Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hey, if you didn't know, its Wednesday!

Well, the full pic is crappy, but I was standing on the arm of the couch so that I could get it all in the frame.. The closer one is better. Its pretty big and I'm sure that when I'm done it will weight a ton..maybe a ton and a 1/2!

And these are my wonderous pumpkins. You can't really see it but they have all these little vine-ish things on them.. They are kind of difficult to get good pictures of, mainly because I don't get out there when its sunnier, and because I don't try and get a "good" one. I just go out and take the pic and think it looks OK. Well, the all star baseball game was last night and there were 3 Twins players on the team and they all got a chance to play so that was cool, and they won! I guess the only real news I have it that next week I will be on vacation, so I might not be blogging, unless I can hook up to some wi-fi then maybe I will, just to have an excuse to use the wi-fi, which I have never used..But just in case anyone gets worried about me that's where I am. Maybe I'll come back with a tan..hahaha.. Let's just say I'm fair skinned- red hair and freckles, you do the math on that one.. sun+me=burn but I'll wear sunscreen, if I don't my sister will yell at me. I guess that's all for now. See ya'll later!


SoMuchSugar said...

you lucky lady!!! have a good time on vacation. I am a fair-skinned redhead as well, so I understand the importance of sunblock on a vacation! have fun. (love your crochet-work so far!)

Heather said...

Stop with the lies! You are the only red-head I know who can get a tan! But next to me almost anyone is tan! Where are you going for vacation and can Owen come???

Miranda said...

Well, I don't know if Owen can go down the water slide.. And I don't think he'd be safe in the hotel room all by himself..Plus, you would miss him SO much you wouldn't know what to do with yourself! And I can get a tan but it takes a long time, and many short sunning sessions...And since I am here all the time, I don't see the sun very often. And we are going to Brainerd.