Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well, So I didn't get right back to the blog this week, but lucky for me I get to work today and so I figured I could squeeze it in. I hate working Sat. but it's raining out and so, its not like I could be working on my tan or anything. So its ok. I'm not getting paid overtime, because I took part of Thursday off to get some estimates on my car. One was $3,902.86, second one was $1200.00, and the third one was $2700. So who knows, I did stop at the CU and pay off my car load though. Like two years early. But anyways. This whole car thing has just been the center of my whole week. And its just so draining. Blah. But I think that now I have it mostly under control. I have to call and make a claim on Monday, and then hopefully after that it will be mostly done and over with.. On to some pictures..

Well, last Sat night, I was on my way to Target or Wally's or somewhere and there were storms somewhere and I saw these cool clouds and my mom said, oh that would be cool with a brown filter (we do have a camera that uses filters) but the digital doesn't but it has the sepia, so I took some with that and they did turn out kind of cool, minus the power lines! And that darn cat. He caught a mouse last night sometime, and left it on the patio for us to see. But he is so tiny that this pic makes him look so funny. I wish that his ears weren't cut off, but I still like it..
Now on to something different. This week and next week we are having a school supply drive at my work. Well, I have a weakness for pens, pencils, crayons..etc so I've been doing a ton of shopping...I gave myself a budget of $50 to spend on school supplies. All of these supplies are going to a local place that is a food shelf and so much more. During the back to school season, they fill backpacks with supplies for kids. They need everything and they try to fill the supply list provided by the school. So this is a pic of all the stuff that I've bought so far. Except for 2 of the backpacks Mom bought those. We also had a Strawberry Shortcake sale, to raise money to give them. And who does Blogger like to make me mad. All I want is to put in my pictures.. And its not letting me...grrrr..

Well,in case you are wondering how much stuff is actually in that picture here is a list. 4 backpacks, 4 rulers, 14 glue sticks, 10 boxes of crayons, 6 boxes of pens, 3 boxes of pencils, 6 boxes of colored pencils, 6 bottles of glue, 35 notebooks and 40 folders..I think that's all. And the kickers is that I have only spent like 28 dollars, its under $30 for sure. That still leaves me with $20 to spend. But I got some really good deals on pretty much everything.
These pictures I took in front of the yard light in my driveway. I just though my shadow looked weird because its one of those security lights with the 2 bulbs so its like a double shadow.. SO anyways.. Maybe I'll try and take some pics of my car.. So I hope everyone has a nice weekend :)


Heather said...

Go school supplies! I love them too. Don't have any reason to buy them anymore though. No back to school here. But hey, I'm okay with that! I'll get O some new crayons or something. How about paint!? That would be a trip wouldn't it!?
That little Dagwood is so cute!

SoMuchSugar said...

CUTE cat! Love the sepia-filter too. I can't believe the range of those quotes for your car... that is scary. I hope you can get that out of the way soon so as to concentrate on other things!