Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Back by Popular Demand..

Ok, only one person. But it sounded good.. right?? Well, lets see, what's been happening?? Owen, as seen in previous post will be turning ONE on Saturday.. Do you get a baby a card for their B-day? That seems weird.. And we are doing the Lion's walk on Saturday, before the par-tay. I hope that it will be nice out, some weather ppl say it will some say it's going to rain.. So who knows. Projects..what have I been working on- I'm painting a slated wooden box that we keep Owen's toys in, so now its colorful and almost done, but it has reminded me just how much I like to paint stuff and make it pretty. That's all that I've been working on lately, been working a lot and have had stuff going on the past few weeks so I've had limited time, plus its been nice out and I haven't wanted to sit inside and fiddle with stuff. I've decided that I want to create a terrarium, but I'm having an issues finding plants that are small enough.. But its still early and I'm hoping that in the next few weeks the greenhouses will get more of a selection, so that I can put some plants in there. I was really excited about it, and I went out and bought all the stuff they say you should get and its just sitting around because I have no plants :( bah! Other than that I'm just working up ideas in my head for Owen.. I'm going with a summer theme for his B-day presents. I'm going to put his name on a bright green towel.. and I'm hoping to find some beachy themed fabric for that.. And since his Mommy reads I can't do into anymore details, but I'm hoping it turns out and that he likes it and she likes it. I don't have any pics to share or anything, just wanted to update so that ya'll know that I'm still around. I'm hoping to get out there in blog lead and send more peeps to my blog- maybe that will motivate me to keep on it. See ya'll on the flip!

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Heather said...

When I was little (before you were born) mom had a terrarium! I be the glass container is still downstairs! It sounds like fun!