Monday, January 23, 2012

Play time!

My nephew was here over the weekend. He's 5 and he loves Legos. He has a bunch at his house, but I really liked (still do) Legos when I was younger. I have a castle, complete with guards, archers and a jail. I also have an outpost, it's supposed to look like rocks (I think) it has a secret entrance and the front flips open to reveal the inside. I also have a ton of minifigures! We spent some time this weekend looking for the proper faces for the pirates. My nephew was only here for about 4 hours but he spend the whole time playing with the sets. After he left my Mom asked me "how long so you think he could spend playing with Legos?" and i was like "all day". In fact, I have seen that happen. When I watched him over Christmas and we built and then played with Legos all day, two days in a row. He's such a great kid, so I'm not complaining!
Some of these are my boyfriend's, the police, spacemen and race car drivers. Today I decided I'd take some pics. So I built some "steps" for the guys to stand on. I had to make 2 sets and I left out a lot of guys!

My favorites are the skeletons. I went all the way to Mall of America (which is only like 30 minute drive) to the Lego store to get them.

I also like the horses. The two in the middle have special "clothes" because they are the ones that go with the castle. I didn't take any pictures of the castle and the outpost because my picture set up is really small and so it just wouldn't work.
As for crafty things I didn't do dittly squat. I take that back! A few years ago I made a grocery style re-useable bag, she gets compliments on it ALL the time. So I decided that I needed to make some business cards. I just used a free template from the Avery website, it's nothing fancy. And yep it's a picture of my computer screen because I hadn't a clue on how to show it any other way. I did one and then sent it to my sister and then she changed which one do you guys like??

Number 1

Number 2

Leave me a comment with which one you like, advice, tips or anything else you think might be helpful! I've also been thinking about opening an Etsy store. I'm really torn about it though because I feel like no one would buy anything I make so it would be a big waste, but I might feel better about it later in February because that is when my tutoring assignment ends (maybe??).
The only thing I have in the works is one in my head for a knitted ear warmer. We will see where that goes, since I might not have any time to do much until Weds. So happy Monday to you all!!


The Sunflower Patch said...

They are both nice :) Don't be so hard on yourself,I think you make lots of things people would like to buy!

You never know if you don't try :)

Karen said...

I like both, but I'm going with Number 2. I like that the font is a little larger and that there are separate lines for your email and blog.

Karen said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you I loved your Lego troop. :-)

Lisa said...

My son is now seven, and he and his dad have played Lego for hours on end. For years all he has asked for at Christmas or birthday is Lego sets. I love it that it is one thing little boys seem to love and it doesn't involve computers or any technology, just good old fashioned imagination and brain power! You have quite a collection. I think I'd go with card #2. #1 could almost be confusing with just a small line dividing the info at the bottom. Have a happy week!