Friday, September 7, 2007

Bitchin' Friday

Well, I'm going to go against my policy of not using this blog as a "bitchin' post" but today I'm going to mainly because I have a few things to bitch about.
1. Why can't people use turn signals? Its it so hard to flip it on and flip it off? I mean its harder to make a call on a cell phone (which might be the reason for not using it in the first place) but really-
2. Stupid co-workers. This general category encompasses a number of common co- worker types. The "ass", this person is just an ass, not really mean, but just an ass. Like a 6th grader.. Most of these are specific to my own work place but could be stretched out to others as well.. The "little buddy" Gilligan, need I say more? Anyone else have one of these? "Turbo" a fat lesbo who does nothing but feels entitled to anything and everything.. The "little buddy" and the "turbo" get along pretty well but not with others.
OK, I think I'm done with that for now.. I guess I don't really have anything else.. Mainly because there is nothing going on. B/F and I are going promoting this weekend..I can't remember if I brought that up before but he is on a street team for a local record label and they have a new release coming out so we are going to go out and put up posters and flyers and take pictures and stuff, he's on the team and I'm not but I feel like I am, but it is kind of fun.. SO, ya'll have a nice weekend!


SoMuchSugar said...

I work with numerous such asses as well... If I may bitch too!!

Have a nice weekend -- hope your weather is ok!!

Heather said...

Well who put a quarter in you!? But yes, the people you work with are interesting. To say the least. And as for turn signals I'm speculating that it's because they just aren't conveniently located for some people. Or better yet, they are just dillholes!