Thursday, August 2, 2007

Loss for words!

Well, in case you live in a cave, let me enlighten you as to what happened here yesterday around 6:05 pm. This bridge here, the 35W bridge that goes over the Mississippi River, collapsed and fell into the river. How freakin' crazy is that?

I was just over this bridge over the weekend, and B/F and I were talking about how when he was a kid, going over this bridge scared him because it was so high. And it never really scared me, I actually like(d) going over this bridge because you could see the river, and you could see the lock and dam. And I like that kind of stuff. If you want to see more pictures just Google the images and you'll be able to find a whole bunch. This coverage is the only thing that has been on the news since about 6pm last night. Its just very unreal. Everyone that I know has been over this bridge a ton of times.. That is how we suburbanites get to MPLS, to clubs, Sports games are all down in close proximity to this bridge..The very strange thing about this bridge is that there are no supports IN the river, its 500 feet wide! It was supported by one single solid arch (well two, one on each side..I'm guessing). Its just weird all the times I've been on it and I'm sure that there are a lot of people, thinking the same thing, that it could have been ME, it could have been someone I know, and actually a guy that I work with was telling my Mom that his daughter and granddaughter, went over that bridge at 5:45 pm, just minutes before this happened..

Well, moving on to something that isn't totally scary! I got my snake scarf kit yesterday, it was waiting for me when I got home, I was so excited and wanted to start it but I thought that I had the right needles, but I couldn't find then, so I was bummed! But I have a coupon and I'm not afraid to spend money at Micheal's! Haha! So here is a picture of me with my cake and a pic of my package! Ha that sounds terrible. Which is why I left it, funny, funny. OK, well it isn't doing anything when I click on the "insert pic" button..So I'm waiting..finally.. The second pic is of the Hibiscus you can only see 5 flowers but there were 6, this is the most flowers I've seen on it. It was pretty cool.
Please turn your head to the right.. SO that you can see this pic because I don't know feel like flipping it around..My arms look so fat..But in my defense I was trying to hold up the cake with out it slipping off onto the floor...
Ok, moving on from all that. I have something very special and fun planned for tomorrow, it'll probably be a flop but its something that I see pretty much everyday and it bugs me :P Stay tuned, stay cool!

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SoMuchSugar said...

That news was indeed so scary and so sad for everyone there... My heart goes out. It is good to hear though that you & your friends/family weren't on it at that moment.