fresh Fallen Snow, it smells good but it has glitter in it, which she said was scratchy, so that is kind of a bummer. I haven't tried any of them yet but they all smell great. The shipping was a flat $7, which isn't bad. It came quickly, we ordered it over the weekend (I think) and it came on Wednesday. It was in a nice sturdy and well taped box, the presentation was nice, could have just gifted it with no extra prepping. We got the free bar and a little pumpkin shaped soap. The soap was $14.99, shipping was $7, total cost $21.99, that works out to $3.67/ bar. More expensive than going to a big box store and buying some soap, but I can pronounce and identify every ingredient in this soap so I'm cool with that :) They also have lotion, body butter and lip balm. They have gift sets that range from $4.99-$24.99. Go check them out if you want! I hope everyone has a great weekend! It was supposed to start snowing here at around noon, it hasn't started yet so I'm a little skeptical that we are going to get much, either that or we will get dumped on overnight..


Karen said...

I love homemade soaps. The scents you chose sound so wonderful, especially the Cherry Amaretto.

The Sunflower Patch said...

I agree with Karen! I would have chosen the Cherry Amaretto too.

We had snow last night and most of the day today.

Made it a pain in the butt to unload and re-load all the stuff for the craft fair!

SoMuchSugar said...

Wow I would love the green tea one...

hope you had a good weekend!

Heather said...

Those look lovely. Will have to sniff the next time we are over.