Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let's try this again..

Well, blogger must have a hair up its ass today! This is the second post for this morning.. Just about 10 minutes ago I had a nice post all written out and I wanted to add a picture of this mushroom in my yard but NOOOO! It was being a pain in the ass. Not letting my save or spellcheck or add my picture. So anyways, two Saturdays ago we were doing yard work and I saw this big thing and I got excited, its about the size of a volleyball, though you can't really tell in this picture. It isn't white anymore either, its now brown and looks like it might split open..I really wanted to just give it a good kick but now that it's brown and dried up I'm pretty sure that would be a mistake, unless I wanted to release a cloud of spores into the world, and I really don't.. So moving on, its been a long time since I posted last and its because I've been working, we are stretched pretty thin around here so I've been covering the day shift cos the other guy was on vacation and the other girl is prego and has deemed herself "useless" which is a load of crap! But on Friday the 31st B/F and I went to a Twins game, it was great for a number of reasons.. The tickets were free, the seats were the best we've had, the Twins won the game, I had ice cream and a pretzel (both yummy), parking was only $5 (thats a good price).. And it was a nice night so it was really great. I had been up since 5:30 am and had only a 15 minute snooze before all the action so I was REALLY tired that night but it was really a lot of fun. But really nothing else has been going on.. I know you're all disappointed to hear that, but you'll be ok. Besides, how do you think I feel? But bowling starts tonight, and I'm sure that I'll have a hard time getting out of bed tomorrow. We went on Sunday, just to make sure I could still lift the ball..And now I'm sore.. It funny how you kind of forget about all the muscles you have until they hurt... Well, I hear a lot of stupid things at work.. mainly because some of the people around here are stupid. So yesterday I overheard a converstaion about the bones in the body.. it went something like this..
Stupid guy "well, how many bones are there?"
Stupid girl "well, I'm not sure but I think its like 500 something"
Me "are you kidding me" runs to co-worker and says .. "aren't there like 200 some bones in the body?"
co-worker "yea there's 206"
The stupid girl is fat so maybe she thinks she has extra bones in there holding the fat together..Well, thats all I have for today, I'll have to take a pic of the mushroom now thats its brown. Kepp it real!

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SoMuchSugar said...

jeesh, is that a mushroom, or a bowling ball? It is HUGE! (p.s. How I LOVE BOWLING!! I love it.)