Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A pretty scarf!!

I really like to blog hop..sometimes I can sit here for hours and look at blogs and all kinds of other crap. Last week while I was feverishly working on my quilt. I needed a craft break. Meaning I wanted to work on something but not that freakin' quilt. I found a neat blog called Maybe Matilda. She was having a crochet along, I found it the day that it was wrapping up but I looked at the pattern and decided that it would make a cute scarf. The idea of a cowl intrigued me but I just couldn't do it. If you didn't notice I love my scarves.. I really didn't need another one..I have enough that I won't need a new one for about..oh.. I'd say 15 years. That is not the point though! I really wish that I would have know about this when it started up, it was a contest and people could vote for the winner, and everyone who participated got to pick a free pattern from her shop, how fun! Since it was a CAL she broke down the pattern and explained everything and put up pictures, she did a great job. I would suggest checking it out if you'd like to learn to crochet something.

 **Ignore the pajama pants (which I don't wear as pajamas) and my armpit..really just ignore them!**
As a side note to the side note, I "dressed up" for this photo shoot by putting on a clean shirt, not thinking that ya"ll'd be able to see my "sitting around" pants :) And I learned that it helps to look off into the distance when taking your own pic then you don't make yourself look like you have 3 chins!

I used a medium weight yarn, Caron Simply Soft in a color called "blue mint". I got this done in one afternoon. I paid for that though because it tweaked something in my back that gave me a headache for about 3 days... But I digress, I used a size H hook, which is the size it says to use on the label. I made it skinnier because the original was way to wide for my taste in scarves (I like them skinny). I chained 24 instead of 30. I guess I should mention that this pattern comes from the Lion Brand website. It is called the "Time Out Cowl". I think you need to sign up for in order to see the patterns. It is totally worth it though! They have so many great patterns. That is where I got all of my little crocheted animal patterns. By the way, I'm still wearing the scarf!!

It finally rained here this week, we haven't had any rain since the middle of August. And it was in the 80's for 8 days in a row, that is almost unheard of in MN. We have a great red maple in our front yard and this is the first year I remember where it didn't turn red. Pretty sad, usually the tree is beautiful, not this year. It went from green with a few red leaves, then the red ones dried up and were dark brown then the rest turned yellowish green and then started falling off..

That's all I have for now. If you make one of these scarves let me know!  


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Love the color!! I just did a diy and the color mint was my inspiration :) Great minds think alike!

If you get a chance I would love for you to check out my blog!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very nice!