Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Starbucks..who gives a F*&%?

Ok, maybe its because I'm a cheap ass, or because I don't drink coffee.. But as you all know (I'm sure..I mean how could you not know it was apparently a top news story...) Starbucks closed for 3 hours yesterday.. Here's what I have to say.. "I don't give a shit! I could care less if they closed forever!" Is this real news, isn't there something else that was happening in the world that was more important or actually had some nominal effect on life?? Do these people know that you can make coffee in your own home?? And its pretty damn simple. It all tastes equally shitty. Plus, you can save yourself a little money, so then maybe you could quit bitching about not being able to pay your mortgage.. Not that it really matters to me but... ;)
Well, I guess thats all I really have for today. Work is boring (as usual) but Sis and Owen are coming for lunch so that will be a nice break in the day, and give me something to do. Happy Wednesday ery'body. Its bowling day, hopefully I won't suck!

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SoMuchSugar said...

Oh my god, I actually heard about this on the news over the weekend too. SO stupid!! (I wish we could get rid of some of our Starbucks -- there is one on every block, I am so sick of them!! But, they are good if when in need a public restroom...)