Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Holy, long time Batman!

So, I've been MIA lately. No excuses on this one, just haven't posted anything. Let's see. What's new? Sadly to say, not much. I found this cool book called "The cute book". Its a guide to making "mascots" they are little felt animals and creatures. Very funny. I've made two of them, pretty simple, just hand sewn. I made them out of fleece, because I have a ton of fleece, and its so easy to work with. I made a frog for my sister and a modified bunny (for Easter) for Babycakes (my nephew)! Now I'm taking a crafting break, I need to do that once in a while- so I can think about all the stuff I want to make. I haven't made any bags lately, or anything else really. Next I'm going to make a couple of T-shirts. I just have to get the time to wash the shirts and sit down cut the stuff out of freezer paper and do them up. Once you get it all cut out it goes pretty fast. I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll post some pictures. Of what I'm not sure but I like to post pics.
On to sports news. My hockey team is in the playoffs! yippee! They are playing tonight at 9:30pm and hopefully I will make it to see them WIN! GO WILD! My MN Twins started off the season with a BIG bang going 3-0 but they are playing the Yankees (thumbs down) and they are not winning anymore. But when the team you're up against have like bazillions of $$ then you're kinda screwed. But I still love them! GO TWINS! So I just didn't want anyone to think that I died or anything, not that there are many of you- and you all probably see me so you know that I'm still alive and kickin' So Ya'll have a good day!

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