Monday, May 23, 2011

Give Away Day!

Okay, so I know that I haven't posted in forever and I have no excuse. I haven't been on a tropical vacation or sick. Or really busy with work or anything. Nothing. The only thing I've been doing alot of is sitting on the couch, doing some yard work and walking.
Lately I've started walking around the neighborhood. I have a pedometer on my iPod and it's pretty cool. I try to walk like 3,000 steps, I have no clue how far that is... I try to go in the evenings on days when it's nice out or when I feel like I haven't done much during the day. Today I went with the BF and walked around the park that we go to all the time. We got in almost 5,000 steps so that was fun. I made a skirt over the weekend, and I'm pretty excited to wear it and I have an idea for a way to refashion a skirt I already have but is too long for me and is too small so I have to wear it VERY high in order to be able to breathe... And I have an idea for a cool shirt but I have to dig out the material I'm going to try it out on. It's some plaid fabric that is ugly but that makes me love it more..
But like the title says today is Give Away Day. And it's great! Sew Mama Sew puts on this thing where great bloggers make posts and host giveaways. I'd put in some links but blogger is not letting me do it.. SO anyways. If you head on over to you can look at 3 huge lists of bloggers that are giving stuff away. I'll try to be back with a skirt pic tomorrow!
Edit: I forgot to mention that today all I've been doing is blog walking and entering as many of these giveaways as I can. I gotta win something sometime...right?


Rachael said...

My 'New Years Resolution' was to enter lots of giveaways and enter lots of competitions - I haven't won anything :( I've kinda given up!

Sew Ray Me

Rachael said...
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