Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lucky 110!

Well, as requested. I am updating my blog. I'll give ya'll a minute to prepare yourself...waiting...waiting.. OK are you ready?? So, This weekend the weather here was great. Saturday we went on a skating adventure. It was the last weekend we'd be able to go outside with the sticks and such, so I was really wanting to go. It was B/F, Sister, BIL and I (is that right? I?) Anyways, it turned out that the cool park we went to a few weeks was all done for the year (rat bastards) so we went to another park. The ice was OK, but it was better than nothing. And then we all went back to my house and Mom made some dinner and it was fun. B/F got to spend a little time with Owen, and see what kind of kid he is. Then Sunday the weather was awesome, I didn't even wear a coat! B/F and I went to Target and to Best Buy and we just putzed around, something that I usually do by myself because he's not that kind of person when we shop. But it was fun, we clearance shopped, I found a nice puffy coat (something I had wanted as a Christmas present this year, not this particular one) and it was 75% off so it was less than $10, GO ME! And we bought some stuff for the kiddies. I can go to Target and spend forever walking around and checking out the cheap stuff but he's more focused than me, but it was really nice just wandering around, talking.
This week I've been putting off finishing my taxes, which are done, I just need to send them off. Plus, do up the federal ones.. So, that's on my list for this week. It was nice yesterday because I was outside dinking around in the driveway, since the snow is melting it's getting a little flooded (it's not paved).
I don't really have anything going on the rest of the week, tonite is bowling, and my team is in 1st place !! Yippee!! And we only have 3 weeks left after tonite, so I'd be happy with anything that gets me a tacky bowling trophy! I don't think I will get any other kinds of things this year. You can get pins, patches, keychains..All kinds of junk, but I've gotten them in the past, but maybe I will, there is still time. One on level I will be happy when its over because some days I just don't want to go, but then sometimes I really enjoy it and have fun. Let's see what do I have going on this weekend, well I think that the B/F and I are going to go skating at an indoor place, and they are having like a St. Patrick's day kind of thing.. You can "Skate with Lucky". Lucky is a Leprechaun. I'm totally bringing the camera for that one, and it you wear green you get $1 off the cost. I wear green all the time, so I think it will be cheezy but I think it sounds fun, then the next Saturday you can skate with the Easter Bunny. How'd you like to be the kid who gets to dress up for this stuff. OK, joe. On Saturday you have to dress up like Lucky and skate around, you think you can handle that.. My sister dressed up like the Easter Bunny once, when she was working at the mall... Haah I outed you as a bunny dresser upper!! I might post those pics on here if I didn't look so horendous, to bad the late 80's and early 90's made us all look like idiots.. Thats a whole other post entirely! Well Sista, I'm hope you enjoyed my update, 90% of which you knew anyways..
The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away now. SO enjoy it.

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SoMuchSugar said...

I have been waiting ALL DAY for the Magical Mystery Tour to take me away... Where are they?!!