Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not really a job I'd like...

Even if the pay starts at $60,000. I'm talking about the second one from the top.. "planning anal..." This is a job listing for the count I live in. They could have put the whole word there.
Let's see, what new since I last posted.. Since I have no clue when that was I'll just start with this weekend. I didn't do nuthin'. I did some laundry and really thats all. I was going to go skating but decided to go shopping instead. B/F has been sick so we haven't been doing much.
I did see something cool on the weekend news, they did a stroy on Julian Beever. He is cool. He does large chalk drawings on the pavement, but they are 3D, when you look at a picture of them it looks as if they are really there. It's pretty awsome. You can find somestuff out about him HERE. Or just Google him and look at some of his stuff I'm not sure how he does it..But that makes it even cooler.
And here are some cool blogs I've found that I'd like to share with all of you. lat week I brought you Lowercasel, and here are some more
This one
Or Here's to bad parking
Follow some of the links on these pages, because they are funny..There is one about church signs and like notes from people to others..It's funny stuff!
Have a great day everyone, I'll be off tomorrow because it's B/F's birthday.

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SoMuchSugar said...

Thanks for your notes; really made me feel much better. I hope you both enjoy the BF's birthday tomorrow (and he feels better in time!)

Have fun xoxox

(Great links!)