Monday, August 8, 2011

Picture roundup!

Yee-Haw! It's a picture roundup ya'll. Here's what I've got for you.
First up: Owl cake

I made this cake for my birthday. Yep, that's right I made my own birthday cake. I'm OK with that. I like to make cakes and I was just dying to make this cake. Just because it's cake. It is nothing fancy, it's a marble box cake with chocolate and cream cheese frosting. I just sort of hacked off parts of the rectangle cake to make it semi owl shaped. The eyes are cup cake tops. The nose and toes are jelly beans. It was pretty yummy. Now I am caked out.

Up next: Butterflies!

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Spicebush Swallowtail

Painted Lady (??)

I love butterflies. They are so fun! Hard to get good shots of though. That black one just would not hold still for me this morning so that show was the best I had. But I'm going to watch out for it so I can try again. The yellow ones we have around here every summer. They love these purple flocks. The black one I've never seen before this summer. My Mom told me she saw it and when I saw it this morning I want hauling out to see it. I think the last one is a Painted Lady, I'm not really sure.. Anyone wanna let me know if I'm right/wrong.
A few years ago we went to a butterfly tent at one of the local zoos. That is so fun! If it's something you've never done before they are pretty cool. We also visited one in Sioux Falls. That was an actually place not a tent. It's called the Sertoma Butterfly House. They land on you and probe you, it's very strange but very cool.

And last but certainly not least: Tiny red shorts!

Ha! These tiny little shorts make me laugh. I finally came up with a pattern that seemed acceptable. It's 4 pieces. I had wanted to make a fake little fly but didn't really know how to do it so I just skipped it. After though I kinda figured out how I could have made it. These are just my practice pair. I'll need to put them on the bear and see how they fit. When I went out to take this picture I just laid them on the patio and took the picture but then I was like "that's boring" so I was like what can I do to make this better. So I tried to stand them up but they are so thin that they just flopped over. Then it was cups to the rescue! I put a small cup in each leg hole, much better than just laying on the patio.

In other news my jelly roll is on it's way!! I'm so excited for this. I ended up picking Terrain by Kate Spain. That little linky will take you to the Fat Quarter Shop (where the jelly roll is coming from) so you can check it out. The reason I'm excited about this is because I could never afford to buy any of this fabric. It will give me the opportunity to make something great with some great fabric that I wouldn't otherwise get to make. If I had money I could (would) spend lots of money at The Fat Quarter Shop.
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The Sunflower Patch said...

Very cute owl cake,I make my own cake all the time! You are sure to get what you want that way :)
Love all the pretty butterflies!
Great idea on how to take a pic of the shorts! They turned out very nice :)

Karen said...

Love your cake! The butterfly pictures as amazing, they are hard to get shots of. SO, do the pants fit Mr. Bear?