Thursday, December 6, 2007

At least it's almost Friday..right?

Howdy ya'll. I say ya'll a lot in real life. Is that weird? I mean I live in MN and have my whole life. I don't know anyone from the south or anyone that has an accent.. Yet I say ya'll.. figure that one out! So let's see what's been going on since Monday. Not a whole lot. It's just been snowing here...I'm hoping that the B/F and I can go ice skating, 2 years ago we bought ice skates and we haven't been able to go because its been so warm that most of the rinks close to us either didn't get flooded or were ponds. I have not been ice skating since I was a kid, I even took some lessons. I don't remember how many I took I only remember that I did. I can't remember if I liked it or not either. I just know that we used to go to the park down the block from my house and skate, it was always cold (obviously) and I always had figure skates and my ankles were wobbly... I'm not sure if I liked the skating but I know that I hated the ankles.. I wish that I could remember all the fun stuff I liked as a kid...
But the new skates, still in the box, are hockey skates so maybe I won't have the wobbly ankles I hated so much.. It will still be cold but this time I will have the B/F to hold on to me so I don't break my wrist or something, not that I would care so much if I did. Any reason to not come to work is OK with me.. Isn't that sad!
As far as projects, I don't have anything going on right now, mainly because its been snowing on all the days that I would be able to get out and pick stuff up. However, I am going to decorate some bell ornaments, I'm going to put names on them, since they are all sold out of the "pre-made" ones at the craft store. I mean I can write names on a bell, how freakin' hard is that? Note that if the next post I'm bitching about writing names on bells, it is indeed that hard! I'm pretty patient though, I can stick with something even if I'm having a hard time making it work or getting it figured out, a lot of times I'm "winging" it to some degree so that makes it a little harder, but at the same time makes it more fun. I like to have a plan for things, but sometimes with some things I'm OK with not knowing how it's going to turn out or how it's going to go.
It feels good to just let go and not think or worry. I think that's why I had so much fun at the hockey game last week. I laughed and had an awesome time, I didn't care that it was COLD and we wandered around St. Paul looking for the restaurant. I didn't work myself up about what was going to happen or what time we were leaving or when we couldn't figure out how the hell we were supposed to get into the parking ramp that our pass was for. It felt really good to just have fun!
Sometimes with stuff like that I freak myself out and get all full of anxiety and then feel like crap half the time I'm out so it makes it hard to even have a half way fun time. It hasn't been that bad in a long time, so that's good but it just sucks sometimes..Like you aren't really even in control of your own body. Its hard to explain but its just stupid.
Wow, I guess I had a lot of things to say today.. But on a totally different note yesterday when Mom and I went to lunch we got some cool icicle lights, they have a plastic icicle around the light and they change between white and blue AND they are LED lights, and they really don't get hot! I put them across the big window in the living room. We also got these ones that look like branches with lights on them.. And either today (if it isn't snowing) or this weekend I am going to do something that we have never done at my house put lights up OUTSIDE! On the only bush that we have. I'm going to do blue and green and here is why: a few weeks ago, the police department went on TV (some reason that I can't remember) but they asked people to include blue lights in their displays to support law enforcement and to remember those that have died so I thought "why the hell not" So I'll try and get some pics of that(when it happens). Hope ya'll enjoyed my ramblings!

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SoMuchSugar said...

Oh I get like that ALL THE TIME -- totally lose control of my body and logical thought, over anxiety over the smallest things, like what you describe... But aren't those other times amazing like this one, where you really DID just have FUN?!!! And not worry! We must try to do that more often! :)