Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hockey Tuesday!

Well, lemme tell you guys. My days off were..how you say..unproductive..So Thursday I went down and hung out with B/F and his nephew. Then I went to babysit but Owen had a cold so I just hung out and played for a while. Then on Friday B/F and I went skating at 11:30 am and it was so great because there were only 15 people there and 10 of them were playing a hockey game. Plus the weather was nice and the sun was out, then we went and had luncha nd then I had to babysit again in the afternoon. Saturday we went shopping and hung out and then babysat his nephew, because that was part of the Christmas present we gave to his sister. SO we went there at 7 and his nephew went to bed at 8:30pm and then we watched hockey. Sunday I was sick so I didn't do anything but lay on the couch. We were supposed to go skating but he went with out me.

I did alot this weekend, and I did get some stuff done that I wanted. I packed up some blankets and sheets and stuff and got them put away. And I did laundry, but I would have done that anyways so I can't really count it!

Hair update! So I know that I never posted (or took) a picture of my after cut. But I just want to write about something that I've noticed. I've had LONG hair for a long time, and I do wear it down alot so people (if the were paying attention) would notice that I had long hair. The week after I got it cut, a few people at my work (one of which I told) noticed and by "a few" I mean 3. I notice when people get a trim, and I know that I would notice when someone got 9 inches cut off! And then 2 people at bowling noticed (they don't work at the same facility as I do). So that is a total of 5 people. I jut think it is strange, maybe it just because I know that I would notice makes me wonder why other don't...
My sister gave me this, so I thought that was cool. I only read a few blogs on a regular basis. So I am in turn going to give it to someone. And I'm giving it to Kim! MAybe it will help cheer her up!
Moving on to Hockey, which really is the most important part. My MN WILD are in first place (yay) and they have a game tonite at 6 pm on channel 45. They are playing the Flames (the best team) And I am always positive because I love the team and I always hope they will win. I've seem them come back from 2-3 goal deficit. I think they can beat them, they've been so hot lately :) Well, I guess thats all I have for today. And if there is anything spelled wrong, blame it on blogger because it wouldn't let me run the spell check..it told me it failed. So to badd if I cannt spell rite!

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SoMuchSugar said...

Yay!! Do you mean me?! Wow thanks. I just ONLY NOW am able to catch-up; I've missed you! What a terrible workweek, but you have made my day now!! :)