Monday, August 20, 2007

The big 6-0!

Go me, 60 posts, whoo hoo.. Well. Let's see what kind of mind candy I can come up with today. Probably only coming up with something to call it.. So, I filed a claim for my car- maybe I should try and take some pics of it during lunch. Anyways, why is it that all these companies don't have people that I can easily understand- I'm not talking people from out of the country, I'm talking these people from the south. Fast talkers with an accent.. Bah- talk a little slower- sheesh. I'm from the Midwest, we only talk fast when there is something going on or we gotta go! So I have such a boring life. All I did this weekend was worked, did laundry, and bought more school supplies. But seriously, the deals I found were so good that I had to buy them, I mean I just couldn't pass them up.. I saved a total of $14.42 at Walgreen's, they are so overpriced anyways but seriously- I didn't buy a whole ton of stuff but saved a ton. SO here is what I got. And I thought that I would be done buying stuff, because I do have a whole lot. And I've only spent $41.
So, Mom wanted her foot in the pic and so I decided that it would be funny. She only has 4 painted nails! But in this picture are: 4 Compasses, 4 protractors (that are flexible, so cool), 4 more packs of pencils, 5 boxes of Crayola markers (that cost 25 cents each), 3 more packs of pens, 6 packs of high lighters, 6 prs of scissors, and 5 packs (15 total) pink pearl erasers (also 25 cents each). There was more stuff that I wanted but they were out of it all because the price was only 1 cent. And why don't they have a cent key on the computer? So, I've got a whole lotta stuff. If I can find the 1 cent stuff, I'd buy a bunch of that too. The kicker is that I went to the store 1 hour and 15 minutes after they opened, there had to be people waiting to get in or something! SO I guess that's really all I have for today. Ohh my MN Twins were awesome yesterday. Santana had 17 strikeouts, that was a new club record! Well, if I can get some pics of my car during lunch I'll be back to post them- Ya'll have a good day now, ya'hear!

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SoMuchSugar said...

Yahoo!! I love Walgreen's. I could live there. Have a good weekend!!