Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hey, one day closer to Friday..

Yippee skippy its Thursday! Not really to much excitement there..But that means tomorrow is Friday and we aren't working this weekend.. SO that means I don't have to work and that makes me happy! Well, here is that pretty white mushroom..Now its brown and weird looking. On the outside its brown and the inside of it looks like foam- the kind for cushions..but its green. I love living somewhere old- We have all kinds of crap like that- We have bugs and butterflies and we have lots of trees and we have frogs and toads and rabbit (evil) and lots of birds. I think it would be hard for me to live somewhere with out trees, the other stuff I could live with out.. Well, my bowling experience was OK.. B/F and I went on Sunday, but it was cosmic bowling, which is fun but not so much for practice ya know.. but I'm not sore this morning, which is always a good thing..But here are my scores, and I'll tell you now- they are not that good.. Game 1: 95 (BOO) Game 2: 100 (my goal is to always at least break 100, I count this as breaking 100) Game 3: 132 (this I'm ok with) I really came back in that 3rd game. By those scores would you believe that I have bowled a 215. I did and a lot of other people saw it.. That game was awesome.. That was before I had my own ball and I was using a shitty house ball.. Figure that one out.. maybe next summer I'll take some lessons or something.. Oh well. Its just for fun and my team-mates don't have make me feel bad for sucking! Ahh, bowling. I really do love it, I like it more if I was a little better at it.. but maybe I'll fix that this year..

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