Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So, what's up with that?

Hey what's going on peoples? SO its Tuesday, how boring. I mean so boring I could take a nap! So I haven't posted in a bit so I'll let you all in on the excitement that is My life! This weekend was cold around here, below zero a few days even! So Saturday I went on a shopping extravaganza! I went all over the place and picked up gifts for just about everyone. And I just have to say that babies are SO easy to shop for that I could just spend the rest of my life buying presents for Owen! Clothes, toys, do-dads you name it I could buy it for him. But I know that no gift will match the love he had for Elmo! Who he calls "Mo-Mo" and its so darn cute the way he says it, with so much love and adoration in his little voice! Anyways, then later on my Sister, BIL and Owen came over for dinner and we had pizza and played until we were sleepy! Then Sunday was more shopping, the B/F and I went shopping and picked up gifts for his people which is just as short a list as mine so, once we figured out what to get it was simple. I haven't made any gifts for this year. I made the ornaments but that was for myself, and I'm supposed to be making a hat for my Sister but she hasn't told me the colors or yarn or anything so I'm not doing anything with that.
This week is a full one for parties and free meals, tomorrow we are having a ham at work, its like a potluck/pay if you aren't bringing kind of thing. We had on last year and it wasn't as big as we would have liked but this year a lot of people have signed up to bring stuff so I hope it will be good. I'm not a huge ham fan but last year it was yummy! Then on Friday we are having a "Thank You" lunch, who knows why but that will be catered so it should be good, plus we might all get to leave early, which is always a plus. Then on Saturday is the work Christmas party. Which is kind of a joke because I wasn't actually invited to the party even though I work here!!! So I'm going as my Mom's date. Haha, I'm going anyways, stupid heads! but I did find out that I have 80 hours of paid vacation that I didn't even know I had. Now when I take days off I'll actually get paid for them! Woo Hoo! Well, I guess I don't have anything else to write about. See ya'll on the flipside!

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SoMuchSugar said...

YES this Tuesday is going so slow for me...

I am so envious you have 80 freakin' days of vacation saved up!! How do you do it? I need some!

Have fun at all your parties this week!