Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So, its Tuesday..Big Deal!

What's going on everybody?? Well, the news is that..I'm still sick, but slowly getting better..
Let's see, last time I posted was last Wednesday. I ended up bowling pretty well last week. I don't remember the scores but I know that 2 of them were over my average. My bowling team is currently in second place. Which is totally cool, because I've never won a trophy or anything for bowling! We have 8 weeks of bowling left and this week (my week off) we are bowling the first place team. So hopefully my team will do good! I managed to get Owen's fleece pants done, and they still fit. This weekend was pretty good. Saturday the weather was so great, maybe not to those of you from California.. But it got up to 36 degrees here, and the sun was shining and it was just beautiful. B/F and I went skating with my sister. We tried out a new park, and it turned out to be pretty nice. They had 3 hockey rinks and 1 general rink. We skated and messed around with the hockey sticks. And I was happy because we bought those sticks the night before I was sick, so I never got to try it out, I just had to look at it everyday! But it was fun. Sunday B/F and I went over to my sister's and then went skating with my BIL and it was really windy, warm.. but the wind was wicked. And I think that I've gotten a "winter tan" I call it a tan but I think I'm just getting more freckles, not that it's anything someone else would notice, but I'm not as pasty as I have been :) And I do wear a lotion with sunscreen.SO no harping on me for that...
This week should be pretty good because I don't really have anything going on, so I can try and kick this cold's ass. And I have Friday off (woo hoo) and it is supposed to be like 25 and some sun, so B/F and I are going to go skating. I'm not sure if we are going to go to the Oval or just go to the park we went to over the weekend, which is free, and there are no time constraints. The Oval only has open skate for 2 hours. The park we can go to all day if we want. I think that he could skate all day..Me? probably not. But I do like it and I'm going to be sad, when we can't go, but then it will be summer and we can go do something else. I mean we have equipment for just about any sport you can think of.. bikes, hockey, roller blades, basketball, baseball, tennis... All kind of stuff to do outside. As for the rest of this weekend I'm not exactly sure what's going on, we might go out to eat for Birthdays but, 50% of the family won't be able to make it so I think we're going to try for next weekend... I'd like to go skating all weekend....
I'd also like to make a skate bag.. I mean I could buy on for like 20 bucks, but I like to make stuff :P I'm not sure how I'm going to do it yet, but I'd like to..I'd also like to make a strap thing so that I can just throw my stick over my shoulder, so that I don't have to carry it.. Or I could make it so that I can hook it onto the bag and just carry that..Like those backpacks that you can carry your skateboard on..I'll have to think about it... But if it turns out cool, I'll probably have to make at least 1 more for B/F if not 3 more for Sister and BIL.. but the first one is always the hardest. I guess I don't really have anything else..My MN Wild are on tonight, fresh off an overtime win with 4.4 seconds left to go before a shoot out.. And blogger won't let me run the spell check again so if I hosed anything up, sorry!

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