Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pictures. Yippee!

Okay, so last post I mentioned that I made a skirt. SO here it is!

I even made an attempt to make the pic look better by taking it outside..

The next picture is of the skirt I am going to refashion.

I bought it about 5 years ago and I wore it one time (to my nephew's baptism). It didn't fit then and it doesn't fit now..I gave it to my Mom but then I saw this skirt tutorial. I was thinking to myself "self, that looks like a great skirt, and not that hard either. I could totally make that!" and then my self was like "hey, that skirt you have that doesn't fit is also too long.. couldn't you do up the waist on that skirt the way the tutorial shows??" It seemed like a good idea to me.. See I have to wear that green skirt up around my ribs to be able to wear it. Who the hell wants to wear a skirt around their ribs? I mean that is worse than wearing it high waisted.. Right? So I'm going to hack off the waist, and use AMH's tutorial to make the waist. She's got a great idea where you make casings around and then put tiny elastic in there so give it a shirred look. I'm kinda excited about it. Even if it is kinda putzy. But I don't mind doing crap like that. So maybe if I can pull myself away from Giveaway Day long enough to work on it..
I've been doing hardly anything the last 3 days but looking at blogs and entering to win stuff. I'm glad that most of them end tonight. I'm sure the peeps over at SMS were like "if it lasts longer than three days people are going to start dying and losing thier jobs" because they have spent all this time not doing anything else.. not working or cooking or eating or picking kids up from school or daycare or something like that..
I think that's all I have for now. I could probably ramble on and on.. but I'd rather eat lunch and work on that skirt.. No one can say for sure if I'll wear it AFTER I change it but chances are I'll wear it at least one time.. Wish me luck!!

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