Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey, Hey- A giveaway!

Hello there pally pals! I'm excited today because I now have 5 followers. I really feel like I should have a giveaway sometime. That's what good bloggers do right? So I guess I'll have to think about it and what number of followers will trigger it..And what I would give away.. Oh the things I have to think about!!
I know someone who IS having a giveaway. Over at Spontaneous Threads she's having a great little giveaway for a cool hoop holder that she made, plus some goodies inside. GO over there and check it out and enter to win.. Or maybe not enter because then my chances of winning go down :)
I also have really been thinking about my jelly roll lately! I mentioned before that I love to make things that are easy as difficult as possible. So I have come up with some designs for the quilt, ones a zig-zag and one is like a diamond shaped zig-zag but as cool as they are part of me just wants something easier. I was over at Karen's blog today and saw her great quilt. I'm thinking of using this idea to make my Terrain quilt. Cut the strips at random lengths and then add the Kona grey in there. I made a small quilt like this for my cat earlier in the year (yes, I made her a quilt..she's white and she sheds, do I have to say more?) it was fun and simple enough, I just used scraps that I had but it turned out nice.. So I'm working/thinking about other things to avoid thinking about the jelly roll!
I had to google a new word today. It was "faffing", I've never heard that word before. According to Urban Dictionary it means: "Time wasting/feckin' around, to aimlessly waste time doing useless tasks, The excessive use of time for nonsense activities". So thanks to Jenna for giving a name to what I do about 90% of the time! I also have a blogger related question, is there a way that I can have the comments left here emailed to me, with out having to approve them? And I get email from people when I comment on their blog, how can I do that with the comments left here?? Maybe I'm missing it here, but sometimes I want to reply back to ya'll but I don't know how to do it other than stopping by and leaving a comment. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me with that.
I guess that's all I have for now, so have a great day everybody. Don't forget to stop over at Spontaneous Threads!! 


The Sunflower Patch said...

Go to your dashboard page,click design,then click on the comments box.
Under comment moderation I have never checked (I think that is the one that controls whether or not you have to approve comments)
Then under comment notification enter the email address where you want to be notified of comments. Then whenever someone comments on your blog it will automatically send you an email with their comment and you can reply to them through email. Unless they are a ~ no reply blogger ~
In which case you can not reply to them through email.

SoMuchSugar said...

I think she has answered your question... the only other place I know of is at once logged-in, you go to "settings" and then "comments"