Friday, April 13, 2007

Ok, only two pics-

Aww, isn't he CUTE! Drool and all. That's Babycakes. My little ray of sunshine....
This is the frog I made for my sister. In its scattered stage. But you get the point. Well, lets see, whats new for today. Oh, my twins played last night, and they won. They had the best double play I've ever seen. Hockey is on tonight (at 9:30) holy crap batman, that's late. I wore my cool sweatshirt that, thanks to my boyfriend I bought. He was the one that saw it and to his disappointment, was a size L, which is to small for him, kinda big for me, but I shrunk it and it fits. Plus it was only $19.00 original $60.00. And I can't pass up a bargain like that. That was at Burlington Coat Factory. That is a whole different bag that I could go on about. I like that store and I like Marshall's. I've found some really awesome deals at both, so I try to check them out when I'm close to em. Some of the stuff is damaged or defective, I don't buy that stuff and I always check it out b4 I buy it and make sure that there aren't any holes or worse something spelled wrong. Ain't nothing worse than wanting a Nike sure and getting a Niki shirt huh? I've never seen that but I think it'd be funny. This weekend is supposed to be nice, no snow, whoo hoo! So I'm hoping to get out and do something, I don't really care what it is. GO to the park or something and take pics of trees and grass and stuff. So, ya'll have a nice weekend and be safe and watch some hockey! (GO WILD)

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Heather said...

That is one cute baby! But I'm his mama so I'm a bit biased! And Frannie is a beautiful frog!
And I think you haven't posted in a LONG time! Where are your new projects??