Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yeah, it's been two weeks..

not that I've seen anyone complaining that I haven't updated anything.. Other than "Fred" stopping by to tell me that my blog is boring.. tell me something I didn't already know. Well, sadly to say I don't have much.. B/F and I went to a movie over the weekend, we saw 21. It was pretty good. He hasn't wanted to see a movie in like 6 years, so I figured what the hell. And I neither of us fell asleep or anything! Plus we went when it was $5.
The weather here has been crazy, yesterday it snowed like 6 inches. And today it is going to be in the 40's so its all going to melt. But I bet that we needed the snow for the lakes and rivers and crap. Plus, I thought it was pretty (sorry Mom). I tried to get her to admit that it was pretty last night on the trees and stuff, but she wouldn't admit it. I don't really care what it does anymore. Because it will change in a few weeks and I'll have to bitch about something else :)
Last but not least.. well I have 2 more things. My bowling team only needs to get 1 point this week to win this half of the season. I'm so excited, I've never been on a team that was 1st place at anything..plus I don't even try that hard to do good! So I'm hoping that we win a bunch and not just the one point. Then next week the 2 first place teams (one for each 1/2) will have a roll-off to see which team is "The best". And I guess the fact that my MN Twins are 1-0 is something to note.. And my MN Wild are leading the division is pretty awesome too. Well, I think that's all the time I have right now since I'm the only one working today. Sorry if anyone was expecting something great. Nothing but crap around here....

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SoMuchSugar said...

I would have complained if I was here!! :)