Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's been awhile...

Has it really been like 20 days since my last post? Wow! Did everyone survive Christmas and New Years with their sanity in tact? I did, we have a small family so I didn't have to go anywhere or really even do much of anything. I'm pretty lucky! I made a bunch of stuff for gifts and the sad part is that I didn't take pictures of any of them! But I'm planning on it.

Did anyone else have this sort of empty, feel like I need to be doing something feeling after you got all of your gifts done? I sure did. I had busted my but for a few days getting things done, and then I was so glad to be done and then the next day I was like "What do I do now??" Strange. Right now I'm working on my snow pants. I have this totally awesome pair of snow pants (really they are snow board pants but whatever!). I bought them because I needed a pair on the quick, but  they were to long so I just tucked them under and sewed them. They have been like that for like 3 years, but this year I wanted to get rid of the bulk and shorten them so that they don't drag on the ground when I walk. I'm also working on crocheting a cowl, but it's more like a neck warmer.
It isn't anything complicated, I just did 4 rows of single crochet  on the bottom and then I alternated single crochet and double crochet, this gives it some texture. And it is done in the round so each row the sc and dc don't match up. You can kind of see it in the pics how it looks like it has diagonal rows. I haven't made a hat this year either so I might make one using the same kind of pattern.
I also made this washcloth with the leftover yarn from the 2 fish shaped washcloths I made for my nephew.

I used the same stitch pattern (which I'm sure has a real name..but I don't know it) with the alternating sc and dc. This has a different look though because it's turned at the end of the rows so it makes it bumpy.  I like making washcloths, they are simple and quick. I have a giant stack of them because I made a bunch to sell at a market thing we did a while back (which was a major disappointment!). I think that's all I have for now. Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year so far :)


The Sunflower Patch said...

The first craft fair that I did back in October was that way,but the one that I did in December was a big success :) Just keep trying!

Karen said...

Love your cowl and the dishcloth. Did you have a yarn that changed colors for the dishcloth or did you do that on your own? Love the way it changes!