Sunday, May 29, 2011

Completed Projects!

So, at 9 am I declared "today is going to be a productive day!" Now, you're thinking "So, was it or not?" and by golly it was.
Earlier in the week I took apart my green skirt that I am going to refashion. I had to take off the waist band, take out the zipper and take the two pieces apart (which I could have left and saved myself a step, but I like the long way..). The I had to make a thread run, because even though we have a ton of thread we did not have any that matched the green skirt. After that I was ready to go and I sewed that baby up lickety split! I used the waist band described in the pattern for this skirt and it was not bad at all. The only problem I had was because my sewing was a little wonky and the casing was tight. But not a biggie, I just had to dig out a tiny safety pin to get it through. I'm declaring it done because all I have to do it sew up the elastics.
Last night I cut out the fabric for my test run of this shirt.
Next up, I finished up this little beanbag game thing that I made for my nephew.

It has 4 bean bags, the mat and the little bag to keep it in. The bag was actually one that was supposed to be a lunch bag but never got completed...I just put a drawstring in it. What a pain in the ass time I had with this. Here's why: first I put the button holes thru both layers of fabrics- fail! SO I had to take out 4 (x2) rows of tiny little stitches. Then when I put them in again one worked fine and one got hosed up because the fabric got bunched up between the buttonholer and the little foot thing that comes down. So I had to take what was done of that one out. But I had experience with it so that wasn't a biggie. Then I get them done and then I sew up the casing and then I realize that the button holes are on the INSIDE .. supposed to be on the outside. Oh well, it was done and it works so it's OK. The mat it really more like a tiny little quilt. The point of the game: you pitch your bean bag and try to get the most points. The center is 3, the spaceships are 2 and the green is 1 point. I'm thinking that it should have 3 bean bags tho- two seems kinda weird.. but.
In case you are keeping track that is 2 projects done for today. I'm hoping that I can get the starter shirt done tomorrow. All I'm going to do is sew the hems up and then sew them together. I'm not going to shir the bottom. Unless I'm in love with it and I HAVE to do then I might.
Over the weekend I bought some fabric to make the "real" shirt and I also picked up some more 60/40 knit. It's dark gray like a gunmetal color. I got a good deal on it, it's $4.99 on sale for $2.99/yd. And i had a coupon for the other one so not to bad. I love coupons by the way. That is a whole nother post there about me and my coupons... <3 them!
Tomorrow I'm going to post a pic of the skirt because the camera is out in the car and I don't really feel like going out to get it. I really try not to sew (or craft) after 9 pm. But I should be able to whip up the hems on the "test" shirt. OH and I have tendonitis in my elbow. Never had that lucky you. It bites and it hurts. And there really ain't jack squat you can do about it.. Ice and rest. Well, I like to be able to USE my arms..
That's all I gots for now! See ya'll later. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, so thank soldier or a veteran. They rock!



The Sunflower Patch said...

My son is a soldier, and he rocks!
You got quite a bit accomplished :)
Found you through Manic Monday Linky Party.

SoMuchSugar said...

you are making me want to be productive!! Stop! :)

Rachael said...

Great idea with the beanbag game! Thats the cool thing about being able to sew (or do any craft for that matter) you can come up with totally unique little things for kids. I made some similar beanbags for my toddler a while back, its great fun inventing new games to play with them. (Especially for a toddler who seems to want to THROW everything at the moment!)

Sew Ray Me

Rachael said...
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